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[ Pdf Die Verwirrungen des Zöglings Törleß á star-trek-original-series PDF ] by Robert Musil é The Confusions of Young Robert MusilSemi autobiographically little Robert slowly develops into an adolescent Sensitive and insecure in the company of equally insecure boys without qualities, except being of respectable aristocratic families Coming of age in a boarding school environment where everyone is eager to prove his manhood either by showing traces of intellect, by being the master bully or bragging of imaginary amorous adventures The long and winding road leading to climax is very foreseeable for a man who studied both psychology and philosophy and even graduated the latter cum laude, the descriptions of the mechanisms at work in groups is quite weak Controversial for it s time Maybe, but even in Austria it was an open secret what boys did together after dark There is nothing of real interest to be obtained from this work, no new insigh IntroductionNote on the TextSelect BibliographyA Chronology of Robert Musil The Confusions of Young T rless Explanatory Notes , 1906.
Musil Mann, Hesse,.
T rless is confused Indeed, the title of this book, in some editions not mine , is The Confusions of Young T rless Skimming the plot surface of this book, T rless is a student in an Austrian military school Two student friends of T rless find out that yet another student, Basini, has been stealing small amounts of money They proceed to sadistically, homosexually torture him T rless finds himself aroused, and, thus, confused.
T rless finds himself in a frequent sudden lassitude with a queer uneasinessa tingling in his brain a fine toothed doubt a vague feeling a foreboding that he was wasting his time a dense, gluey boredom a queer state that kept him awake utterly mangled with his suffocating heart he lay there, all wrapped up in his memories to

That moment when you realize that having your head in the clouds is not always a good thing In short, the confusions of Young Torless are the confusions of all who wonder how the seemingly rational person can become embroiled in the heinous But also And suddenly and it seemed to him as if it had happened for the very first time Torless became aware of how incredibly high the sky was It was almost a shock Straight above him, shining between the clouds, was a small, blue hole, fathomlessly deep He felt it must be possible, if only one had a long, long ladder, to climb up and into it But the further he penetrated, raising himself on his gaze, the further the blue, shining depth receded And still it was as though some time it must be reached, as though by sheer gazing one must be able to stop it and hold it The desi Bu nas l bir psikolojik tahlil, ifade yetene i, belagat a t m kald m Musil e Mihail Bahtin dostum a z m doldura doldura diyorum ki halt etmi sin, zg n m The Confusions of Young Torless is an incredible book, reminiscent at times of Rilke in its ability to wrestle with complex spiritual and psychological themes Reading this book was like constantly trying to grasp something slightly abstract, slightly out of reach, though very human and real and rooted in language This is an ambitious though short book, an extremely thoughtful and difficult read.
Maybe it is fitting that the book is so hard to describe, since one of its main themes is the ineffable ness of certain human experience One thing the book is NOT about, however, is the devastating effects of the abuse of power as it states in the back of the book Sure, that s what happens, but the author s focus seems determinedly off , always in the head of young Torless, who approaches the events that unfold with a much deeper and complex inquisitiveness than the simple moral lesson par Readers who associate boarding school fiction with sneaky midnight feasts, harmless pranks or wizardry may come to find the introspection of young T rless s education not only shocking but also too dense Musil is not so much interested in investigating the exterior world of the protagonist, and chooses instead to look deeply into the psychological and moral awakening of youth Young T rless drifts through interior monologue, to dreamlike sequences, to the horrors of life away from home, where punishment is dished out by some nasty little brats that were deplorable I wanted to drop them down a deep well But If I m honest, I didn t really like anybody, and it didn t come as a surprise to me either T rless was clearly, sexually speaking, in a mudd Like His Contemporary And Rival Sigmund Freud, Robert Musil Boldly Explored The Dark, Irrational Undercurrents Of Humanity The Confusions Of Young T Rless, Published In While He Was A Student, Uncovers The Bullying, Snobbery, And Vicious Homoerotic Violence At An Elite Boys Academy Unsparingly Honest In Its Depiction Of The Author S Tangled Feelings About His Mother, Other Women, And Male Bonding, It Also Vividly Illustrates The Crisis Of A Whole Society, Where The Breakdown Of Traditional Values And The Cult Of Pitiless Masculine Strength Were Soon To Lead To The Cataclysm Of The First World War And The Rise Of Fascism A Century Later, Musil S First Novel Still Retains Its Shocking, Prophetic Power

Austrian writer He graduated military boarding school at Eisenstadt 1892 1894 and then Hranice, in that time also known as M hrisch Wei kirchen, 1894 1897 These school experiences are reflected in his first novel The confusions of young T rless He served in army during The First World War When Austria became a part of the Third Reich in 1938, Musil left for exile in Switzerland, where he