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Download Epub Format ↠´ Kushiel's Dart PDF by ¾ Jacqueline Carey This book is so overwrought, so full of tangled, convoluted prose, that I found it hard to take seriously The world, instead of being built up as an original creation, seems to be taken fairly whole cloth from the French Court of Louis XIV I know everybody steals, but the best writers steal the most, and I could have used some depth of inspiration.
Then, of course, there is the sex The constant rampant, submissive, fetishy, pain pleasure sex Sex is fine, even porn is fine, but the sheer redundant volume of the stuff made it less than exciting, after a while mostly because it all seems to come from the same angle, the same point of view.
It s a problem in most fantasy the author wants to write about what interests them, and apparently, only that I always appreciate an author a bit when they are able to put in some con I don t care how long a book is, if it s failed to wow me by page 361 then I think it s time to give up, right I understand a few things about this book Firstly, that Jacqueline Carey is actually not a bad writer, that the world created and the politics of it are well thought out but I still don t understand why this book hasn t got mixed reviews Are there that many people into hardcore bdsm Let s face it, that s what this book is really about.
Yeah, so sex I am open minded about it and like books that use it in moderation and don t swamp the story with it Kink No problem, spices up the dullest relationship but even I have my limits You see, there s a HUGE difference between a bit of handcuffs and hair pulling Terre D Ange Un Regno Fondato Dagli Angeli E Popolato Da Individui In Cui Una Bellezza Mirabile Si Accompagna A Un Incondizionata Libert Fisica E Mentale Un Unico Precetto Guida Infatti Le Tredici Case Che Lo Dominano Ama A Tuo Piacimento Destinata Sin Dalla Tenera Et A Servire In Una Delle Case, Ph Dre Nata Con Una Piccola Macchia Scarlatta Nell Occhio Sinistro Per Molti, Un Difetto Irrimediabile Per Altri, Un Segno Rarissimo E Sconvolgente Il Dardodi Kushiel, Il Marchio Che Contraddistingue Le Anguissette , Coloro Che Possono Mescolare La Sofferenza E Il Piacere Per Natura E Non Per Costrizione Ma Quando Il Nobile Delaunay La Riscatta, Il Futuro Di Ph Dre Si Apre Verso L Ignoto Non Consumer I Suoi Giorni Come Perfetta Cortigiana, Diventer Una Spia Il Regno Di Terre D Ange, Infatti, Inquieto E Agitato, E Delaunay Vuole Scoprire Chi Sta Tramando Nell Ombra Un Eroina Conturbante, Una Saga Animata Da Poeti E Cortigiani, Regine E Sacerdoti Guerrieri, Principi Errabondi Un Epopea Immersa In Un Atmosfera Che Ricorda Le Mille E Una Notte E Che Si Snoda Fra Intrighi Di Corte E Relazioni Pericolose, Viaggi E Rivelazioni There is this new guy at my office The moment I learned he used to work at BN, I wanted to run to his desk and start hounding him about books Don t scare him off, Cassy Pace yourself.
I started stealthy checking the cover of the books he d read during lunch I tested the waters before team meetings dropping the names of authors from different genres Turns out he reads a lot of fantasy, which is great I have always enjoyed the genre and seem to lean heavily toward it this year When I mentioned this book, he started blushing It piqued my interest immediately He stammered a little and won t out right recommend it, but I knew When I got back to my desk a few minutes later, there was the confirmation An email clarifying that he really loved it read the series seven times I started the book two days later I would hold it at weird angles to hide the half nude woman on the cover This is going to be a very unpopular review So, to all of you who may hate me after reading this, I apologize in advance From the rave reviews, and based on the vast number of people who seemingly loved this book enough to tattoo a representation of it on their body, I expected it to blow me away I love fantasy, I love stories with a kick ass female lead, and despite the fact that this might tell you a bit about me than you bargained for, I was really looking forward to enjoying a bit of pain and pleasure vicariously through this book Unfortunately, every single one of those things fell very short for me I consider myself to be a pretty patient person I can wait through a not so great beginning to get to a great story I can even wait through a bad b The first thing everyone usually talks about regarding the Kushiel books is the sex, so I ll get it out of the way first SM, not for the faint of heart, absolutely integral to the plot It s easy to summarize the book very briefly or very in depth it s almost impossible to do anything in between, so I ll keep it brief Phedre is an elite courtesan in Terre D Ange, a land whose residents boast traces of angelic blood in their veins She is trained as a spy by a mysterious courtier, and must navigate the dangerous waters of intrigue both at court and internationally in order to save the homeland she loves.
