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[ Pdf Matto Regiert ☆ russian-federation PDF ] by Friedrich Glauser ã Another excellent Sergeant Studer mystery I think Friedrich Glauser is the best mystery writer I have ever read His characters and his ability to set a scene are just amazing.
This book also has a lot of thoughts about mental health, since it is set in an asylum In this book, which was first published in 1937, Glauser infers that Hitler is mentally ill Even though he wasn t writing in Germany, I can t believe he was able to publish that.
Friedrich Glauser ist ein Schweizer Schriftsteller und ich glaube diese Buch ist nie in der englishe Version erscheinen, deshalb schreibe ich deutsch Im voraus bitte entschuldige meine Fehler, da ich Engl nderin bin Es ist ein Wachtmeister Studer Roman und findet in ein Asylum statt, eben wo Matto Regiert Ein Patient verschwindet und am gleiche Tag die Leitende Arzt der Asylum Ekommt ein Tote dazu Diese Geschichte war auch gefilmt, aber die Ablauf etwas ge ndert Glauser war selber Morphinesuchtig, und hat seine eigene Erfahrungen gemacht in Psychiatrischen Kliniken Das Buch war geschrieben in 1936, vielleicht ein Zeit der neue Behandling von solche Krankheiten Ich fand das Buch super, gut geschrieben und interessant F r ein solches altere Buch, es war gar nicht langweilig oder altmodisch Glauser was ein guter Schriftstelle

the red rind of an Edam cheese Synopsis a child murderer escapes from a Swiss insane asylum and Studer discovers the director s body Matto, the spirit of insanity, reigns P 1937.
Friedrich Glauser is a German writer who spent much of his life in psychiatric hospitals before dying at the age of 42 Glauser is also a classic crime novelist and Germany s crime fiction award is called the Glauser Prize In Matto s Realm is part of a series involving Detective Studer, this installment taking place in a Swiss psychiatric hospital The director and a patient have gone missing and Studer, who has been demoted and disgraced, has been sent there to discretely make inquiries The acting director has requested him personally What Studer walks into is a complicated web of close, but not always friendly, relationships, with each person hiding something, none than the enigmatic acting director, a psychiatrist who alternates between seemingly sincere friendship and a smiling mask First published in 1936, Questo romanzo giallo di Glauser quello che amo di pi e a parer mio il pi esaustivo nell elaborare quelle tematiche che tanto erano importanti per lui perch erano parte del suo vivere e sentire la societ svizzera e la sua ipocrisia la critica alle istituzioni, ospedali psichiatrici, centri assistenziali, riformatori, tutti da lui lungamente frequentati , il governo e i suoi rappresentanti la malattia mentale.
Essendo ambientato in un ospedale psichiatrico la critica si accentra su tale istituzione Sui trattamenti irrispettosi della dignit umana praticati dal vecchio direttore dell istituto, sulla mancanza di conoscenze e formazione di coloro che vi lavorano, sulle terapie applicate Nel romanzo spicca la figura del medico psichiatra Laduner, lui che chiama Studer, l investigatore, al fine di indagare sulla fug The Swiss writer Friedrich Glauser spent much of his life at one or the other mental institution in Switzerland Amidst his treatments, he wrote four novels that were to become classics in European crime fiction In Matto s Realm is one of them, and it is rather good Matto, in Italian, is the spirit of madness, and it appears to rule in an asylum in Bern, whence a child murderer escapes and the director is found with a broken neck When the sympathetic sergeant Studer is brought in to cover up the case with the approval, strangely enough, of his superiors , he finds that there are castes and hatreds and religious maniacs and sexual rivalries galore within the institution The blurb says that Studer finds it hard to resist Matto himself, finding himself drawn into the no man s land between reason and madness , but this is In Matto s Realm takes place in a Swiss mental hospital in the mid 30s The protagonist, Sergeant Studer, was once a police detective inspector, but was fired from his position owing to the machinations of a con man banker Now Studer is a lowly detective sergeant with a bemused and only partly resigned view of life.
He is called to the mental hospital when the hospital director and a patient disappear on the same night The acting director asked for Studer by name, having met him some years earlier The early parts of the novel seem sleepy, lethargic, almost dream like, as Studer adjusts himself to the disturbing surroundings.
As the novel develops you get a sense of why the auther, Glauser, might be called the German Simenon The Studer character has much of the Despairing Plot About The Reality Of Madness And Life, Leavened With Strong Doses Of Bittersweet Irony The Idiosyncratic Investigation And Its Laconic Detective Haven T Aged One Iota GuardianA Child Murderer Escapes From A Swiss Insane Asylum The Stakes Get Higher When Detective Sergeant Studer Discovers The Director S Body, Neck Broken, In The Boiler Room Of The Madhouse The Intuitive Studer Is Drawn Into The Workings Of An Institution That Darkly Mirrors The World Outside Even He Cannot Escape The Pull Of The No Man S Land Between Reason And Madness Where Matto, The Spirit Of Insanity, ReignsAddicted To Morphine, Friedrich Glauser Spent Much Of His Life In Psychiatric Wards And Prison He Began Writing Mystery Novels While An Asylum Inmate In This was a very strange book I somewhat enjoyed it It was interesting to see Glauser s writing style His Forward is interesting His character is a Sergeant with the Bern police dept in a small Swiss town Sergeant Studer is called in to investigate a possible murder of the director of the Randlingen Clinic and the suspect is a patient who s disappeared At times the writing becomes so elaborate and intricate it is hard to follow the Sergeants thoughts and how he is trying to go about his sleuthing Studer is staying at the clinic while he does his investigation which lends to the sometimes convoluted writings and thoughts of Glauser who had spent time in such places during his lifetime I guess it adds a touch of realism There are 4 other books Glauser has writen all using the Sergeant Studer character and they

Friedrich Glauser 1896 1938 was a German language Swiss writer He was a morphine and opium addict for most of his life In his first novel Gourrama, written between 1928 and 1930, he treated his own experiences at the French Foreign Legion The evening before his wedding day, he suffered a stroke caused by cerebral infarction, and died two days later.Five of the author s books have recently b