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[ Pdf Tombs Of Terror Ö foster-children PDF ] by T. Lynn Adams Ö I won this book on a goodreads giveaway and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the book I was not expecting as much depth to the story It was a lot of fun reading about Peru and T Lynn Adams does a good job bringing the reader into the scene I really thought this would be a cheesy but cute little book about a boy getting lost in a maze, but I m happy to report so much There s good guys and bad guys, and you can t always tell which side the well developed characters fall on A fast paced book, one little spot that dragged a bit for me but honestly that could have been because of my mood at the time.
I m glad I won this book.
Tombs Of Terror by T Lynn Adams this book is about a Father dragging his son, Johnathon all the way to Maecho piccho for a business trip Johnathon never wanted to go, but his mother said that he had to One day he ventured off and found himself in these unknown tunnels of the ancient Inca people, so as he struggles to try and live through these dark, scary tunnels He wakes up one day to find himself with some strange people Who say they will not let him go until it is safe Without listening to their warnings he leaves, But he gets captured by terrorists who are going to use him for randsome and them kill him This is what this story is about, pretty action packed.
This book was given to me by my dad He said that he has no idea what it is about, but all he knows is that i m suppose to read a book by the end of this month And that is what i When Jonathon Bradford Gets Lost In An Ancient Cavern While Sightseeing In Peru, He Discovers The Secret Behind The Legendary Disappearance Of The Ancient Inca People In Tombs Of Terror, The Gripping Debut From T Lynn Adams, Jonathon Is Catapulted Into An Epic Struggle Between Greed And Honor Now He Must Prove His Loyalty And Bravery As He Battles Lethal Traps, Starvation, Kidnapping, And His Own Fear, All While Holding The Precarious Fate Of An Entire Civilization In His Hands 5 STARSI had read the Lost Curse and I loved it so much I went and bought Tombs of Terror.
I was excited to recived it in the mail yesterday.
I have always wanted to see Machu Picchu ruins The jungle not so much.
Jonathon Bradford is spending a couple of weeks in Peru with his dad, while his dad works He is not happy to spend so much time in musuems It was his mothers idea that they spend this time to bond.
While he is wondering around the musuem with headphones on a man comes up to him and talks to Jonathon first Jonathon ignores him then he fakes being able to speak spanish The guy just keeps talking and following him around the room Jonathon keeps going back to the mummy The guy starts finally to speak good english and knows Jonathon speaks spanish Juan is an old friend of his father who was at university with him.
Juan tells Jonathon about the mummies would be kept in the houses w Perhaps 3.
5 stars would be like it, but a strong first book I found the settings of the book fascinating, maybe so than others would since I was lucky to visit the interesting country of Peru Also,the plot moved along at an enjoyable pace I did find the main character annoying most of the time and wish the author would have lightened him up just a bit, and, while she was at it she could have been just a little less preachy about the importance of family I think young readers would still get it even if it was a bit subtile On the other hand, I loved the comparison about three fourths of the way through the book comapring the choices in the tunnels to the choices we make in life, and the quote History is what you flaunt, heritage is what you guard is certainly a keeper Mummies, spiders, and terrorists Oh my Tombs Of Terror totally lived up to its name for me It was definitely creepy and gave me goosebumps at every turn of the page But it was also a fun, adventureous, and surprisingly educational read that kept me up long after I should have been asleep true, I read it while in bed, but with the covers over my head The best part of this book for me was the vivid and descriptive imagery I literally felt at times that I was right there next to the character yes, I even had to shake out my blankets to make sure there were no spiders waiting to pounce Ewww Even now, I m getting shivers The colorful and rich descriptions of the setting combined with the eerily creepy elements made for a suspenseful and chilling read.
Another aspect of the book that was especially interesting to me was the cultural elements woven into the storyline I loved learning about the T Lynn Adams debut novel is Tombs Of Terror It is an exciting fast paced adventure Jonathan, a 16 year old, has gone to Peru with his father to reconnect Instead, he finds himself lost in the Peruvian jungle facing one challenge after another He stumbles upon a network of caves and tunnels built centuries before Through the darkness he finds his way to a room where mummies are kept along with gold coins Soon he is found unconscious by a local teenager and his sister and taken to their home to recover.
Jonathan realizes he does not know who he can trust and wants only to find his father A terrorist group called the Shining Path cross Jonathan s path and want him dead because he has seen their faces Soon a race through the underground tunnels is on as Jonathan and a network of runner

The book started out a bit slow and I was really annoyed at Jonathon As the book went on, I grew to be okay with his character However, I was always looking forward to the parts that had Severino in it I sort of wish that the book would have been done in Severino s perspective but it was still an overall good book I m still a little confused about the mummies coming to life once when Jonathon went into their tunnel and the homeless man being killed by a mummy in the beginning and then it s never mentioned again I wish that would have been elaborated on Why is it that Jonathon doesn t push and say something along the lines of THE MUMMIES WERE ALIVE AND THEY GAVE ME A SCAR ON MY FACE It makes me wonder if it had all been in Jonathon s head Was he delirious from wandering the tunnels alone for so long that When I first picked up this book, I thought I was in for a South American version of The Mummy , minus Brendan Fraser I met with surprise when all of the mummies in this story stay dead and in fact there are no supernatural events of any kind In fact, it has elements of historical fiction and elements drawn from Incan mythology I found this refreshing and intriguing The terror in the title refers less to the undead and to terrorists.
I especially enjoy books that have something about the real world I can take away I had heard a bit about Incas vs Spaniards, but this book really illuminated new aspects of that struggle that I had never considered and then built a story on those elements It has great elements of suspense as the protagonist must travel through booby trapped secret tunnels in order to escape those who want to harm him.
I Vanished Missing An entire civilization gone Overnight Gold gone and sacred mummies hidden Buried alive in the Andes Mountains was never what he planned but then again was any of it T Lynn Adams grabs your attention and pulls you in with the first book in the Tombs Of Terror series Tombs Of Terror All Jonathon ever wanted to have was a little bit of fun but when his dad won t let him go up to Huayna Picchu, an ancient Inca village, Jonathon decided he has had enough Mad at his father Jonathon takes matters into his own hands traveling down an old Inca trail Lost in Peru He then finds himself in the tunnels and there discovers that family is priceless and hope can get you through anything Magnificent and heart stopping Tombs Of Terror is a MUST read To begin the book I really hated Jonathon the whiny butt just needed to grow up, but I soon began to connect with

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tombs Of Terror book, this is one of the most wanted T. Lynn Adams author readers around the world.