Of intrigue, high adventure, and sensuality both sexual and non , this book boasts plenty Carey is good at all of th once upon a time, in response to the question What Would You Like To See In Fantasy, i responded 1 i would like to see an old woman as a protagonist 2 or an interesting demon but not a sexy PNR demon 3 or epic fantasies set in steamy, wet jungles rather than european style forests or meadowlands4 or a hero who is also a slut male or female 5 or a YA fantasy series in which the hero grows progressively villainous i felt confident that Kushiel s Dart would allow me to eliminate number 4 alas, tis not to be Phedre is no slut i don t care how much Carey tries to convince us otherwise, the girl is no slut.
let me just start off by venting my confusion okay, in this world, Phedre is an anguisette, which means that she gets off on 1 ANY sexual contact OR 2 PAIN, the kind experienced by a submissive during an sm scenario i put the OR in there because the novel can t seem to make u

DNF at 21% Finally A DNF Believe it or not, it s been such a long time since I added a book to my beloved DNF Graveyard that my murderous babies were getting super concerned and stuff So much so that they even considered calling Dr Prawn to the rescue eyeroll Foolish if bloodthirsty crustaceans can be so foolish if bloodthirsty sometimes Worry not, homicidal children mine, for your beloved father still is as easily peeved and bored as ever Yay and stuff Okay, I don t want to spend the rest of my life hours ranting about this book, so let the crap be cut dramatically So I kinda sorta like Carey s prose maybe a little perhaps , BUT Call me weird and a ridiculously over principled, old fashioned shrimp, but auctioning 16 year olds virginity Just a disclaimer here This will be a very difficult review to write In order to truly review this book, I have to talk about my own views on things and how books affect me personally I am opening myself up here, which always makes me squirm If you are reading this review and you don t agree with my beliefs on things, that s totally fine But, I am not going to deny how I feel, because that is very important to me when I review a book, since I read books emotionally and not from a detached standpoint Having said that, let s get this show on the road.
I can think of a list of reasons why I should not have liked this book, and I will start there 1 I really dislike long books As I told a friend on here, I am a hit it and quit it reader meaning, I like to read shorter to moderate length and occasionally longer books, get them read, and move onto the next boo I enjoyed this a lot at first, in a stupid trashy way, but got bored after a while, which is why I took so long to finish it I think it reaches its height of trashy fun in Terre d Ange all the bits with Phedre living with the Skaldic tribes, getting away from them in the wintry tundra etc etc drag a lot for me Maybe it s just cos swept away by a barbarian isn t my kink.
Carey has a habit of saying really obvious things in a hilariously portentous way, e.
I asked him to pass the butter, for though as one marked by Kushiel s Dart, my greatest pleasure lies in pain, yet I am D Angeline, and appreciate the finer things in life Golden butter, springing from the roseate udders of the exquisite cattle of L Agnace, was a pure joy I had neither strength nor inclination to deny It s the butter you desire said Joscelin, m

See this thread for information.Jacqueline Carey born 1964 in Highland Park, Illinois is an author and novelist, primarily of fantasy fiction She attended Lake Forest College, receiving B.A s in psychology and English literature During college, she spent 6 months working in a bookstore as part of a work exchange program While there, she decided to write professionally After returning she started her writing career while working at the art center of a local college After ten years, she discovered success with the publication of her first book in 2001.Currently, Carey lives in western Michigan and is a member of the oldest Mardi Gras krewe in the state.