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5 stars

Somewhat entertaining, the characters and story were quite cheesy and predictable, but I guess it was good seeing a little more of Elena's backstory.
I wasn't all that impressed with the artwork, it was just average.

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As I am not familiar with otherworld series I did not understand it entirely and that might have hurt my enjoyment.

Another thing, I did not like the illustrations.
Just not my type.

If you read the otherworld series you might enjoy it, tit was a bit scary but I have the feeling that awrittenversion would be much better, as from the little glimpse I had in some another work but her it was obvious that the woman is a GREAT storyteller.

I loved it.
I'm a huge fan of Kelley Armstrong and I'm also a huge fan of graphic novels, so when my favorite novels are made into graphic novels, then I have to check them out.
I was so glad I checked this one out, but I can't believe I didn't already read this.
What took me so long?

If you read Woman Of The Otherworld novels already, then this is a must read.
Even if you didn't read the series and you are planning on it, then you can read this first and see how it all started for Elena and Clay.

'Becoming' takes you into what happened to Elena after she was bitten by Clay.
This time in Elena's life was dark and brooding.
You get to see how her relationship with Clay was like after the bite and you get to get a visual of her world.

I loved the artwork and of course the storyline.
It may only be 28 pa This graphic novel was started on Kelley Armstrong's website as a free story.
It was later published print on demand as a perfect bound graphic novel, and now finally as a limited hardcover edition by Subterranean Press.

In the first book of the Women of the Underworld series, we meet Elena who has been a werewolf for some time.
"Becoming" goes back to how it beganwith Clay biting Elena so that they can stay together.
It's a story that isn't necesary to the chronology, but one that fans will love.
And, it lends itself perfectly to the graphic novel format.
This story needs to be seen, not just read.
The artwork by Angilram is rich and beautiful, and corresponds well to the dark story Armstrong has written.
The colors are bold, done in lots of red and black to evoke the terror, rage and hunger Elena endures through her transformation.
Overall, an excelle Interesting but I would have liked to see more Clay and some of the artwork just looked a bit weird.
Elena could look very masculine on one page and very fragile on the next.
Also the wolf characters were interesting but some looked really really weird.
A graphic novel (0.
9 of the Otherworld series) that can be purchased on the author’s website in PDF form for just a few dollars.
There’s a lot more than just the one story making it quite a bargain for the price.

It’s the story of the days after Elena was bitten by Clay and goes into denial trying to keep her human life.
Which is continued in the book ‘Bitten’

After the main graphic story there are several addons.
The Legacy, Becoming circa 1989: a record of pack laws, rules, history, etc.
with photos from Europe to current day with Jeremy.
A short graphic book scene from a remorseful Clay’s POV.
There are also pages of sketches and bloopers, a chronological list of the Otherworld books, a character guide and a guide to halfdemon abilities.

The art was okay, but I didn’t li I liked it, the illustrations were beautiful and I love Elena's story.
Short story with not much new content.
I love the series but this novella was 'eh' for me.
The art style wasn't my favorite either.
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I prefer my own imagination : )

Kelley Armstrong has been telling stories since before she could write. Her earliest written efforts were disastrous. If asked for a story about girls and dolls, hers would invariably feature undead girls and evil dolls, much to her teachers' dismay. All efforts to make her produce "normal" stories failed.

Today, she continues to spin tales of ghosts and demons and werewolves, while safely locked a