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[Marion Lennox] ✓ Dating the Millionaire Doctor [art-books-monographs PDF] Ebook Epub Download é The story is set in the aftermath of the Australian bushfires and the book title seems to be nothing to do with the plot typical of Harlequin.
I might have given five stars if I didn t find a few similarities with The Doctor and the Runaway Heiress I just read few days ago.
I d love to try of Ms.
Lennox s medical romance titles as well as non mediclals.
I wonder if anyone noticed that Tori s father s illness was first described as multiple sclerosis and later as Parkinson s.
Harlequin Medical, which I haven t seen much in print, is a great category lineor at least the ones I ve read by Lennox have been great The titles are sort of like the Presents line, in that you need to realize that they are part of the branding of the line and have little or nothing to do with the story itself This was a romance about how love can help us to deal with overwhelming grief It has a great hook the hero and heroine meet while speed dating both of them reluctantly But the speed date thing is almost misleading, because the book is really about how our heroine, and the rest of the town, are working their way past the grief and devastation caused by a wildfire.
The plotting is tight If I ever decide to try to write a category romance, I m going to look closely at what Lennox and Sarah Mayberry do to create tensio This was another highly compelling read by Marion Lennox I think the title s a bit misleading, and I m not really sure why this is in the medical imprint, since the hero is a doctor, but the focus of the story is not really medical The majority of the story takes place in Australia after the horrible wildfires, and the heroine, Tori, is a vet who has spent the last 6 months treating the animals of the bush injured in the fires She s also dealing with heartbreaking loss I enjoyed this book immensely, but it was incredibly sad, particularly the first half I enjoyed seeing Tori come to life, but I think this story would have been well served had it been a longer novel That said, this is another winner from Ms Lennox and I would have absolutely NO hesitation in recommending this book to any reader of romance.
Everything that Marion writes is wonderful, but this book is so gorgeous it made me cry I read this while on my honeymoon in Vietnam, lazing beside the pool it was emotional, real the horror of the Victorian bushfires is all too recent and beautifully romantic.

I used to be snobby about Harlequin s and thanks to Smart Bitches and Dear Author, I ve enjoyed reading these bite sized books, some by up and coming authors.
Besides the silly title, I enjoyed the different setting Australia after a bush fire, and the heroine was no wuss either Took the hero quite a while to get a clue, but that s par for the course I guess.
Just lovely To me, it was about hope.
Extra 1 2 star Veterinarian Tori Nicholls Lost Everything When Wildlife Raged Through Her Small Australian Town The Community Is Slowly Recovering, But Tori Doesn T Feel She Ll Ever Live AgainUntil, While Reluctantly Speed Dating, She Meets New York Doctor Jake Hunter He S Caring, He S Gorgeous And He S Just Passing Through A No Commitment Fling Could Be Exactly What Tori Needs To Reignite Her Passion For LifeBut Some Commitments Aren T Planned Their One Wonderful Night Has Resulted In Pregnancy Giving Tori A Second Chance At Happiness Can An Australian Country Girl Renew Her Life With A Manhattan Millionaire And Their Baby

Writing romance sounds fascinating Huh I m a writer I m boring Day after day I sit behind a word processor making up people in my head Why do I do it I love it My husband, Dave, gets up in the morning, puts on a suit and heads out into the ice and cold of Ballarat s winter Sadly I live in one of the tiny parts of Australia that qualifies as cold I make myself another cup of coffee, head