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Trailer ✓ The Star Machine PDF by Á Jeanine Basinger The making of a star and his her duration Since most dreary lives require Stars to exist, a cinematic royal family , this is not to coin a friend s phrase poop on the lawn Poop, alas, seems to be Page One The author upholds discretion and doesn t tell us the stratagems, usually sex, that got most into stardom Author, instead, examines careers within the olde studio system, fr Tyrone Power to Jean Arthur, and leaves off the obvious names Davis Grant etc Her updates 2010 are feeble.
However, her sociology of the how to s and machinery to cast a Personality are damn good Hitch said, Casting is characterization Author notes the Factory knew how tobuild movies around a typed Personality For once a specific type w Actually, I think the NYT review of this is rather snide But no matter, Basinger is by far my favorite film historian and she hits this one out of the park, shedding light on the studio process of manufacturing stars that I d never considered She also uses the star system construct to bring some performers who probably will never rate a full blown biography back into the spotlight, like Irene Dunne, Jean Arthur, Van Johnson, and Loretta Young.
Basinger writes in a confiding and upbeat way, drawing you in to her conclusions, even as she flatly asserts that others have got it wrong I could not agree with her assessment and Mick Lasalle s that Norma Shearer is unfairly forgotten today Shearer s type has fallen out of favor and doesn t translate well to modern audiences, but Shearer herself was very gifted Basinger and I part

Stars werden nicht geboren, sondern fabriziertDa es rund um die Stars der Golden Era in Hollywood nicht wirklich wie in einem M rchen zugegangen ist wer sonst als Hollywood sollte uns nicht auch schon mit dieser schn den Wahrheit konfrontiert haben, in Form gutgemachter Unterhaltungsfilme Jeanine Basinger nimmt sich in ihrem Buch The Star Machine ebenfalls dieser Wahrheit an, wobei sie sich an namhaften Stars orientiert vor allem an solchen, die zu ihrer Zeit einen hohen Bekanntheitsgrad hatten, mit den Jahren aber hinter solch klassischen Stars wie Bette Davis, Joan Crawford und Barbara Stanwyck oder Clark Gable, Gary Cooper und Humphrey Bogart zur cktreten mu ten und trotz der Authentizit t ihrer Schilderungen immer noch ihrem Schreibstil sei s gedankt ein H chstma an Unterhaltung bietet Dabei gliedert sich The Star M The idea of a star being born is bushwah A star is created, carefully and coldbloodedly, built up from nothing, from nobodyAge, beauty, talent least of all talent has nothing to do with itWe could make silk purses out of sow s ears every day in the week During the Golden Age of movies the studio system controlled and manufactured the lives of their actors, having final say over everything from haircuts to spouses and covering up the seedier side of Hollywood Basinger brings to light the lives of lesser known actors and shows us from the inside out how they were created and kept in line It s an intimate look at a way of life that has since disappeared, accompanied by a great set of archival photos My love of classic movies runs deep so this book was righ Film historian Jeanine Basinger s 2007 book The Star Machine is a thorough examination of how the studio system operated during Hollywood s Golden Age Basinger is the chair of film studies at Wesleyan University, and it s very clear that movies have been a life long passion for her The Star Machine is 550 pages of details about film stars and movies that might not be familiar to modern audiences The Star Machine s biggest strength is also its biggest problem Basinger is a huge fan And while that means that she s actually taken the time to watch all of these obscure movies, it sometimes gets in the way of her writing Sometimes her writing just gets too fan girly, like when she s gushing repeatedly about how good looking Tyrone Power was Power was beautiful Not handsome Beautiful Solid, substantial, and with great masculine dignity, but with the kind of physical looks Basinger is a well known movie historian and this is one of her most enjoyable works Her knowledge is of course formidable, but so is her passion, and the combination works wonders This book is mostly an analysis of how the studio system created stars during it s golden age, and it describes the manufacturing of gods and goddesses for the big screen with a wealth of details that is astounding and illuminating Basinger is at her best when she shows how the machine works in inhuman yet highly successful ways and how the human factor those stars are, after all, human beings can create problems or unexpected situations Her views on the careers of actors like Tyrone Power, Loretta Young, Lana Turner, Errol Flynn, Deanna Durbin and many is brilliant and makes sense it s also a must read for anyone who wants to understand how the system functioned, succeeded and failed at Old Hollywood was a terrible place to be in the business of being a movie star The studios were in charge of your look, your personal life, your image, your everything Players had no private life and the studio could make you or break you on a whim This book explores that world and traces the lives of several stars, character actors, oddities, and second leadsand how they made it or faded away when the studio was done with them.
