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[Anthony Martino] ¿ The Inconsequential Child: Overcoming Emotional Neglect (English Edition) [jeune-adulte-contemporain PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ For a layperson who is not a psychotherapist, the author gets it I could totally relate to his healing journey It is a great explanation of how we cope with our losses to such an extent that we cut off from feelings I would have liked to hearabout what he learned about opening his heart.
The Inconsequential Child Is An Intimate Memoir Of One Man S Journey Of Self Discovery The Book Is Written In The Form Of A Letter Where Each Chapter Conveys One Of The Lessons The Author Has Learned During His Journey Toward Emotional Well Being, Love And Hope The Book Centers Around A Series Of Memories Which Were The Basis Of The Author S Personal Psychoanalysis The Memories Are Written As He Remembers Them In His Voice, Often In First Person, Present Tense The Author Also Offers Both Real Time And Post Analysis Of The Memories That Have Guided Him Through His Journey As Such, The Inconsequential Child Is Not A Self Help Book Instead, It Is A Book Of Possibility The Possibility That You Too Can Heal As You Walk Along Your Path Toward Self Discovery Also, Please Note That The Author Is Not A Medical Professional And He Is Using A Pseudonym read it in one sittingbut will return again and again The author s description of being an inconsequential child resonated deeply with me, and the coincidences of our experiences as children are uncanny, so I think that s why I related to it I ve been on my journey of self discovery for a long time, and misinterpreted competence and success as the hallmarks of a whole and healthy life along the way My only suggestion would be for the author to follow up withstories and information, and maybespecific tools to use Overall, really good Thanks

A compassionate and intellectual take on getting a better life, by connecting with your emotions I like the philosophical level on which the author operates I find the language to be beautiful Book reviews are personal and subjective read it and make up your own mind but this book hit me right in the heart Maybe I was lucky, because some guy out there just like me, only older, actually figured this stuff out and wrote a book about it I mean, what are the chances Another important factor may be where I am in my life right now, and how open I was for profound change I think, as a reader, you have to have come to a certain place in your journey, if you re going to gain anything from this book But if you are ready, it is I love the spontaneity of this book.
The feeling that it has been written in the moment with the purest of thought and emotion.
I highly recommend the Inconsequential Child to all the journeyers out there,who ,like me are encouraged by the success of others on the path towards finding the treasure that is them.
I was fortunate enough to have a friend recommend this book to me.
I am so glad that he did.
The Inconsequential Child,written anonymously, is both enlightening and awakening.
Through a series of letters written to the reader by the author,you discover,rather like going on a journey,how events that occurred during his childhood, have affected how he lived his life and the relationships that he has,both with himself and others.
It is a lovely narrative of awakening,love and encouragement.
All of us have had feelings of being inconse

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre The Inconsequential Child: Overcoming Emotional Neglect (English Edition) , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Anthony Martino auteurs dans le monde.