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[ Read Online Olive æ graphic-novels-comics PDF ] by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik Ø Avevo letto, della stessa autrice, John Halifax, Gentleman , che mi aveva decisamente impressionato per il suo impianto monumentale ma quegli spunti didascalici e religiosi che l potevano essere considerati tratti marginali in un intreccio fortemente connesso con gli sviluppi della rivoluzione industriale qui prendono totalmente il sopravvento, diventano il centro stesso del romanzo Per non parlare di quel che viene qua e l detto del ruolo della donna, nonostante la scelta dell eroina una giovane pittrice, con una storia personale condizionata dalla propria menomazione fisica promettesse sviluppi pi interessanti.
Quante figlie e nipoti di reverendi, tra i primi e gli ultimi decenni dell ottocento, hanno affrontato le loro storie con spirito pi intrepidamente laico, e, per giunta, con lo sguardo proteso verso un auspicata parit di genere You re going to want to give up on this book Don t.
Everything turns out okay in the end, but it is a long way there it s not a woman s weepy it s genuine tragedy and then redemption.
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Sybilla Considered Beauty As All In All And This Child Her Child And Angus S, Would Be A Deformity On The Face Of The Earth, A Shame To Its Parents, A Dishonour To Its Race First Published In , Olive Traces Its Eponymous Heroine S Progress From Her Ill Starred Birth To Maturity As A Painter And Wife The Crippled Child Of Parents Who Are Disgusted By Her Physical Imperfection , A Curvature Of The Spine, Olive Struggles To Take Her Place In The World As Artist And Woman Published Three Years After Jane Eyre, Olive S Swift Fictional Response To Charlotte Bronte S Novel Raises Questions Of Family, Race And Nation This Edition Also Includes The Half Caste , A Story That Confronts Questions Of Miscegenation And Racial Prejudice In Victorian Britain I have conflicted feelings over this novel There are parts if it I really enjoyed and parts I really did not It is VERY Victorian and melodramatic, with fainting ladies and people almost dying from emotions I didn t mind those details so much as I did the author s blatant moralizing tangents Yet the plot and characters are intriguing and unique, which made me eager to read and , finishing the book quickly.
Like several reviewers I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this novel I added it and several other works to my reading list, after reading Not Just Jane Rediscovering Seven Amazing Women Writers Who Transformed British Literature and I was excited to read some other, lesser known, female writers of the time period The book started fairly slowly and is as another reviewer mentioned VERY Victorian in style I started to feel a bit bogged down in the religious debates that dominated a fairly large chunk in the middle of the book However, after about the halfway point I found myself completely engrossed and flew through to the end The interactions between the two main characters when you know that each feels a certain way and is trying to either figure out the feelings of the other, or hide their own feelings because they re certain It was as to me too correct, too sweet, too predictable, too religious, too didactic, too much patronizing to really enjoy it If not Arielle Lipshaw whom I adore as Anne of Green Gables who read Olive perfectly link to LibriVox I wouldn t have finished it Thanks to Arielle Lipshaw s voice I did enjoy a little the tenderness that flew from the narration and the story.
I must also admit, it was correctly written, the language and the form structure of the novel there was nothing to reproach I think it was too Victorian as to me Opal summarized it perfectly I have conflicted feelings over this novel There are parts if it I really enjoyed and parts I really did not It is VERY Victorian and melodramatic, with fainting ladies and people almost dying from emotions I didn t mind those details so much as I did the author s blatant mor I didn t much like this one I couldn t get on with the theme of female self sacrifice, it was too didactic and the religious message too heavy for me The descriptions of nature were good, this is not a badly written book, rather my rating is my personal taste in Victorian novels, I think those who enjoyed Deerbrook by Harriet Martineau would enjoy Olive.

I wanted to like this book I tried hard to like this book I ll let the author s own words explain why I didn t you may turn to the title page, and reading thereon, Olive, a Novel may exclaim, Most incongruous most strange That pretty much sums it up I read neither For most of the book the protagonist was a mere afterthought in what turned out to be an insufferable amount of fluff wrapped around a so so story that could have easily been told in about 40 less chapters.
You could see everything coming a mile away Everybody in the story was sick, dying, or died Add in what was positively the worst 10 page long dialogue I ve ever read, and constant digressions by the author to throw her own editorial commentary into a work of fiction and you have Olive, a N I found this book while perusing the LibriVox free audiobook archives The summary said it was a Jane Eyre variant Jane Eyre is one of my favorites, so my curiosity was piqued The main character, Olive, is not an orphan like Jane Eyre, but she suffers from a physical deformity that acts as a similar social impediment One of my favorite things about this novel is that the characters are realistic and believably flawed Olive s parents react with disgust that grows barely to tolerance when first confronted with their only child s deformity While sad, this is believable Olive is at first sheltered by an overprotective nursemaid She grows up thinking absolutely nothing is wrong with her When the nursemaid dies, she is left to find her own way and eventually discovers that she is different It is a great shock to her, foremost to I have the hardest time reviewing books that surprise me by being 5 star reads It might be easier to discuss my reading experience, than the content of the book I felt it was a bit slow at the start, maybe because I ve become so familiar with common motifs in Victorian literature I felt I was on familiar ground My assessment was that it would be an above average Victorian novel, but nothing to knock my socks off Comfortable.
The next thing I knew, I could hardly put it down I kept thinking about the characters and their circumstances I wanted to know how it all turned out, yet I didn t want it to end I smiled at the book I sighed I put my hand to my heart to press down the swell of feeling I cried At the 50% mark, so much had already happened to make me invested, I couldn t imagine there being that much story left

Dinah Maria Craik born Dinah Maria Mulock, also often credited as Miss Mulock or Mrs Craik was an English novelist and poet She was born at Stoke on Trent and brought up in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire.After the death of her mother in 1845, Dinah Maria Mulock settled in London about 1846 She was determined to obtain a livelihood by her pen, and, beginning with fiction for children, adv