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é Read é Il Decamerone by Giovanni Boccaccio é Nothing is so indecent that it cannot be said to another person if the proper words are used to convey itGiovanni Boccaccio, The DecameronLike The Canterbury Tales, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, The Arabian Nights Tales from a Thousand and One Nights, etc.
, The Decameron is an early masterpiece of literature It is one of those books I avoided because I thought it would be stilted and boring Hells NASTY Bells was I wrong Boccaccio is funny, flippant, irreverent, libidinous, provocative, inspiring, insulting, crazy and always always entertaining 100 stories told during the the summer of 1348 as the Black Death is ravaging Florence and Europe Ten aristocratic youths take to the country to escape the death, Boccaccio S Masterpiece Is Here Issued Unabridged It Is A Complete World In Itself, One In Which We Can Walk About Even As The Characters Themselves It Is Not, In Fact, Necessary To read Very Much Of This Exquisite Prose Before We Become As Much Part Of The Amorous And Lyrical Fourteenth Century As The Ladies And Gentlemen Themselves, Who Wile Away Their Time With Stories On The Slope At Fiesole Boccaccio S Extensive Knowledge Of Human Nature Enabled Him To Seal With His Characters Not Too Seriously, But With That Ironic Detachment And Air Of Humorous Omniscience That Is The Privilege Of The Greatest Writers And The Delight Of Their ReadersKeywords Exquisite Prose Boccaccio Fourteenth Century Ladies And Gentlemen Omniscience Fiesole Wile Amorous Detachment Human Nature Masterpiece Slope Privilege The Decameron is a set of one hundred stories told to each other by a group of ten people, seven women and three men, over ten days All these stories exist within one story which is about this group of people who come together in Florence during an outbreak of the plague and how they react to it which is by going off into the surrounding countryside and recreating a kind of temporary Eden outside the ravages of the times Beyond that there are the author s intentions and his defence of his work, which are a further frame to the whole work Boccaccio sees stories as a form of education in this case to teach his reader, which he largely assumed to be women since references to potential male readers are rare, about love Love is a vague word in English, you can love to have tea with your chips, you might love your dog, or the colour yellow on a bedroom door None of those feature in the Deca El Decameron de Giovanni Boccaccio es uno de esos libros que pueden incluirse dentro de una tr ada junto a Los cuentos de Canterbury de Geoffrey Chaucey, y el Canzoniere de Francesco Petrarca, verdaderos s mbolos de la literatura medieval.
En realidad, el Decameron es un libro que se ubica entre la edad medieval y el Renacimiento y es el fiel reflejo del pensamiento europeo del siglo XIV.
Boccaccio, digno sucesor de Dante Alighieri y disc pulo de Petrarca logr reconocimiento y fama eterna a partir de la publicaci n de este libro que tambi n gener ciertas pol micas por el subido tono de muchos de sus cuentos.
Un punto importante a tener en cuenta es que el libro se ubica hist ricamente durante la poca en que la peste negra o bub nica por la naturaleza de c mo se manifestaba e Amazing.
I m utterly flabbergasted by how good this is Forty years before The Canterbury Tales took England by storm, a little tiny place called Italy was having a full blown RENAISSANCE So why the hell have I been avoiding all these fantastic pieces of art, anyway Because they re in Italian For SHAME Fortunately, this translation is fantastic and you know what It really holds up It has everything a public who wants to be entertained could ever desire A hundred short stories framed by nobles hiding out while the Black Plague ravages Europe, eating, frolicking, and telling stories every night for ten nights Do you think a quarantine is a recipe for depression and disaster Muahahahahaha NO Let s just put it this way there s sex, laughter, trickery, sex, adultery, sex, theft, cons, sex, and hilarious situations in these stories than yo Permit me to offer another roar of support for reading The Decameron A divine mathematical structure ten parts of ten chapters with ten characters told over ten days props up this rollicking ride of classic storytelling A modern translation this ed from J.
G Nichols renders the original in all its libidinous, virtuous mischief, making each page a rapturous pleasure to turn This book needs no further endorsement from me Make arrangements to read The Decameron before your fatal heart attack.

The Decameron is obviously a hugely influential piece of literature actually, it s just plain huge , so it s no wonder I d get around to it eventually I m not a huge fan of Chaucer, really, but I did recognise a couple of the source texts he used in this, and I imagine that the choice of frame narrative for the Canterbury Tales might ve been suggested to Chaucer by The Decameron Certainly The Decameron was an influence, anyway.
The Decameron also inspired a song by one of my favourite singers, Heather Dale, Up Into The Pear Tree , about Pyrrhus and Lydia and their trick on Lydia s husband It s a lovely song, playful and quite in keeping with the tone of The Decameron.
Despite its length, The Decameron is very easy to read It s a collection of a hundred short stories or perhaps a hundred and one, if you count After a couple of years, two attempts and two different editions, I have finally finished this book The first great literary accomplishment of 2016.
All I can say is that the history of humanity lies on every page of this book Virtues and defects that have illuminated and darkened human existence were eloquently expressed by Boccaccio s brilliant pen that concocted, with mastery and otherworldly wit, one hundred tales told by seven young ladies and three young men who, to contextualize this fine collection, fled the magnificent city of Florence a place I adore and with which I have a bond that goes beyond the origin of my name and ancestry , trying to escape from the Black Death These stories are mostly about the connections between inte In the 14th century in Europe, during the devastating times of the Black Death, a group of young Florentines seven women and three men decide to flee to seek shelter and escape from the plague in a villa outside of the city of Florence This is the basic frame used by Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio to tell us one hundred tales of life, love and fortune with The Decameron.
After leaving the city, in order to pass the time, an idea of telling stories is brought up and each one of the young group Pampinea, Fiammetta, Filomena, Emilia, Lauretta, Neifile, Elissa, Panfilo, Filostrato and Dioneo must tell one story per day Starting on the second day, Filomena, who was appointed as the queen of the day they all took turns into being the queen or king decided that the stories to be told in each day should all pertain to a theme previously chosen by the one in charge The on

Giovanni Boccaccio 1313 21 December 1375 was an Italian author and poet, a friend and correspondent of Petrarch, and an important Renaissance humanist in his own right and author of a number of notable works including the Decameron, On Famous Women, and his poetry in the Italian vernacular Boccaccio is particularly notable for his dialogue, of which it has been said that it surpasses in veris