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[ Read Online Miles: The Autobiography ☆ german-literature PDF ] by Miles Davis µ i won t say this is the absolute best book i ve ever read, but it sure is a motherfucker, as miles would probably say if he were here though actually he d probably just punch me in the face for saying that and tell me to come up with my own shit to say, instead of copying him and trying to look hip when i m not and he d be right about that as he is about pretty much everything else, except maybe on the question of whether or not one should beat women, but hey, everybody s got their blind sidei don t even know where to start talking about how awesome this book is maybe it helps to be into jazz, because there s a certain amount of joy that comes with going through 40 years of jazz history and meeting all the greats as you go, and playing with them or feeling like you re A long, rambling epic that careens between stuff like Miles breaking down in surprising depth the multiple jazz zeitgeists he was involved in and Miles uncomfortably sitting in the back of a car with Charlie Bird Parker and a prostitute while Bird simultaneously gets his dick sucked and eats chicken So much fucking dirt on the musical idols of every jazz nerd according to Miles Mingus was an intensely racist rageaholic, Armstrong was an Uncle Tom, Coltrane was a nose picker and Billie Holliday sexually preferred short, stocky guysand of course literally fucking everyone was on heroin, except for Monk and he didn t need it cause he was kind of a weird dude Honestly I think the only human being that comes out looking decent in this book is Duk An absolute must for musicians and fans I would think this autobiography would be interesting for anyone just based on the insight into such a magnificent cultural era s in our country but I am biased because I love Miles and his work The narrative really reads like you are being spoken to in Davis tone, cadence and patois And he seems to hold little back including a lot of recollections and ideas that you wish were not part of someone s heart and mind that you so greatly admire But that is really the essence of this man s character A deep and often dark duality between cruel impulse and deep thought, obsession and passion, clean, sharp beauty and addicted squalor, anger and transcendence Miles Davis is truly one the great artists of the 20th century and was at the peak of multiple sea changes in the history of music Sitting across from me he continues telling me about his life I don t particularly like him or find him interesting, at least not as interesting as he finds himself Laying a line of cocaine on the tabletop, he snorts it then orders another drink There is one exception which has and still runs through our conversation His life is lived not only for creativity but for reaching, for further and new means of reaching This is the experience which provides the meaning in his life I m coming to see that it is his life.
His early years he told me, reluctant at first, in East St Luis he mostly played his trumpet Sleight of build he didn t roam the streets looking for fights His father was a dentist and for that neighb This is one of the most inspiring musician biographies I ve ever read, and I m not a rabid Miles fan It s good in the same way the recent Keith Richards autobiography is good because it s a book about music by a guy who loves music, has played a lot of music and knows a lot about music Also, unlike the comparable Ray Charles autobiography it doesn t wind down halfway through when it becomes clear its protagonist is an incurable man of habit and a control freak Nah, that ain t Miles Miles is about change, challenge, collaboration And its this that makes him the perfect mentor Wanna know how to get a band together Ask Miles he s had about 100 of them Wanna know how to keep it fresh Man, you don t gotta preach to em or tell em what to do, just throw em off balance and watch the adrenalin kick in You think it s all about being rehearsed and having your act down What a treat I waited far too long to read this book, but I finally did and have been richly rewarded I now have this book as the 2nd best biography I have ever read For those who are interested in the first, it is Arthur Ashe But Miles came damn close to challenging for that number one spot He was extremely genuine and forthright about his life, even admitting to slapping and abusing women, which is brave, only because it isn t mandatory to reveal such scurrilous behavior The honesty about life long drug abuse and his feelings about America in general and white people specifically makes this a must read for those who are interested in how one s life can be impacted by race He takes us through the jazz world and not only informs the reader but also educates about the music known as jazz, that frequently Miles refers to simply as b For Than Forty Years Miles Davis Has Been In The Front Rank Of American Music Universally Acclaimed As A Musical Genius, Miles Is One Of The Most Important And Influential Musicians In The World The Subject Of Several Biographies, Now Miles Speaks Out Himself About His Extraordinary Life Miles The Autobiography, Like Miles Himself, Holds Nothing Back For The First Time Miles Talks About His Five Year Silence He Speaks Frankly And Openly About His Drug Problem And How He Overcame It He Condemns The Racism He Has Encountered In The Music Business And In American Society Generally And He Discusses The Women In His Life But Above All, Miles Talks About Music And Musicians, Including The Legends He Has Played With Over The Years Bird, Dizzy, Monk, Trane, Mingus, And Many OthersThe Man Who Has Given Us Some Of The Most Exciting Music Of The Past Few Decades Has Now Given Us A Compelling And Fascinating Autobiography, Featuring A Concise Discography And Thirty Two Pages Of Photographs Some kind of happiness is measured out in Miles.
Was Miles Davis a devotee of the OULIPO movement Given his stated disinclination to read books it may be unlikely, but it does seem that he set himself an OULIPOian constraint when dictating the material that was shaped into book form by Quincy Troupe The constraint was to describe every person, object and experience using only the words motherfucker, shit and bad His early interest in music I remember being fascinated by hearing the records of Louis Armstrong, Jimmie Luncefordand a whole bunch of other bad motherfuckers The Savoy Sultans They was badder than a motherfucker The way Duke Ellington and Jimmie Luncford dressed They was cleaner than a motherfucker Monk s use of space Damn, what is that motherfucker doing Criti Quite simply, this is one of the best autobiographies you will ever read It s just a real honest look at a musical genius who gives it all to you Straight, No Chaser referencing Thelonious Monk with all of the warts and flaws included.
If you thought you knew everything about Miles Davis you might want to read this book to find out otherwise He is brutally honest about everything here including racism, drugs, women, physical abuse, music, family issues etcThis book is written in a very comfortable style as if Miles is sitting across from you on a couch, legs crossed smoking a cigarette and frequently sipping on cognac or scotch or both from a side table He is known to be quite shy around strangers and he has an economy of words and the book reads as such It s extremely well written with Quincy Troupe and there s just no filler pages in this book at

Miles Dewey Davis III was an American jazz trumpeter, bandleader, and composer.Widely considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, Davis was at the forefront of almost every major development in jazz from World War II to the 1990s He played on various early bebop records and recorded one of the first cool jazz records He was partially responsible for the development of m