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Not Whitout Risk.
En mi ltima rese a me quej de que a la historia le hab a faltado drama pues entonces no me voy a quejar ahora de que le ha sobrado, no No hay qui n acierte, la verdad.
Pudiera ser que la historia es un poco antigua, pero me inclino a creer que la autora se le fue la mano con el melodrama.
Esta es una de esas historias que, pasados unos d as despu s de leerla no consigo recordar nada remarcable.
La protagonista es TSTL, piensa que cualquiera puede ser un poli y que puede tomar decisiones que afectan a la operaci n policial Y encima le aguanta al protagonista todas las tonter a que tiene, que no son pocas No mi protagonista favorita.
El h roe es el rey del drama, salido de un mal New Adult Se pasa toda la historia quej ndose y lloriqueando de que no me Good not greatEnjoyable read 2 policemen get their girl with some adventures thrown in to add excitement I usually enjoy this author.

This book was okay It is a reprint of 2 of Brockmann s earlier titles which were published in 1995.
The first was Not Without Risk The hero Jim Keegan and the heroine Emily Marshall had been lovers 7 years before When she found out that her current boyfriend Alex was a drug runner she agrees to have a police officer go undercover as her brother to catch him That police officer turns out to be Jim This is a type of plot that I don t particulary care for in that I like to read about characters from their first meeting not while they are reuniting, but I realize that s just me The author did a good job with the story though and I found I didn t mind too much The way they worked through their problems seemed believable The suspense plot was f I really like this author and her writing style Although this is an older book and both stories are pretty short, it s still very good.
If this is the kind of book that you like, then this is a good one.
A double hitter of connected stories, both taking place in the same fictional city modeled on Tampa Another link is that the love interest in the two stories are magazine quality police officers with troubled pasts that in the first story are partners and in the second are working together to expose corruption in the department Aside from that there is not much difference in the books, the women are smart, pretty, and single and the narration relies heavily on descriptions of just how hot the one thinks their particular match is in an extraordinary level of details about their hair and eyes, and the sexy sex scenes are pretty sexy and graphic in to a degree that will only seem Liked the first story better than the second Both are less intense than Brockmann s newer books, although they still pit the flawed good guys against the evil bad guys And love triumphs in the end.
Two short stories, the first one Not Without Risk A love story that started while Emily Marshall was in college and met the Hanson Jim Keegan a detective that is helping to catch a rapist in campus, Emily will be in love of the officer who ll have an instant attraction for the freshman in college But because of the terrible ghost from the past, Jim will break her heart, after having a sexual encounter with the freshman whom had win his heart Seven years later the past will walk in his life again bringing them to work together one time To catch a drug smuggler who currently is dating Emily, Alexander Del a multimillionaire whom appears to be a good citizen, but Emily has set her mind in bring down the man whom she was at one point set her mind to get involve and get married, but as a teacher she needs to making him pay the price for bringing NOT WITHOUT RISKThis one is really only worth 3 stars It is and early romance by Suzanne Brockman, but not as good as her other early work This one is about Emily, a high school teacher in an poor school and Jim, an old boyfriend and detective with the police force They meet up again after 7 years when she reports that the man she is currently dating is maybe smuggling drugs Sparks fly immediately and it is clear that they both love each other and always have He has a martyr thing going and refused to be happy with Emily 7 years ago and still doesn t feel worthy of her now He broke her heart and she is very leery of him now.
A MAN TO DIE FORThis one is a good 5 stars Sexy romance and great suspense plot Felipe is undercover when he first meets Carrie late at night in the parking lot To protect her he stuffs her in the trunk of her car She was not a happy c Two Timeless Stories From A Master Of Romantic Suspense Are Collected In A Single Volume Includes Not Without Risk And A Man To Die For ReissueNot Without RiskNowhere To HideIt Began As Nothing Than A Day S Pleasure Cruise On The Crystal Clear Waters Of The Gulf Of Mexico But Then Emily Marshall Stumbled Into A Deadly Maze Of Drug Smuggling And Murder And Discovered That The Only Person Who Could Help Her Was The Man Who Had Once Torn Her Heart To ShredsJim Keegan Was Sure He Was Over This Woman Until A Passionate Interlude At An Isolated Beach House Showed Him The Truth He D Been Hiding From For So Long Now He Knew Exactly What He Had Lost When He Walked Away From Her And What He Would Lose Forever If He Couldn T Save HerA Man To Die ForWHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR LOVE Carrie Brooks Answer Leave Her Home, Her Job, Her Very Existence, To Run Away With A Murder Suspect, A Man Whose Only Prior Introduction To Her Was As Her Kidnapper She Has No Reason At All To Trust Him After All, He S Proven That He S The Enemy Hasn T He Felipe Salazar S Answer Prove, Somehow, That He Is An Innocent Man He S Been In Disguise For So Long, He S Not Even Sure Who He Is Any But He Knows One Thing He S Waited All His Life For Carrie And He S Not About To Let Her Get Away I always find it interesting to read an author s work from before I discovered them, which is the case in Nowhere to Run Not Without Risk and A Man to Die For were both written in 1995, before her successful Troubleshooters series began I can see how she got there from here, however.
These detectives, these hot guys she s got a natural talent for creating the most yummy male characters are predecessors to her later heros and in fact I could see either of them popping in to Troubleshooters Black Ops books without my knowing it The setting is in beautiful Florida and the ocean is a prime player as well There is nothing lesser about these two tales even tho Ms B has not yet fully developed her talents and he

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