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Trailer ¸ T2: Infiltrator PDF by ë S.M. Stirling It s so hard to expand on something good without 1 drifting away from what made it good 2 sticking too close the source material bringing nothing freshSomething that is less hard, but is done all too often in tie in books is 3 making lame in jokes about the original storyStirling doesn t fall down on any of these things one or two from category 3 are forgivable even grudgingly enjoyable The story is a Terminator story the parts set post Judgement Day are a great expansion on the original concepts and the characters are consistent Best of all John Connor is starting to seem like the hero he s supposed to grow into He s still a teenager, still immature in some ways, but he knows his shit, and I particularly like how his charisma is picked up on by people who meet him, even briefly.
In terms of freshness, Serena is a great additional to the world A great Infiltrator is a logical next step in the Terminator series following the events of T2 Judgment Day The Connors are in hiding with new aliases out of the U.
, and a new threat looms to continue the creation of Skynet.
It was inevitable that Cyberdyne would continue their work, picking up the pieces of their destroyed compound Like all effective major tech companies, backups of all files were stored outside the Cyberdyne building and it takes a new type of Terminator named Serena to ensure that Skynet gets created to destroy mankind Serena is human than machine this time around, although a complete synthetic, she has human attributes and is sent back through time by Skynet to help create it She blends in than the You Ve Got To Feel Sorry For Sarah Connor Try As She Might, She Just Can T Seem To Finish Off Cyberdyne Systems The Eventual Progenitor Of The Malevolent Super AI Skynet With Any Sort Of Finality, Despite Blowing Up Their Headquarters In Terminator And Every Time She Turns Around, There S Yet Another Pesky Terminator Who Has Just Beamed Back Through Time To Finish Off Her Son John, Who As We All Know Is Humanity S Only Hope In The Machine Controlled Future Skynet And Its Minions Chalk This Up To The Persistence Of Several Alternative World Lines Coexisting In A State Of Quantum Superimposition But How S This For An Explanation It S Fun To Watch Sarah, John, And Company Run From, Then Run To, Then Ultimately Beat Up On Terminators, And As Long As There S An Interested Audience, Skynet Will Keep Sniffing Out These Devilish Little Temporal Loopholes Military SF Juggernaut SM Stirling Takes The Helm In A Fully Authorized New Series That Picks Up Where T Left Off Mom And Son Are On The Lam In Paraguay, Lying Low And Running A Shady Trucking Company Then A Retired Spook Moves In Next Door, A Burly Austrian Type Who Get This Looks Just Like Arnold Schwarze Um, The Series Model The Harried John And Mom, Paranoid By Necessity, Suspect Something S Afoot And Soon Find Themselves Embroiled In Yet Another Adventure Involving This Mysterious New Stranger, The Old Family Of Miles Dyson The Cyberdyne Scientist Who Took It In The Kisser In T , And A Super Sexy I Whom Skynet Has Sent Back In Time To Set Things Straight Now Realize That Just Because This Sequel Is Official And Fully Authorized Doesn T Necessarily Mean That The Story Lines Will Jibe With The T Movie Assuming It Ever Comes Out But, Of Course, Any Discrepancies Can Just Be Blamed On Yet Another Temporal AnomalyPaul Hughes I had fun with this book, even if it was a bit belated The Terminator is one of my favorite scifi franchises I adore the entire premise of the closed or open causality loop in this universe I d never read a book set in the universe, however, so I thought I d give it a go.
This book takes a long time to build up to the excitement It spends the first two thirds of the story setting all its playing pieces into place so that they can cross paths in a meaningful and yes, exciting way during the last third Once that rock gets rolling downhill, it s a fun, enjoyable ride But first you have to get through the build up, and honestly, there are some parts of it that are fairly slow What s , a character or two that you really don t care much about BUT Then come Sarah and John, who are always fantastic, and are nicely in character here Add to that a few new faces that really ARE engagin This book sucks The plot is a joke, the writing is incoherent, and the characters are unbearable Whoever told you that this was better than Terminator 3 is lying to you 1 5 stars Alright So, I d read this years before, but upon re reading it, there is so much I did not remember So much so, that I found myself wondering if I ve ever actually read the whole thing before I know I never read the second two books in this series, partially because they weren t out by the time I d read this Also, Terminator 3 was due out somewhat soonish by the time book 2 was coming And also, I d read this book Terminator 2 The New John Connor Chronicles, Book 1 Dark Futures The New John Connor Chronicles 1 and wasn t terribly impressed with it.
So I guess I read this and there wasn t anywhere to go after that And when there was, the places weren t that great and so I only read book 1 here.
On the whole, this was a really fun book It captured the spirit of the good Terminator movies to an extent, but was Dusted off this trilogy today The best Terminator series I ve ever read.
After recently watching the Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles The Complete First Season and Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles The Complete Second Season all the way through, and of course being a huge fan of T2, I was excited to read T2 Infiltrator after reading all the great reviews After receiving it in the mail I tore into it right away It started out great as the author created the compelling character, Serena But, I should have known that the book was about to take a turn for the worse when Serena was mere steps away from killing the future Connor, but Skynet stopped her at the last minute to send her back in time Why Why would the author go to all that effort to build such a strong character and tell the story of her infiltrating the Resistance if he was going to abandon the storyline at the last minute.
Too bad it doesn t get any better after that Back in

I love when authors are handed either a deal too good to pass up or are needing some extra barbecue cash, and take up the mantle of authorship to write shitty movie adaptation books Piers Anthony wrote the novelization of Total Recall based on the PK Dick short , Orson Scott Card novelized The Abyss and apparently S.
M Stirling wrote a trilogy of Terminator Universe novels.
I picked up T2 Infiltrator for a two dollars at Goodwill Anyone who knows me is aware that I really think Stirling is a bad writer I like his plot lines and a lot of characters, but in general, I find that his books piss me off than they are enjoyed, they drag on and are soooo soooo soooo heavy handed In this case, I thought, hey, its Stirling, I should give it a shot Worst expected scenario is that it would be hum d some favourite details about this book, in no particular order i borrowed this from my local library and the rental history for my copy was february 2002, june 2002, september 2002, april 2003, and then me in january 2019 there s a company called Aadvanced Security that deliberately put a typo in its name to be at the front of the phonebook the chapters have headers setting where and when the scene is eg Cincinnati, 2021 Post Judgment Day but after a while most of them are just called Present Day, which is just a remarkable lack of foresight considering present day for s.
m stirling 2001 and present day for me 2019 are very different times there are about four background gays in the first 50 pages and then none for the rest but y know that s four than i e

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