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Trailer Ó Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood PDF by å Eileen Cook 3.
5 stars Having just read The List and not giving it a super high rating, I was actually pleased with how Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood dealt with the mean girl issue I do admit that there are moments that are pure fluff, but at least these characters had a bitdepth and the story telling was muchapproachable and entertaining Once upon a kindergarten sand box Lauren and Helen were BFF s But right before High School begins Lauren drops Helen and makes it so that she is a complete reject even before her High School career begins Helen moves away but returns for her senior year hell bent on getting revenge on the now very popular Lauren Wood Her plan includes destroying everything Lauren has worked so hard for the trophy boyfriend, t This book ended up being so so Not to cut throat like I assumed a revenge book would be, but not entirely passive like a YA book would be The main character Helen later called Claire was emotionally controlled by a prettier, manipulative friend she had since birth until 8th grade named Lauren Lauren humiliated Helen quite extensively when they were younger Helen moves away and schemes for years until she is granted the opportunity to move back to her home town during their senior year Now, at this point I expect a ton of back stabbing, fun, cut throat girl fighting scheming but was somewhat disappointed She starts out promising on her first day back to school, however later resorts to petty clothing makeup sabotage and some sneaky blame placement I was asking myself, Where s the humiliation Where s the drama Where s the REVENGE The ending is somewhat abrupt and there isn t Popularity Is The Best Revenge In The Final Weeks Of Eighth Grade, Lauren Wood Made A Choice She Betrayed Her Best Friend, Helen, In A Manner So Publicly Humiliating That Helen Had To Move To A New Town Just To Save Face Ditching Helen Was Worth It, Though, Because Lauren Started High School As One Of The It Girls And Now, At The Start Of Her Senior Year, She S The Cheerleading Captain, The Quarterback S Girlfriend, And The Undisputed Queen Bee Lauren Has Everything She S Ever Wanted, And She Has Forgotten All About Her Ex Best Friend But Helen Could Never Forget Lauren After Three Years Of Obsessing, She S Moving Back To Her Old Town She Has A New Name And A New Look, But She Hasn T Dropped Her Old Grudges She Has A Detailed Plan To Bring Down Her Former BFF By Taking Away Everything That S Ever Been Important To Lauren Starting With Her Boyfriend Watch Out, Lauren Wood Things Are About To Get Bitchy Entertaining, even though if it is a little too reminiscent of MEAN GIRLSand with too rushed of an ending I d check out other books by this author when I m in the mood for a quick read.
Over the summer, I read many books but by far Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood by Eileen Cook was my favorite In this young adult novel, one of the main characters, Helen, a nerdy unpopular girl in eighth grade gets betrayed by Lauren Wood, someone who she was best friends with since preschool In their final weeks of eighth grade, Lauren spreads a rumor about Helen where the whole school begins to dislike her This forces Helen to change schools At her new school, she has many friends and she goes through many physical changes she starts wearing makeup and wears brand name clothes In her final year of high school, she is forced to move in with her grandmother and she would have to go to the school where all the drama happened years before Though she doesn t want to go, she immediately starts plotting revenge on Lauren Wood In my opinion, I thought the b In A Nutshell It is hard to say that I enjoyed this book because I do not feel like it is a book that is meant to be enjoyed It was meant to make the reader think, and I finished the book with a lot to think about This book would be an excellent book club selection because it is definitely a book you will want to discuss.
Review For anyone who has been hurt by a friend orprecisely a former friend , it sometimes seems like Karma is taking too long to balance out or make that person pay for the wrong Helen Worthington has spent three years obsessing over the wrong done to her by her ex best friend So when circumstances give her a chance to go back and face her ex best friend, she takes it as an opportunity to give karma a push in the right direction But Karma really does not need the help It balances things out naturally and in its own time And Helen AKA Claire Dan i choose this book because i thought it would be really nice and good to read i thought i wont like it at all because it didnt look that good in start but at the end it was great this book was almostly about this two bestfriends their names are Lauren wood and Helen they have been friends for a really long time but, this was one problem b w them is that lauren always thought she was awaypretty smart and all that and Helen was a type of girl that was fat and not as much as Lauren so they spreat and live a different lives.
Helen dicided to change and make her self nice and pretty and smart too So she come back to high school to finish there and have revenge on Laurn wood Lauren wood had everything she was the cheer Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood is a surprisingly engaging read, the classic tale of revenge translated perfectly into the modern high school setting of popularity and backstabbing With swift, smart writing and a plot that s never boring, this book is perfect for anyone who loves the movie Mean Girls and or were floored by the way that Alexandre Dumas set up the intricate and unbeatable revenge plan in The Count of Monte Cristo.
I love when authors successfully write mean girls who are realistically a pain in the butt and or whose actions are justified Helen s perfection and hilariously accurate analysis of popularity hits all the right notes, from the stinging one liners to carefully sown seeds of destruction We all know the character of Lauren Wood, that nasty bee yotch who deserves to b

Helen Worthington and Lauren Wood were the best of friends They did everything thing together, and they shared each others secrets They both had dreams, but they both shared the same dream to be popular Helen thinks Lauren is her best friend but when Lauren has to choose between popularity and Helen she chooses popularity and humiliates Helen so bad that she has to move to New York just to live it down Now, Lauren is a senior and is the queen bee of her High School and has forgotten all about her old friend, but Helen never forgot about Lauren, and will not forget about her until she has gotten her revenge on her Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood was a great book I found it to be creepy but it was still really good I find it weird though how she just got to do horrible things to Lauren and no one really cared, even if she told them I found that to be really unrealistic no mat This book struck very close to one of my own personal issues and set of values A best friend is sacred and deserves your loyalty and protection You don t betray your best friend and throw her to the wolves You don t add to her misery There s a special kind of hell for people who betray and cheat and lie and hurt others for their own gain.
What Lauren did to Helen, her best friend, is the worst of the worst She betrayed, lied and threw her best friend under the bus for her own agenda I didn t blame Helen for wanting revenge.
Why is it that the people who wrong you stay unscathed while you bear the scars Why is it that they don t get their comeuppance It s a hard thing to accept and to let go, something that Helen found out through her plot to get revenge on Lauren.
Helen didn t deserve what Lauren did to her Why is popularityimportant than real friendship in high school Who deci

Eileen Cook spent most of her teen years wishing she were someone else or somewhere else, which is great training for a writer You can read about Eileen, her books, and the things that strike her as funny at