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[ Read Online Asylum ↠´ terrorism PDF ] by Patrick McGrath ↠´ Follia parla di un a oscuro, passionale e violento un sentimento deleterio, perturbante e folle.
Questo quello che prova Stella per Edgar Stark Lei, moglie dello psichiatra Max, che anche a causa di un marito freddo e totalmente preso dal lavoro, cerca di sentirsi viva in diversi modi Stella si innar di Edgar, ex artista e scultore ora paziente criminale della clinica in cui lavora Max, accusato di aver ucciso la moglie in modo brutale, ma si innar anche delle possibili, e per lei nuove emozioni che Edgar le permette di provare Ma scusa, provai a dirle, in cosa credi che consista il tradimento Nell andare a letto con qualcuno, o nella possibilit di distruggere, andandoci, la felicit di qualcun altro Non mai il fatto nudo e crudo, sono le conseguenze che avrebbe se si venisse a sapere l atto in s insignificante.
Max un uomo completamente assorbito dal suo lavoro e dalle sue ambizioni talme sicuramente una lettura interessante, l ho finito in pochi giorni proprio perch molto scorrevole e ha una storia accattivante, nonostante questo ha qualche difetto, in particolare a livello stilistico non questo gran capolavoro i dialoghi e la vicenda sono a tratti irrealistici e troppo melodrammatici, cos come posso dire che ho sentito molto la mano dello scrittore La particolarit pi bella invece stato il parallelismo creato tra stagioni, clima e natura descritti molto bene con l evolversi della vicenda e della vita interiore della protagonista, troviamo il susseguirsi di fasi ben distinte che vanno di pari passo con la primavera, l estate, l autunno e l invernoquest ultimo forse il periodo pi riuscito, perch di un infelicit e di una tristezza devastante.
In The Summer Of Stella Raphael Joins Her Psychiatrist Husband, Max, At His New Posting A Maximum Security Hospital For The Criminally Insane Beautiful And Headstrong, Stella Soon Falls Under The Spell Of Edgar Stark, A Brilliant And Magnetic Sculptor Who Has Been Confined To The Hospital For Murdering His Wife In A Psychotic RageBut Stella S Knowledge Of Edgar S Crime Is No Hindrance To The Volcanic Attraction That Ensues A Passion That Will Consume Stella S Sanity And Destroy Her And The Lives Of Those Around Her I first discovered Patrick McGrath in 1988 with his often overlooked and under appreciated short story collection, Blood and Water and Other Tales, and became a huge fan of his from then on In 1990, I read his best book to date, The Grotesque Both, are amazing pieces of Gothic fiction Back in those days it was very difficult to find quality writers following in the footsteps of Edgar Allan Poe, especially those who were able to make their own unique imprint and capable of breaking new ground I was delving deep into Poe, Lovecraft, M.
R James, Henry James, Sheridan Le Fanu, Ambrose Bierce, Bram Stoker, Algernon Blackwood, and many others when, I got a strong urge to search out modern writers who might be doing some of the same things with their storytelling And that s how I stumbled across two writers that stood out from the rest of the pack Th Follia una storia d a Ossessiva, compulsiva, folle, ma comunque, una storia d a Devo dire che non so ancora quanto mi sia piaciuto questo romanzo Credo di non essere stata in grado di apprezzare il lato quasi onirico della psicologia di Stella, la protagonista Non sono riuscita a capirla, mai Quindi i miei sentimenti riguardo al suo personaggio restano confusi Credo, comunque, che lo scopo dell autore fosse questo Regalarci una protagonista che non avremmo mai potuto capire o accettare nelle sue scelte e nei suoi comportamenti Lo stile di McGrath davvero superbo e molto evocativo, perfetto per un romanzo che vuole raccontare nel dettaglio e non dire niente nello stesso momento.
I don t think I would have ever read this if not for the fact that I saw it on Audible, read by Ian McKellan How could I resist I kinda wish I had, though Sir Ian s reading was great, don t get me wrong, and he was a perfect reader for the narrator of the story, but the story itself was just so uneventful I thought that this was supposed to be a psychological thriller, but there was absolutely nothing thrilling about it The narrator is a psychiatrist relating everything to the reader as though detailing the events for a police officer who needs to get the background details of the case to dot their i s and cross their t s before signing off on a case and filing their paperwork It was dry and boring and if it weren t fo Sexual obsession, decapitation, enucleation, maternal filicide, psychological unraveling Or what we call Thursday around here.
A psychiatrist s unhappy wife falls for an artist, institutionalized in a mental hospital for a gruesome murder It goes without saying this will not end well.
The novel is certainly cinematic but is saved from being a shlock psychological thriller because its narrator is another psychiatrist who in one way or another is treating everyone else involved So, it is inquisitive in tone, a slow unraveling The narrator refers to a sculpture as being in a style Italians call morbidezza and perhaps that could apply to the literary style at work as well.
One note if you removed all the cigarette smoking and gin drinking, this would have been a very slim novel indee

Where has this book author been hiding all my life Because I m SERIOUSLY impressed It s a rare book that makes you want to flip to the beginning IMMEDIATELY after finishing it for a second go through, but I was tempted with Asylum It was that layered, that satisfying, that good I m only forgoing it to start Goodreads stalking the author for books to add to my growing Better World books order.
The book is a work of art, painted in cold, clinical strokes on an increasingly unreliable canvas by Dr Peter Cleave, attending psychiatrist and friend to the female protagonist or should it be antagonist of the novel, Stella Raphael She is the beautiful, passionate wife of a distant, work obsessed psychiatrist, Max Raphael, who has aspirations of becoming the next superintendent of the maximum security Asylum where he works Together, M Quando l ho afferrato dallo scaffale della biblioteca non mi sono accorta che era fra le proposte di lettura del mese, e un piccolo foglietto sbucava dalla prima pagina, con l indicazione Piccola farmacia letterariaSmettere di fumare Si consiglia Follia di Patrick McGrath Follia vi far trattenere il respiro, schiacciandovi i polmoni E chiudendovi la gola in un momento di terrore insopportabile Se non siete ancora riusciti a smettere, questo vi convincer che proprio necessario.
Insomma, un modo simpatico per associare, ad ogni malanno, un libro da leggere Con l indicazione di Piccola farmacia letteraria di libri ce n erano diversi, ma io volevo Follia e non certo perch fumo, ma perch il titolo girava nella mia mente da un bel pezzo.
Tuttavia, devo ammettere che il consiglio della biblioteca si rivelato valido Follia mi ha mozzato il respiro, mi ha chiusa in una mo This has been sitting on the bottom of a huge pile of books in my bedroom that topples over every time one of my dogs flops down for a nap I m getting sick of picking them up and will read them from the bottom up It s like a Survivor Challenge as I wiggle out the bottom book without causing the whole lot to topple upon my head I bought it five years ago at a library sale according to the withdrawn library stamp Shameful.
Psychiatrist Peter Cleave tells a supposedly sordid tale of a former patient, love affairs gone terribly wrong, sexual obsession and madness but alas he s such a boring fellow the story has no emotional appeal, no sense of drama, and no interesting tidbits to savor and drool over He skims over the good stuff and me, being the fool I am, continued to read waiting for my interest to become engaged and hoping to feel something

Patrick McGrath was born on 7th February, 1950 in London and grew up near Broadmoor Hospital where his father was Medical Superintendent He was educated at Stonyhurst College He is a British novelist whose work has been categorized as gothic fiction He is married to actress Maria Aitken and lives in New York City.