Trailer ☆ Stone Cold PDF by É John Francome

Trailer ☆ Stone Cold PDF by É John Francome Actually one of the better John Francome s but stil the poor mans Dick Francis It Was Only A Horse Race, But It Could Make Kelly Connor S Reputation Unfortunately There Was Riding On Pendero S Back At Ascot Than A Young Jockey S Career There Was The Biggest Gamble In The Unsavoury Life Of Trainer Harry Short There Was The Decadent Livelihood Of Ibn Fayoud, The Rich Playboy Son Of An Arab Sheikh And For Jack Butler, The Successful Bookmaker, There Was The Sweetest, Most Dangerous Deal Imaginable It Was Only A Horse Race, But It Led Kelly Connor Into A Deadly International Conspiracy Of Blackmail, Seduction And Murder One of the better ones from Francome This concerns the trials and tribulations of a female jockey and makes a good fast read.
He s still too much of a telling writer for me I like Dick Francis way of showing the characters feelings and thoughts But he writes a tight thriller plot and I enjoyed this novel.

Stone Cold is a really good horse racing mystery The excellent plot is well written and fast paced with plenty twists and turns Most of the character descriptions lack depth though they seem somewhat secondary to the story.
John Francome is indeed not Dick Francis That s good I don t need two identical authors Is one of them better than the other I don t think so Different, yes better, no Dick Francis characters are much better, easier to relate to But I find John Francome s plotsinteresting and better drafted.
Stone Cold PoorFrancome, John StandaloneOn one horse race rests Kelly Connor s career as a jockey the bigggest gamble in the unsavoury life of trainer Harry Short the livelihood of playboy Ibn Fayound and the sweetest, most dangerous deal of bookmaker Jack Butler s life Connor is led into a conspiracy of blackmail and murder.
He is definitely NOT Dick Francis The plot was overly complicated and he can not write women.

Ex National Hunt Champion Jockey John Francome is a broadcaster on racing for Channel 4 He lives in Berkshire.See