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5 stars Summer Breeze was a pleasant read, but the first 2 3 of the book was rather slow and at times, mundane In my opinion, this was due in part to story limitations because of Rachel s agoraphobia She interacted with few characters other than Joseph, and all those interactions were limited to her safe, barricaded room Hence, most of this part of the story felt like little than an average frontier couple going through their daily routine Around the time that Joseph and Rachel got married, things picked up a bit, but I have to say that the sensuality was extremely mild throughout the entire book with nothing even resembling passion occurring until about 2 3 of the way in This would not have bothered me except that I wasn t feeling a strong connection between the two protagonists already O This book has a good premise but I didn t care for it that much After seeing her family massacred the Rachel has become agoraphobic the last five years and is unable to leave her house After Rachel s hired hand is shot Joseph comes to look after her against his will because he promises her hired hand he will.
This is not a bad book, but I never got very invested in the story Joseph is kind ve a galoot He doesn t come off as especially witty or intelligent He also fights and denies his feelings almost the whole book which I don t really like The mystery of who killed Rachel s family took up a large portion of the book I don t like my mystery and romances mixed up I m a fan of both genres and I like to choose one or the other, not a watered down version of both.
Still, the heroine was a good one and it was a good premise.
The Year Is , And Rachel Hollister Hasn T Set Foot Outside Her House In Five Years Ever Since A Savage Attack Left Her Family Dead, She S Cordoned Herself Off From The Outside World, Afraid To Let Anyone Into Her Home Or Into Her Heart But Now Trouble Has Appeared On Her Doorstep And Suddenly She Has No Choice But To Let A Handsome Rancher Enter Her Well Guarded Existence 4.
5 starsJoseph s letter in the epilogue scored a full one star from me I m such a romantic sap.
OMG What an AMAZING read I don t know why I purchased this book a long time ago and then waited until now to read it Silly me DBeforeSummer Breeze , the only book by Catherine Anderson that I d read was Annie s Song and it was an utterly emotional and beautiful read So I didn t know what to expect in this book or if Ms Anderson could be my new favorite romance author But afterSummer Breeze , I know she can, and she has DIt was so lovely to see how Rachel and Joseph strangers to each other lived together in the same house for Rachel s protection and started to open up to each other after a not so friendly first meeting How wonderful to see those two slowly learned about each other, helped each other heal, changed for the better, and finally developed something meaningful than just some hook ups Joseph had been throu Sweet story, love conquering fear Joseph is such a remarkable character, but Rachel is wonderful And they are a great couple.
This delightful historical romance about a rancher and an agoraphobic neighbor is heartwarming, sweet and funny I m writing this weeks after I read it, without the book in front of me, so names are escaping me but our hero isn t looking for a wife or love or any other frippery He sees how happy his older step brother is with his wife and son but likes not having complications Running a ranch is complication enough The young woman in question has retreated inside her home to the point where her whole world is no larger than her kitchen and bathroom She hasn t stepped outside in nearly a decade, not since her entire family was murdered She escaped by chance But when her only friend, her ranch foreman, is shot in the back, she is forced to accept help for

5 stars because it was really slow at the beginning But the story is so good, with that little child who suffered witnessing the deaths of all her family and began a great wonderful woman full of love and caring, it s worthing 5 stars And the epilogue well it brought tears in my eyes Very very sweet It was a good read I give 1 star for the book title and 1 star for the epilogue s letter The mystery and suspense were perfectly played out From the start I know the killer isn t obvious one, but I couldn t guess either The Author did a great job to build Rachel and Joseph characters and the chemistry between them is great The bonding of these characters was built slowly and I am glad author didn t rush for it Overall, it s a beautiful romance story.
One of the hardest questions anyone can ask me is What is your favorite book But the ultimate tough question for anyone to ask me is What is your favorite Catherine Anderson book Should you ever ask me that question, you will see in my face just how crazy I think you are but I think I finally know the answer to this conundrum Summer Breeze Summer Breeze is my favorite Catherine Anderson book There is only one way to describe it and that would be lovely It is heartbreakingly lovely in the most wonderful way and there is nothing that I wish to say.

See this thread for information. 1 romance author Adeline Catherine was born and raised in Grants Pass, Oregon, USA She always yearned to be a writer like her mother The morning that one of her professors asked if she could use samples of Catherine s creative writing on an overhead projector to teach was a dream come true In 1988, she sold her first book to Harlequin Intrigue and went on to write three before she tried her hand at a single title historical romance Nine books later, she did her first single title contemporary.Catherine married Sidney D Anderson, an industrial electrician and entrepreneur They had two sons, Sidney D Jr and John G In 2001 she and her husband purchased a central Oregon home located on a ridge with incredible mountain views and surrounded by forestland honeycombed with trails It was her dream home, a wonderland in the winter and beyond beautiful in the summer She named it Cinnamon Ridge after the huge ponderosa pines on the property, which sport bark the color of cinnamon.Sadly, Catherine lost her husband to a long term illness in 2014 She has kept Cinnamon Ridge as her primary residence but divides her time between there and her son John s farm, where she has the support of her loved ones and can enjoy his horses, cows, and raise her own chickens.Catherine loves animals and birds, both wild and domestic She presently has two Australian shepherds, six cats, and a very old canary She is very family oriented as well Her older son has lived in Japan, Australia, and now resides in New Zealand Catherine and her stateside family will celebrate Christmas on the north island with Sidney, his wife Mary, and their two sons, Liam and Jonas.