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[Ambeth R. Ocampo] ☆ Death by Garrote: Looking Back 3 [shounen-ai PDF] Read Online é Another great essay collection by Ambeth Ocampo A must read for history buffs who wants to have a go on history outside of what we are used to i.
e the ones read in textbooks Highly recommended.
all the looking back essays are super cool ngl hehe The Cause Of History Writing Owes Ambeth Ocampo A Great Deal By His Extraordinary Use Of A Relatively New Genre, He Has Rescued History From The Cold, Forbidding Halls Of Academe He Has Made Of History Something Amusing, Entertaining As Immediate As A Newspaper Headline, As Relevant As A Rapper S SongCarmen Guerrero Nakpil History Fun Yes History, after all, is a collection of stories, complete with characters, settings and plots History, in Filipino, is kasaysayan, which means salaysay na may saysay That translates to meaningful stories People like stories, right More so if they bring meaning to them Some of these stories can be found in the Looking Back series by Ambeth Ocampo Continue reading our post here.
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MY TOP 5 FAVORITE TAKEAWAYS FROM THIS BOOK 1 The execution of Gomburza was an inspiration for others who fought for freedom Rizal dedicated El Filibusterismo to them and Bonifacio distributed strips of black cloth, allegedly from the robes of GomBurZa to Katipuneros as anting anting 2 Aguinaldo enjoyed the so called Banaue Breakfast whenever he s in the Cordilleras This consists of milk and coffee, fried kamote and five to seven millimeters thick of butter How fancy.
3 Aguinaldo had his own version of A Series of Unfortunate Events for the reason that he has a collection of birthday desgracias in the context of his long life.
3 Quezon smuggled alcohol into America at the height of the prohibition MY MAN RIGHT HERE HAHAHHAHA4 Ferdinand Marcos claimed that he delivered a life saving karate chop and saved Pope Paul VI from th fghkljkdfdsf I m so thrilled with my acquired special signed copies of the Looking Back books that i managed to finished the third one in a single sitting, hahah Death by Garrote includes tidbits on how executioners kill using garrotes mechanism and all , stuff about food truly, the way to know a nation s history is also through the people s stomach , Magsaysay s death, Quezon s many faces, the famous Marcos karate chop, Pope Paul VI s assassination attempt during his visit in Manila 1970 the culprit is an artist painter gone mad , the history of the first ice plants, other interesting gastronomic goodies, funny signs, the Mamon stories, another essay about Andoy and Oriang, traces of Filipino history in Hongkong, heroes and their birthdays, and many Intriguing read, highly recommended This edition of Looking Back does not only talk about how significant people in our history have died, the author also tried to kill its readers by craving for the food choices listed Although I am not familiar with some, he gave enough description that you can almost taste the food on the menu.

Death by Garrote is the third book in the Looking Back series by Ambeth Ocampo But not to worry, you don t need to buy Looking Back 1 and 2 before you appreciate Looking Back 3 They are all standalone books which comprise of a series of editorial articles that Ambeth Ocampo wrote for the Philippine Daily Inquirer which revolve around Philippine history These articles do not necessarily just delve in the heroes of the past, but also of various foods, establishments, and so much What I absolutely loved about the Looking Back series is that they provide short glimpses of Philippine History without being too boring They were written in such a way that is entertaining, informative, and fun Unlike some of the other history books I read when I was younger flashback of my Araling Panlipunan days back in high school where I fall asleep , this book would definitely interest you in Phili What biting wit Favorite parts Marcos karate chop, Tansan was bottled water, ads for Bear Brand and Carnation milk in 1926, Rizal historical markers in Hongkong.

Lamberto R Ocampo better known as Ambeth R Ocampo b 1961 is Filipino historian, academic, journalist, cultural administrator and author best known for his writings about Philippines national hero Jos Rizal, and for his bi weekly editorial page column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Looking Back He became the Chairman of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines in 2002