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[ Pdf The Back Door of Midnight (Dark Secrets, #5) Â reference PDF ] by Elizabeth Chandler ¸ Reread June 3rd 2015 I loved this one as much as I loved the previous two Dark Secrets collections.
Anna O Neill Kirkpatrick has come to Wisteria to visit her great Uncle at his request, on the grounds that he wished to tell her something about the O Neill family, only to find that he had died several days before Instead she finds herself in the company of her crazy great Aunt Iris, who according to the O Neill family is either psychic or psychotic Anna doesn t yet believe she s psychic However the circumstances around her Uncle s death are strange enough for her to want to hang around But the longer she stays and the she delves into her families secrets, the she discovers And if she isn t careful, she ll end up the same way as her mother and uncle Will Dead.
Chandler has once again plotted a believably twisted plot that has so m There are different reasons for reading books, sometimes to simply appreciate the beauty of the writing, sometimes to learn something, sometimes to open your mind to new ideas there are tons of reasons My reason for reading this one was pretty simple, I needed an escape, all I was doing for weeks was revising and needed a book that I could read for a couple of minutes a day and feel relief, escape.
I wanted fluff Complete and utter fluff Nothing that would make me think too hard but also, nothing stupid, sexist or damn annoying which would make me very, very angry The Back Door of Midnight ticked all the boxes, Chandler is a great Young Adult author and I would definitely recommend this book if you re in dire need of escape or if you just enjoy a cute book because that s just it The Back This book was crazy There were so many secrets and it was mysterious and suspenseful Such a thriller It was just as good as the other Elizabeth Chandler books.

Good story, interesting and quiet spooky P I absolutely love the romance in this book I love how you don t know it Zack is using Anna or actually trying to help her up until the end I thought it was interesting how instead of Anna s crazy aunt decided to help Anna instead of her daughter that ended up being even crazy than her This book had a lot of thought in the after world and in spirits people supposedly leave behind when they die Aunt Iris had this ability to talk with dead people But since it was a small town she lived in, people just thought she was crazy With sudden mood swings when she can t stop the voices in her head, they thought that that violence was what made her kill Uncle Will It wasn t until the end that Anna found out all the Anna O Neill Kirkpatrick is a teenaged girl about to enter college She lost her mother in a robbery at their home when she was very young She now is adopted by a family and lives in Balti and she is 18 years old When school is just getting out she gets a letter from her uncle Will saying Dear Anna, Would you visit us this summer The sooner the better Aunt Iris is doing poorly, and there are things I must tell you about your mother and out family I want to do so while I am still clear minded Uncle Will pg 3 When she arrives she soon finds that her family is well known around town to be crazy psychics and people are a little afraid of them When she gets there she learns from her crazy Aunt Iris that her uncle Will had died a few nights before in a fire The weird thing is the night of the fire Anna had a dream she was at a fire with her u I ve read a majority of Elizabeth Chandler s work, and I truly love her writing style and her characters So I was very, very excited to read this installment in the Dark Secrets series But to be honest, it wasn t anything extraordinary I feel as though it was a rehash of the previous Dark Secrets novels I knew who the killer was long before it was revealed, and that ruined the ending of the story for me Elizabeth Chandler still has her distinct writing style, and her unique way of building characters and setting up a plot But The Back Door of Midnight fell flat for me There were some plot twists that I didn t see coming, and those took me quite by surprise, though.
If you ve read the first few books in the Dark Secrets series, then I do recommend reading The Back Door of Midnight It s not a bad book by any means, just a little predicta Psychicor Psychotic Anna Knows Her Family Is Crazy But When She Goes To Visit Her Aunt And Uncle For The Summer And Learns That Her Uncle S Charred Body Has Been Found, Her Life Reaches A New Level Of Insanity Her Erratic Aunt S Psychic Abilities Are Exaggerated By Her Grief, And Have Become Borderline Violent Alone In An Unfamiliar Town, Anna Struggles To Pick Up The Pieces And Establish Any Sense Of Normalcy She Desperately Wants To Trust Zack, The Cute Boy Next Door, But Even He Might Know About The Incident Than He Is Letting On But When Anna Starts Feeling An Inexplicable Pull To The Site Of Her Uncle S Murder, She Begins To Believe That Her Family S Supernatural Gifts Are Real After All Torn Between Loyalty And Suspicion, Anna Is Certain Of Only One Thing She Must Discover Who Killed Her Uncle Or She Could Be Next If I could I would give this book another 1 2 star I wasn t too sure if I was going to like this book until about chapter six, but I ended up really liking it Chandler weaves a story with interesting characters Right up until the end, I did not know what all the secrets were I can usually figure out what is going to happen at the end of the book, but Chandler doesn t give away her secrets until she is ready to.
I saw this book at our school book fair and it looked interesting i bought it and fell in love with Elizabeth Chandlers work after that i went to books a million and got her Kissed by an Angel trilogy 1 4 However after reading The Back Door of Mindnight i discovered it was the 3rd book in the series hope you enjou her books too

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