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[Amelia B. Edwards] à The Phantom Coach: Collected Ghost Stories [social-issues PDF] Read Online Ù The stories in this volume impressed me a great deal Though some of the vocabulary is archaic to an American of the twenty first century, it does nothing to lessen the enjoyment of reading If you ve not experienced Victorian ghost stories yet, you could do much worse than to start with this wonderful collection.
Amelia B Edwards Is Acknowledged As One Of The Best Victorian Ghost Story Writers She Was One Of The Select Band Of Authors Invited By Charles Dickens To Contribute Ghost Stories To The Christmas Numbers Of His Magazine All The Year Round, And Some Of Her Tales Such As The Four Fifteen Express , Number Three , My Brother S Ghost Story , And The Highly Influential The Phantom Coach Have Become Staples Of Ghost Story AnthologiesThere Was Much To Amelia Edwards Than Ghost Stories, However, As Richard Dalby Makes Clear In His Introduction She Was An Indefatigable Traveller, And She Incorporated Much Of What She Observed Into Her Ghost Stories, Many Of Which Are Set In Northern And Central Europe She Was Also An Archaeologist Of World Renown, Who Was Instrumental In Ensuring That The Treasures And Antiquities Of Ancient Egypt Were Properly Excavated And PreservedThe Phantom Coach Is The First Book To Collect Together All Of Amelia B Edwards S Supernatural Fiction In Addition To All Her Known Ghost Stories, The Volume Also Contains Three Additional Items, Including A Delightful Piece By Edwards Herself About My Home Life A Fascinating Look At One Of The Victorian Era S Most Fascinating WomenContents Introduction By Richard Dalby My Brother S Ghost Story The Eleventh Of March Number Three The Discovery Of The Treasure Isles The Phantom Coach The Recollections Of Professor Henneberg An Engineer S Story The Four Fifteen Express The Story Of Salome A Service Of Danger The New Pass In The Confessional Sister Johanna S Story A Night On The Borders Of The Black Forest Monsieur Maurice Was It An Illusion Appendixes Four Ghosts A Legend Of Boisguilbert My Home Life My first exposure to Amelia Edwards writing happened in high school My English teacher gave me a passage from The Phantom Coach to read, not only for a comprehension test but to create my own ending for it.
As it happens, my ending was similar but not as defined as the original.
The passage carried such a powerful punch that I hunted this story down again through the local library ad read it completely I found the copy again yesterday and still enjoyed it a lot.
Amelia s beginning seems quite calm, but as I read it I could feel the tension increase until the satisfying climax Although it is probably not as frightening to read in this current age or perhaps it is just my own age and exposure , I consider this a worthwhile read for anyone wanting to experience ghost stories in their base form It carries flowing prose and will abso cool A hunter is lost upon the moors and seeks shelter from a coming snowstorm with a reclusive scientist with some very unscientific views Longing to be home with his young wife, the hunter sets out on foot to catch the last mail coach home.
The Phantom Coach.
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The Phantom Coach 1864, written over 150 years ago by Amelia Edwards.
James Murray is out in the dead of winter, grouse hunting As it grows colder and darker a heavy snow continues to fall His new wife is expecting him home by dark But with the heavy snow and the onset of night James becomes hopelessly lost James remembers stories of lost travelers found dead in the snow Just as it looks as if all is lost he meets a man, Jacob, in the woods Jacob reluctantly takes James to the farmhouse of the man he works for The man who lives in the farmhouse is a strange sort of man He has lived alone in the farmhouse, accept for his servant, for twenty three years They eat and have a strange conversation until at last, the snow stops The sky clears and James decides to take the str A newly married gentleman finds himself lost after a hunting trip and ends up caught in a snow storm at night He finds lodging with a reclusive scientist who seems to have been shunned by his peers for his supernatural viewpoints After the scientist tells the main character that a mail coach is expected to drive by up the road, the main character sets out to grab the ride and get home The scientist s attendant accompanies the man out to the crossroads to meet the coach and tells him a chilling story about the carriage It isn t long before the attendant leaves and the protagonist is picked up by the mail coach The fun ensues.
I loved this Victorian ghost story and look forward to reading of Amelia s work As an aside, the title re

Amelia Ann Blandford EdwardsAn English novelist, journalist, lady traveller and Egyptologist, born to an Irish mother and a father who had been a British Army officer before becoming a banker Edwards was educated at home by her mother, showing considerable promise as a writer at a young age She published her first poem at the age of 7, her first story at age 12 Edwards thereafter proceeded to p