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ô Read ô The Carlotta Diamond (Harlequin Presents) by Lee Wilkinson ô The Wedding Night Surprise Charlotte Christie Wore White On Her Wedding Day And A Priceless Diamond Necklace Little Did She Know That Her New Husband, British Billionaire Simon Farringdon, Didn T Believe She Was An Innocent Nor Did She Realize That The Carlotta Diamond Was His Real Motive For MarriageBut The Unexpected Passion Of Their Wedding Night Changed Simon S Plans His New Bride Was A Virgin And He Wanted Her

This book was absolutely ridiculous First of all, the author did a HORRIBLE job making you relate to and like the male love interest The story starts out with an old man Sir Nigel speaking with his grandson Simon about a sister he had who got pregnant at the age of 17 and essentially was disowned by the family and left All he knows is that his sister had a baby girl With Sir Nigel given a very short amount of time to live, he enlists his grandson to find either his sister if she is still alive or on of her decedents His goal is to give the Carlotta Diamond to the oldest living female decedent of his sister per tradition As the reader you know that Rudy, Simon s brother in law Simon s sister, Lucy, husband is listening in at the door He decides to find the woman who is to inherit the priceless diamond first and seduce her.
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Lee Wilkinson was born in Nottingham, the only child of loving parents She was educated at an all girls school, and after leaving, tried her hand at several jobs, including modeling swimwear.At 22 she met and married her husband, Denis They had a traditional white wedding and a honeymoon in Italy, and have been happily married ever since They have two children, a son and a daughter both now gr