Trailer Æ So Great Salvation: What It Means to Believe in Jesus Christ PDF by ✓ Charles C. Ryrie

Trailer Æ So Great Salvation: What It Means to Believe in Jesus Christ PDF by ✓ Charles C. Ryrie Clear Bible teaching on the topic of salvation, correcting some of the erroneous ideas of lordship salvation.
Awesome readI really enjoyed reading this book It helped me understand salvation and the plan God has for our life It presented the gospel in such an way that them to good news is in fact to good to be true We must fell the world what God has planned for them and what he has in store for the God s salvation is so grate everyone should welcome the opportunity to see what all God has in store for those who will only believe.

Great book mostly about what it means to be a true christian Basically showing the fruit of the holy spirit.
A good comprehensive look on most aspects affecting salvation Ryrie attempts to look at most aspects from both sides to give you an somewhat balanced view on the subject All in all, a good read.
Excellent work, quite deep I like the definition of terms and the logical progression of thought.
This book is very well written and provides some solid questions for those who believe in Lordship Salvation However, some of Ryrie s arguments against L.
S are very weak and downplay the role of repentance in conversion This book does help answer some of the straw men used against easy believism however.
I like how this book breaks down and explains what different common terms in the Christian belief actually mean I am happy to be able to keep it and use for further reference as I need it.
Ryrie admits right off that he expectss the majority of his readers to share his beliefs So it reads as a rhetorical manual defining the particulars of that belief, not as a conversion text, which is nice As such it manages to be inoffensive to a non believer like myself However Ryrie suffers from the same problem as most philosophers and eschatalogical writers, i.
e the need to pin everything down, the need to absolutely kknow and define everything about the unknowable While I often find it amusing to read such word games and logical constructs, I very seldom find them edifying or even educational And Ryrie isn t nearly a good enough writer to be the exception.
What Is Salvation How Does God Work This Miracle In Our Lives One Of The Greatest Themes That Challenges The Heart And Mind Of Man Is Salvation It Is Not A Trivial Subject It Is A Matter Of Life And Death Many Pastors And Authors Have Attempted To Expound Upon It Yet How Difficult It Is To Comprehend God S Grace That Forgives All Our Sins Every Day And Night, Without Preconditions, Without WorksScholar And Theologian Charles Ryrie Writes On The Subject Of Salvation With Humility And Compassion He Brings Clarity Where There Is Confusion While He Quotes Carefully And Accurately From A Wide Range Of Authors, His Final Authority Is The Word Of GodThe Gospel Is The Good News Of The Grace Of God To Give Forgiveness And Eternal Life So Great Salvation Shows Us That We Can Be Confident Of Our Salvation, Certain We Are Forgiven By God, And Sure We Are Destined For Heaven A clear explanation of a subject that is often misunderstoodWhat is the requirement for salvation What does it mean to be saved by grace What of the so called Lordship salvation What place do works have in our life and how do they affect our salvation Ryrie answers these and many other questions in a straightforward and comprehensive way If you have any question about what kind of salvation Jesus purchased for us, and what qualifies us to partake in So Great Salvation then you should read this book It rocks

Charles Caldwell Ryrie born 1925 is a Christian writer and theologian He graduated from Haverford College B.A , Dallas Theological Seminary Th.M., Th.D and the University of Edinburgh, Scotland Ph.D For many years he served as professor of systematic theology and dean of doctoral studies at Dallas Theological Seminary and as president and professor at Philadelphia College of Bible, now