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[Barry B. Longyear] ✓ Enemy Mine [foster-parents PDF] Read Online ✓ Whether friendship born of loneliness can trump learned hatred is a question at the heart of this wise, exciting and often very funny science fiction story I was a stranger among my own kind because of a hate I didn t share, and a love that, to them, seemed alien, impossible, perverse Our main character sees himself as about the last guy to change or even consider changing how he sees things He gets thrown into a situation that forces him to take a fresh look at himself, who he is, which brings up the question who he might want to be This rich underlying drama is expertly weaved into a setting worlds away yet undeniably familiar This is my first Barry Longyear book, if anyone has a favorite to recommend I m up for reading.
If you ve seen the movie, you do not know the real story, you have not read the book This book is wonderful Two enemies crash land on a meteor ish small planet They almost kill each other, but need each other to survive They learn to understand each other And thenso much happens, that would spoil it to learn ahead of time This is a book I ve read, reread ,remember, and have thoroughly enjoyed.
From Kindle Shop Enemy Mine The Author S Cut Novella Expanded Version Of The Award Winning Story Enemy Mine That Inspired The Th Century Fox Motion Picture Starring Dennis Quaid And Lou Gossett, Jr The Story Of A Man, Incomplete In Himself, Taught To Be A Human By His Sworn Enemy, An Alien Who Leaves With The Human Its Most Important Possession Its Future A meaningful story, whose impact must have been much greater when it first appeared I m trying to think which books deal with the same subject effectively, but my brain is too fried by the Plovdiv summer.
Two favorite moments Oh this starts good The Drac just stood there and I went over the phrase taught us in training a phrase calculated to drive any Drac into a frenzyKiz da yuomeen ShizumaatMeaning Shizumaat, the most revered Drac philosopher, eats kiz excrement Some thing on the level of stuffing a Moslem full of pork.
The Drac opened its mouth in horror, then closed it as anger literally changed its color from yellow to reddish brownIrkmaan, yaa stupid Mickey Mouse isHehe As Zammis and I prepared to enjoy our first hot bath, I removed my snakeskins, tested the water with my toe, then stepped in Great I t I have the original paperback which is a novelization by Gerrold of the movie that was made of the short story by Longyear I read it years ago when it first came out still have it When a group read came up, I pulled it off the shelves, but decided to read the short story instead Glad I did It was very tight fast I read it over my lunch hour For the most part, it was a lot like the novel, I think The end differs quite a bit, if I recall correctly I ll have to skim the book to make sure, though.
It was a great story of breaking prejudices, though.
I skimmed the novelization tonight The end is somewhat different doesn t go as far into the future, but makes a similar point It was well done Much of the short story existed in Me gust la pel cula pero la novela corta todav a me ha gustado m s Enfrenta la visi n del individuo capaz de empatizar frente a la especie y su anhelo expansionista Muy recomendable.
We should teach this in schools I m serious Everybody needs to read this, like, right now.
Why 1 It s short 100 pages and the prose is simple but efficient, so everybody has time to finish it It reads fast and it bridges that gap between fun and literary deep philosophical beautifully 2 It s very moving I almost cried twice in the first 40 pages and I m not really a crier 3 It encourages acceptance of other and genders without being preachy It shows the reader through the main character s experiences why it is rewarding and worthwhile to try to understand other cultures Getting to follow Davidge as he exchanges language and culture with a former enemy is an awesome and moving experience.
4 It s really dense and covers a lot of deep topics war, racism, family, pride, connection, isolation, violence, mental health, society

Muy emotivo.
Me ha encantado, es una historia maravillosa y aunque m s o menos sab a lo que me iba a encontrar hace poco me he le do la mano izquierda de la oscuridad de Le Guin, y m s o menos sab a por donde iban a ir los tiros pero a pesar de eso me ha sorprendido y muy gratamente.
Me ha conmovido mucho la amistad que se forja en el planteta hostil entre el Drac y el Humano y el compromiso que adquiere el humano Davidge y el cari o con que lleva a cabo su promesa Parece mentira como en tan pocas p ginas se puede decir tanto Muy recomendable

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