Trailer ✓ Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder (Pizza Lovers, #2) PDF by ✓ Chris Cavender

Trailer ✓ Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder (Pizza Lovers, #2) PDF by ✓ Chris Cavender A Slice of Delightpizzeria owning Sisters,are just going aboutthere daily businessmaking Cheesy Pizzawhen, Uh oh 3 Yummy Pizza Stars FYI, Made and ateCrustless Pizza while IListened with TTS.
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This is the book that set me on my way to solving mysteries I never did or could But after reading the third book in the series, something clicked and I could solve, potentially, any mystery Here the story revolves around the body found in the pizzeria and the suspect being one of the employers who is also the victim s brother I remember this book dimly but it made a great impression on me Hence the score.
I remember liking the first book in this series, but I found so many things in this second book that makes me doubtful that I will pursue the series The main character was way too rude and opionated She was often a smart mouth and caused problems that I felt unnecessary Her relationships lack something that makes me feel disconnected with her and the story When someone completely disregards others just to find out themselves , it completely ruins the story.
What I would have liked to continue reading about is the small town atmosphere and the possible relationships that could have been developed.
This was a pretty good read I love pizza so I decided to check it out I enjoyed this mystery and will check out the rest of the pizza lover s mystery series later If you love pizza and mysteries, check this book out.
I have some problems with this book How is it that neither the author nor editor realized that characters names are incorrect Maddy, a main character, was called Mandy in one paragraph and Josh was written as Jason in one whole section Are these books not edited The main characters are not really fleshed out either We know basic facts about them with no insight into their personalities When Eleanor, the main character who narrates the story, finally cuts loose her sad sack pushy love interest, she is horribly cruel She did not come off as a sympathetic character at all I felt like I both didn t know her, nor did I like her There are better mysteries out there to read.

This is the second novel in the Pizza Lovers series, but the first book in the series that I have read You don t have to read the first novel to understand the second novel I didn t feel like I was missing anything by not reading the first novel Eleanor is running a pizza shop,with the help of her sister, after her husband has died One of her employee s brother is found dead in the pizza shop Eleanor s employee Greg is the one number suspect since there is a sizeable grandparent estate that is still being decided Eleanor and her sister, Maddy, are trying to clear Greg s name by finding the real murderer I didn t fall in love with any of the characters Like other reviewers have said Eleanor and Maddy were very pushy when talking questioning possible suspects I also found that there were some storyline I was not feeling this one The first fifty pages were good, but everything after the murder went sour I didn t like the way Eleanor and Maddy did their sleuthing They were aggressive investigators, pretty much getting in everyone s face who they questioned Their penchant for slithering into everyone s business made them rather annoying Eleanor seemed like a protagonist I would enjoy, but over time her obsession with her dead husband and habit of losing her temper at innocent victims became tiring I figured out the killer the moment they were introduced And the killer also went on a long monologue on how and why they did it, which I absolutely hate I don t plan on continuing with this series.
It s a good tale, once I got rid of the brain fog and decided to concentrate on the book instead of everything else Eleanor Swift owns A Slice of Delight, a pizza shop in Timber Ridge, NC She s a widow working with her sister, Maddy, and two young men Greg, the delivey guy, and Josh, the high schooler son of the police chief Things are looking up for Eleanor until she s robbed at gunpoint and then a dead body is found in her pizzeria s kitchen.
When Greg is suspected of murder, Eleanor and Maddy decide to do a little snooping to clear their good friend s name In doing so, they come across a number of characters a crazy mother, a harried accountant, a businessman known for shady dealings, a distraught ex girlfriend, a bullying friend, and a wary girlfriend who s not saying much to any one.
Eleanor seemed a little bit on the Mary Sue side, but was generally a good MC I I liked the first book in the series better than this one originally I really liked Eleanor and Maddy, and thought their relationship was one of the strong points of the novel This go round, however, I found them slightly annoying, and I really didn t like Eleanor I found her to be unnecessarily rude on many occasions and sometimes just TSTL Not sure that I ll go on with this series.
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Chris Cavender is the pseudonym used by Agatha Award nominated author