☆ Walking Across Egypt Ë Download by Ç Clyde Edgerton

☆ Walking Across Egypt Ë Download by Ç Clyde Edgerton This book contains my favorite description ever I won t give it away, but the scene has to do with dirty dishes, a soap opera, and chair seats being recovered.
I heard Clyde Edgeron speak at a writer s conference in 1999he read the opening scene of Walking Across Egypt, told some stories, shared writing tipsone of the funniest guys I ve ever heard Perfect delivery, imagery, dialogue Lets you see, smell, taste the biscuits, hear the conversations as if you re standing near enough to the stove to burn yourself if you re not careful LOVE his writing style, the lazy meanderings of southern conversations, back and forth and around each other Walking Across Egypt is the kind of story that reminds you of your grandma and all the things she taught you, right down to how you might want to keep your granny s button collection because your own grandkids might want them one day Mine is in the linen closet waiting for that day.
She Has As Much Business Keeping A Stray Dog As She Would Walking Across Egypt Which Not So Incidentally Is The Title Of Her Favorite Hymn She S Mattie Rigsbee, An Independent, Strong Minded Senior Citizen Who, At Seventy Eight, Might Be Slowing Down Just A Bit When Teenage Delinquent Wesley Benfield Drops In On Her Life, He Is Even Less Likely A Companion Than The Stray Dog But, Of Course, The Dog Never Tasted Her Mouth Watering Pound Cake Wise And Witty, Down Home And Real, Walking Across Egypt Is A Book For Everyone Reading this book was like opening my grandmother s screen door and stepping into a family gathering Especially since I listened to the audio book on a very long car ride It was not read by Clyde Edgerton, to my disappointment, but the reader did a great job with the North Carolina pronunciations and inflections of speech All the familiar characters were here, the nosy neighbors, the hypocritical church ladies, well meaning handy men, just good country people in a small town But most importantly, there was Mattie Rigsbee who would feed anyone who came by with her table full of wonderful food She believed in helping where she could, even in small ways, especially doing unto the least of these my brethren Fortunately for Wesley Benfield, he qualified as one of these.
Wesley was a 16 year old juvenile delinquent who Mattie decided to improv Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me Matthew 25 40 is Mattie Rigsby s favorite Bible passage and she takes it to heart.
She befriends the Juvenile delinquent nephew of her new friend, the dog catcher She and young Wesley form a bond and she realizes that Wesley needs a Grandma Wesley needs her.
Mattie loves to make big meals and serves them to her family, friends, neighbors and just about any passerby Wesley has never tasted food as good as Mattie s and neither has his Uncle, Lamar, the dogcatcher.
Mattie has two children but both are near 40 years old and neither on are married and neither have children Mattie often laments this fact By the end of the story, she realizes that not only does Wesley n All My Children, a television soap opera that aired on ABC for 41 years, from January 5, 1970 to September 23, 2011, makes it into Walking Across Egypt as a minor character I have never watched All My Children or any other soap opera but I do know what makes a soap opera and have read a few books that I think would qualify But forty one years Am I that old I guess so.
But I did watch The Andy Griffith Show so I know that seventy eight year old Mattie Rigsbee must be related to Aunt Bee They are both too cute, way too cute I mean, just how cute is it to have washed your toilet seat with Listerine instead of alcohol so that it is sticky instead of clean Her older sister discovers the stickiness and points it out to her And how many times have you read a book where cleaning the toilet seat is discussed Once is eno I really liked this book, but I didn t love it The main character is Mattie, a woman who thinks she s slowing down , and despite her prejudices and some totally irrational habits, she sincerely believes that she can affect her community for the better, one meal at a time She s very human, and her naivite as well as her hypocrisy is enlightening.
Reading this reminded me of a lot of people I know, a lot of faults which I have, and the humor and good grace that gets me through it all.

I ve had this book for decades, tried several times to read it, but couldn t get interested After reading an article about Clyde Edgerton in this morning s paper, I started it again, loved it, and read half the book this afternoon I must not have opened the book when I took it on vacations in the past This is a wonderful little book, very sweet and heartwarming, exciting and funny I want to go live with Miss Mattie and eat her country cooking Oh the humor Oh the catty chatty, wit and wisdom Such a wonderful little southern tale of good graces, changing times, senior sensibilities, do gooder hypocrites, nosy neighbors, kindly generosities, hearth and home hospitality, and redeeming graces Clyde Edgerton has brilliantly captured the essence of small town southern life during the 70 s in this sparse little novel Told primarily through the voice of Mattie a feisty, god fearing, septuagenarian this is a storytellers delight A true Gem Mattie is determined to cut back a bit on her chores Her body and mind are slowing, giving her fits on occasion Not to mention, falling through a chair on her bum But she still runs circles around the younger, able bodied in town mowing her own yard, handywoman puttering around the house, tending her garden, and cooking up a storm feeding any an Walking Across Egypt restores your faith in mankind A sixteen year old boy lives at a juvenile detention home and through his uncle, the local dogcatcher, he meets a senior citizen he comes to call Grandma He escapes the detention home and comes to live with Grandma and they develop a grandma and grandson relationship Her son and daughter objects to the friendship but grandma ignores them and she and the boy builds upon their friendship from her teaching him about things most children take for granted The detention home reports him missing and flashes his picture over the media He s captured and returned to the detention home to ruthless guards and another boy who s out the kill him Though the outcome is predictable, Walking Across Egypt is a book you ll want to

Clyde Edgerton is widely considered one of the premier novelists working in the Southern tradition today, often compared with such masters as Eudora Welty and Flannery O Connor.Although most of his books deal with adult concerns marriage, aging, birth and death Edgerton s work is most profoundly about family In books such as Raney, Walking Across Egypt, The Floatplane Notebooks, and Killer Dill