Download Epub Format ↠´ Il formaggio e i vermi: Il cosmo di un mugnaio del '500 PDF by ñ Carlo Ginzburg

Download Epub Format ↠´ Il formaggio e i vermi: Il cosmo di un mugnaio del '500 PDF by ñ Carlo Ginzburg As a medievalist, I run across this book all the time, which is funny considering it s not really a medieval book it s Renaissance early modern It s made a huge splash in The Study of Old Things, though, so I m not surprised it finally showed up in a class of mine on the reading list.
So, the gist of the story and it really does read like a story, which is kind of neat is Ginzburg following the trials by the inquisition no, not the one you didn t expect, another one of a miller for being, well, batshit crazy about his theology The title comes from this miller s idea of the beginning of the universe that it kind of curdled, like cheese, into being, and the angels came out of it like worms.
Yeah It s gross And odd.
And a lot of the other ideas of the miller Domenico Scandella, a.
a Menocchio are also odd, and they eventually got him burnt Omg spoiler alert, The Cheese and the Worms is a ground breaking expos into the field of microhistory and remains a foundational work for historians today Ginzberg used the story of Menocchio, a sixteenth century miller who was twice prosecuted and ultimately condemned by the inquisition for holding and preaching egregiously heretical beliefs As a miller and a literate man, Menocchio had a greater exposure to people and ideas than the average peasant farmer, and apparently also a keen intellect which he used to ponder the world, and the Catholic church s teachings Ginzberg uses his story to attempt to reveal what ideas were floating around in the general peasant population concerning the reformation and Catholic and protestant doctrine The tale Ginzberg weaves has tantalizing possibilities, bu The Cheese And The Worms Is A Study Of The Popular Culture In The Sixteenth Century As Seen Through The Eyes Of One Man, A Miller Brought To Trial During The Inquisition Carlo Ginzburg Uses The Trial Records Of Domenico Scandella, A Miller Also Known As Menocchio, To Show How One Person Responded To The Confusing Political And Religious Conditions Of His TimeFor A Common Miller, Menocchio Was Surprisingly Literate In His Trial Testimony He Made References To Than A Dozen books, Including The Bible, Boccaccio S Decameron, Mandeville S Travels, And A Mysterious Book That May Have Been The Koran And What He read He Recast In Terms Familiar To Him, As In His Own Version Of The Creation All Was Chaos, That Is Earth, Air, Water, And Fire Were Mixed Together And Of That Bulk A Mass Formed Just As Cheese Is Made Out Of Milk And Worms Appeared In It, And These Were The Angels Non dite di conoscere l Italia, se non siete mai andati a mangiare in trattoria.
Partiamo col dire che non un ricettario a base di prodotti caseari, tramandato dai nostri avi Quindi abbandonate il grembiule e mettetevi comodi.
Ma non troppo comodi, scordatevi l amaca e il mojito in mano Piuttosto scrittoio e appunti, preceduti dalla visione di qualche vecchia cassetta di Un giorno in pretura.
Trattasi infatti degli atti realtivi a un processo giudiziario del 500.
Scordatevi per che riguardi il caso avvincente di qualche mostro o killer dal sorriso diabolico, che seppelliva cadaveri nel parcogiochi antistante casa.
E esattamente il contrario L imputato un comune mugnaio, che non ha ucciso nessuno, ma reinterpretando e adeguando le teorie cristiane inculcategli, rielabora una cosmogonia o Di erlerine benzemeli, ba kalar gibi hareket etmeli ve onlarla ayn d nceleri payla mal s n yle kafandan istedi in gibi fikir falan karamazs n Menocchio S radan insanlar n ya ay lar na yer olmayan tarih anlat m n n ok uza nda, ince ince i lenmi bir mikro tarih al mas Orta a engizisyonunun g lgesinde ya ay p eline ge en kitaplar okuyan, okuduk a ufku ayd nlanan bir de irmenci ve d nemin sosyolojik yap s ezber bozan cinsten.
We should not let the long tradition of smearing practicing Catholics as the brainwashed servants of a threatening foreign power in which sensationalist and hyperbolic depictions of the Roman Inquisition play a part from identifying the Catholic Church of the late sixteenth century for what it was a repressive, cruel, and in modern terms fussily anal retentive organization No justification can or should be sought for torture, for the wracking of Menocchio and countless others on the ropes of the strappado, or in the flames of the auto da f Nor will excuses be made here on the basis of torture s application in a minority of cases, or of the historical and, sadly, contemporary commonplaceness of the practice The human scream cuts readily through such objections The transcript of Menocchio s agonies reads Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, oh poor me, oh po

This is an insightful book for all of us who assume European peasants were illiterate, uneducated, non thinking folk Our hero, the miller Menocchio, could read and write, owned a few books, borrowed a few , had read the Decameron and dipped into the Koran, and combined the ideas he got from books with the oral tradition of 16th century rural Friuli to form his own slightly odd, very creative, para Catholic religious notions His discussions of these notions with others brought him to the attention of the local inquisition, which questioned him and decided he wasn t just a heretic, but a badass heresiarch He was influencing others, and needed to be imprisoned and forever wear a penitential garment After a few years he was released from prison, but he couldn t stop talking, and ultimately the cardinal and pope put their red slip 2019 un en d k notunu 3 5 bir tarih kitab olan nsan n Hikayesi ne verdikten k sa bir s re sonra y l n ikinci tarih kitab n biraz korkarak elime ald m Okul y llar nda Tarih ve nkilap Tarihi ba l alt nda resmi tarih yani resmi ideoloji ye maruz kalarak sakatlan p ma dur edilen bir halk n ferdi olarak korkumun nedeni anla labilir Neyse ki korkulan olmad Okuma al kanl m sayesinde kar ma kan Vico ve Collingwood gibi tarih i ve bilim adamlar ile, ald m tarih felsefesi e itimi istikametimi tamamen ters y ne evirdi Tarih felsefesinin terimleriyle res gestae ekol nden historia rerum gestarum a s rama yapt m Daha a k bir ifadeyle tarihi ge mi olaylar n bilgisinden ziyade bir bilim olarak, bir bilgi etkinli i olarak g rmeye ba lad m Bu durumda bu kitab n yazar , ben ve tarihte d n yoktur, yar n yo Kurgu d , pop ler bilim diliyle yaz lm bir tarih kitab Teoloji ve felsefe ile de yak ndan ilgili Tarihi belgelere dayan larak yaz lan bu kitapta okuma yazma bilen, al lmad k bir 16 y zy l k yl s n n, de irmenci Menocchio nun ok ilgin bir hikayesi anlat l yor Onu engizizyona g t ren d nceleri sa bizim gibi bir insan olarak do du, sa n n bir bakire den do mu oldu una ve arm hta ld ne inanmak mant k d yd E er o ebedi Tanr olsayd , kendisini ele ge irmelerine ve arm ha germelerine izin vermezdi eklinde zetlenebilir Kitab n ad Peynir ve Kurtlar de irmencinin engizisyondaki ilk savunmad nda s ylediklerinden kar m yap larak konulmu Menocchio nun kendisi ilk sorgulamada ben dedim ki, bana g re, her ey ka ostu bu b t n n i inden bir k tle do du t pk peynirin s tten yap l gibi ve i inden

Born in 1939, he is the son of of Italian Ukranian translator Leone Ginzburg and Italian writer Natalia Ginzburg Historian whose fields of interest range from the Italian Renaissance to early modern European History, with contributions in art history, literary studies, popular cultural beliefs, and the theory of historiography.