æ The Cthulhu Casebooks - Sherlock Holmes and the Miskatonic Monstrosities ✓ Download by ☆ James Lovegrove

æ The Cthulhu Casebooks - Sherlock Holmes and the Miskatonic Monstrosities ✓ Download by ☆ James Lovegrove Incredibly Fun, Frightful Mysteries Barnes Noble SFF BlogI Devoured This Book Light A Nightgaunt Feeds Off Fear Fans Of Either Or Both Genres Will Certainly Get A Kick Out Of This Series,andit Remains Highly Recommended By Myself Hey Poor Playera Geuninely Enjoyable read That Fits Remarkably Well With The Holmes Characters And Canon The Crime Reviewflows At A Very Fast Pace And Is An Enjoyable read For Fans Of Either Sherlock Holmes Or LovecraftGirl Who ReadsThe Stunning New Novel From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Age Of Odin, In Which The Worlds Of Arthur Conan Doyle And HP Lovecraft CollideIt Is The Spring Of , And Than A Decade Of Combating Eldritch Entities Has Cost Dr John Watson His Beloved Wife Mary, And Nearly Broken The Health Of Sherlock Holmes Yet The Companions Do Not Hesitate When They Are Called To The Infamous Bedlam Lunatic Asylum, Where They Find An Inmate Speaking In R Lyehian, The Language Of The Old Ones Moreover, The Man Is Horribly Scarred And Has No Memory Of Who He IsThe Detectives Discover That The Inmate Was Once A Scientist, A Student Of Miskatonic University, And One Of Two Survivors Of A Doomed Voyage Down The Miskatonic River To Capture The Semi Mythical Shoggoth Yet How Has He Ended Up In London, Without His Wits And When The Man Is Taken From Bedlam By Forces Beyond Normal Mortal Comprehension, It Becomes Clear That There Is Far To The Case Than One Disturbed Bostonian It Is Only By Learning What Truly Happened On That Fateful New England Voyage That Holmes And Watson Will Uncover The Truth, And Learn Who Is Behind The Miskatonic Monstrosity I have read 2.
5 of this 3 book series I am halfway through the third one, Sherlock Holmes and the Sussex Sea Devils and have greatly enjoyed all of them They are written in a style very reminiscent of Doyle s original Holmes tales, and captures the feel of both Sherlock Holmes and the late Victorian era very well I highly recommend these books for all fans of Sherlock Holmes and H.
P Lovecraft.
Was offered this book at a bargain price and figured I d give it a try Well written and anyone who is both a Holmes and Lovecraft fan should like it.
Only criticism is that this is book 2 of a 3 book set and the denouement relies on some occurrences in the first volume Not a deal killer but would have probably been a little better if I had read the first one.
Recommended May eventually get the others when I run short of reading.
James Lovegrove absolutely captures the voice, vision, and incredible imagination with exceptionally clear prose of two of the most beloved genres If you love Holmes or the Cthulhu mythos, or both, read EVERYTHING by Lovegrove you will not be disappointed I usually hate period writing by contemporary authors There s almost always an anachronism, verbal or environmental, to kick you out of the dream, or some authors don t even bother to learn the period s grammar Not so Mr Lovegrove, who writes with a period feel but without the preciosity that usually comes with Victorian writing.

James Lovegrove est l'une des figures de proue de la nouvelle SF britannique. En une poignée de romans et de nouvelles, il a imposé son regard inventif et critique sur le monde contemporain. Dans cette satire du consumérisme, il ressuscite l'anticipation, dans la tradition de George Orwell, avec l'efficacité implacable de films comme Cours, Lola, cours ! et Magnolia.