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Download Epub Format ✓ The Search for God and Guinness PDF by ï Stephen Mansfield One and a half stars I d never heard of this author before I purchased the book based solely upon its title, which is something that I rarely do As a huge fan of both God and Guinness, I thought I was in the target demographic Within a few pages, however, something began to smell funny.
A quick Google search revealed that Mansfield has a reputation as a highly politicized writer Mike Huckabee loves him, Jon Stewart does not I was puzzled by his early admission that he was not a Guinness drinker, but I thought that might lend a certain objectivity to this little history of my favorite brew However, my nervousness with his scholarship began with his utter surprise that all sorts of earnest Christians, including Martin Luther and the Meh Neo con claptrap disguised as cut rate history The title makes you think the book will be a lot cooler than it actually is Move on nothing to see here.
Thanks to Thomas Nelson for the review copy This book is, as its subtitle proclaims, a biography of a beer But, it is obviously than that In short, it is the biography of a family and a company whose history is seasoned with devotion to Jesus Christ and to the conviction that faith can be lived out beyond the walls of a church In this interesting and readable journey through 250 years of history, Mansfield writes an engaging chronicle of how this family s faith shaped the ethos of a company and led it to be a leader both in the quality of the product it produced and in the way it formed a corporate culture I can t say I d ever thought of beer as a particularly healthy drink probably due to a lot of baggage that often comes with the beverage in its American context , but its value as a safe and wholesome alternative to either unsafe water or

Wow, I flew through this book I thought it was so interesting and engaging It just provides some high level details on the lives of different Guinness family members and their works, but I think that s part of what kept me moving along so quickly It didn t get lost in the details Some of my favorite things I learned The same strain of yeast used in the original Guinness beer is still used today 300 years later Guinness was passed down from father to son for 250 years Guinness ran some really genius marketing campaigns A large portion of the Guinness family went on to become pastors, theologians and preachers Guinness was at the forefront of employee wellness thinking Guinness the beer company created the book of world records as a marketing gimmick which took off to have a life of its ownAll in all, a fun little book I d recommend to any of I read The Search for God and Guinness because of its claim to present an argument towards the compatibility of drinking beer and a Christian life In a pros and cons, historical facts, and precedence sort of way I wanted to read a book that argued for the compatibility of alcohol in a Christian s daily life I was let down It started off strong in this vein though In fact, I should have just stopped reading after the Introduction because Mansfield does a great job of presenting the historical precedence of alcohol in Christian s lives and pointing out how it is only recently 1900s that alcohol beer was seen as such an abhorrent thing I enjoyed the Introduction and felt for his arguments.
However, once the real book began, it veered away from this path It became a strict history of the Guinness family and the Guinness brand I even felt that his Summary A history of beer, of the Guinness family and the history of Guinness from its beginnings, and the faith that that motivated the social goods pursued by many of the family members who led the company, and others in the family line.
Unlike the author, who came from a family of teetotalers, I came from a family that enjoyed a good beer in moderation Most of the beers I grew up with were American beers and often my response to them was meh It wasn t until recent years that I discovered Guinness, and concluded, that this is what I ve always thought beer should taste like.
So my curiosity was piqued when I came across this book in a second hand store I happen to love God and like Guinness and so I wanted to see how I needed a light and interesting read and this fit the bill The story of beer and one family s influence that is far reaching because of the founding faith of Arthur Guinness They were mindful that they could make the working man s life better by paying living wages and offering affordable housing and classes to improve everyday living If only business of today could operate this way At the core, the family held a belief that work was good and sacred Service to God and man was not limited to the church, although many from the family did pursue ministry, including one of my favorite authors and apologists of the Christian faith, Os Guinness, who is the great great great grandson of Arthur Guinness Talk about generational blessing Cheers Let s have a beer The company did not drain a man and expect the church or the state to rebuilt him again They invested They paid hi The History Of Guinness, One Of The World S Most Famous Brands, Reveals The Noble Heights And Generosity Of A Great Family And An Innovative BusinessIt Began In Ireland In The Mid S The Water In Ireland, Indeed Throughout Europe, Was Famously Undrinkable, And The Gin And Whiskey That Took Its Place Devastated Civil Society It Was A Disease Ridden, Starvation Plagued, Alcoholic Age, And Christians Like Arthur Guinness As Well As Monks And Even Evangelical Churches Brewed Beer That Provided A Healthier Alternative To The Poisonous Waters And Liquors Of The Times This Is Where The Guinness Tale Began Now, Years And Over Countries Later, Guinness Is A Global Brand, One Of The Most Consumed Beverages In The World The Tale That Unfolds During Those Two And A Half Centuries Has Power To Thrill Audiences Today The Generational Drama, Business Adventure, Industrial And Social Reforms, Deep Felt Faith, And The Noblebeer Itself Frothy, Delicious, Intoxicating And Nutritious No, I M Not Talking About Guinness Stout I M Talking About Stephen Mansfield S Fabulous New BookThe Amazing And True Story Of How The Guinness Family Used Its Wealth And Influence To Touch Millions Is An Absolute Inspiration Eric Metaxas, New York Times Best Selling Author It S A Rare Brew That Takes Faith, Philanthropy And The Frothy Head Of Freshly Poured Guinness And Combines Them Into Such An Inspiriting Narrative Cheers To Brewmaster Stephen Mansfield And Cheers To You, The Reader You Re In For A Treat R Emmett Tyrrell Jr Founder And Editor In Chief Of The American Spectator Stephen Mansfield in The Search for God and Guinness combines two topics that many may find opposed, beer and God Mansfield provides an overview of the long holy history of beer and its importance from ancient to early modern society He overturns the myth of the establishment of the Guinness brewery as a God ordained antidote to the social ills of 18th century Ireland, but instead shows the determination of one religious man in Arthur Guinness establishment of the St James Gate brewery in 1759 Mansfield provides a history of the first Arthur s decedents in three branches the brewers, the bankers and the Guinness s for God focusing primarily on the brewers and those who made ministry their vocation The Guinness family history ends with the end of a Guinness directly running the brewery and movement from a family brewery to a While it is impossible to truly separate the reviewer from the review, I believe that a book review should be focused on the book rather than the reviewer That being said, I think a little context is in order I do not drink beer or other alcoholic beverages I do not promote the use of beer or other alcoholic beverages I pastor a church whose official position is to not partake in any alcoholic beverages The book I am about to review is about beer and the family that made this brand of beer The Search for God and Guinness by Stephen Mansfield 2009, Thomas Nelson is the story of beer, of Guinness beer, and of the Guinness family Let there be no question, Arthur Guinness was a committed, Protestant, evangelical Christian His life and family legacy certainly bear that out For those of yo

Stephen Mansfield is a New York Times bestselling author and a popular speaker who is becoming one of the nation s most respected voices on religion and American culture He is also an activist in a variety of social causes.Stephen was born in Georgia but grew up largely in Europe due to his father s career as an officer in the United States Army After a youth filled with sports, travel, and misc