We learn, for example how a man who was truly ugly and a ham besides became so popular Wallace Beery how the girl with the odd voice and who was not beautiful became a star Jean Arthur , and why Betty Hutton was tossed aside as the public s taste changed All the great players are here and their story is not particularly pretty It makes one wonder why anyone would want to be a star LOVED THIS BOOK what s great is basinger is obviously a scholar but even so, she is also a devoted movie fan the insight she has about the stars is illuminating not just in the academic sense but also the intimate personal knowledge basinger imbues in all her analysis as she grew up watching these movies WHEN THEY WERE ACTUALLY OUT.
the greatest compliment i can give is that the book made me want to see movies of people i was not fans of tyrone power, loretta young, etc and re inspired ignited my love for the stars i already adored jean arthur, ERROL FLYNN , etc not only thather footnotes are completely hilarious and full of good info.
it s a lengthy book but it moves quickly esp if you love the subject manner.
From One Of Our Leading Film Authorities, A Rich, Penetrating, Amusing Plum Pudding Of A Book About The Golden Age Of Movies, Full Of Hollywood Lore, Anecdotes, And Analysis Jeanine Basingergives Us An Immensely Entertaining Look Into The Star Machine, Examining How, At The Height Of The Studio System, From The S To The S, The Studios Worked To Manufacture Star Actors And Actresses With Revelatory Insights And Delightful Asides, She Shows Us How The Machine Worked When It Worked, How It Failed When It Didn T, And How Irrelevant It Could Sometimes Be She Gives Us The Human Factor, Case Studies Focusing On Big Stars Groomed Into The System The Awesomely Beautiful And Disillusioned Tyrone Power The Seductive, Disobedient Lana Turner And A Dazzling Cast Of Others Loretta Young, Errol Flynn, Irene Dunne, Deanna Durbin She Anatomizes Their Careers, Showing How Their Fame Happened, And What Happened To Them As A Result Both Lana Turner And Errol Flynn, For Instance, Were Involved In Notorious Court Cases In Her Trenchantly Observed Conclusion, She Explains What Has Become Of The Star Machine And Why The Studios Practice Of Making Stars Is No Longer Relevant Deeply Engrossing, Full Of Energy, Wit, And Wisdom, The Star Machine Is Destined To Become An Invaluable Part Of The Film Canon Wow Cannot believe I made it to the end of this book Okay, so that s a lie I actually skimmed the last 50 or so pages because I just couldn t take it any.
I loved the vignettes about different actors, but throughout the book I felt a bit lost I wish the author had outlined the very specific steps of The Star Machine process from the beginning I think she did, but her further chapters were so extensive I never found them to recall and support her main thesis And, what s the big deal about The Star Machine Why should we care I suppose that is what the final 50 pages were about how The Star Machine is dead and the new Hollywood is totally different Pages go by listing the modern stars and how they would fit the certain types of the old Hollywood, but why work so hard to try to justify them like this Perhaps a d

Jeanine Basinger holds a BS and MS from South Dakota State University She is a film historian, professor of Film Studies at Wesleyan University and curator and founder of The Cinema Archives at Wesleyan University In addition, she is a trustee emeritus of the American Film Institute, a member of the Steering Committee of the National Center for Film and Video Preservation, and one of the Board o