Download Epub Format ✓ Barriers and Boundaries PDF by Ú Liz Greene

Download Epub Format ✓ Barriers and Boundaries PDF by Ú Liz Greene This Book Explores The Fundamental Issues Of How We Defend Ourselves Against Conflict And Suffering Through Characteristic Psychological Mechanisms Reflected In The Natal Chart Both The Pathological Dimensions Of Defences And Their Creative Contributions To The Personality Are Carefully Explored Through The Zodiac Signs And Through The Multi Levelled Planetary Symbols Saturn And Chiron, To Reveal The Many Ways In Which We Both Protect And Injure Ourselves When Confronted With What We Experience As Life S Threatening Face The Seminar Format Brings Complex Psychological Material Alive In An Accessible Way, And Ample Case Material Highlights Characteristic Human Behaviour Patterns This Volume Is A Profound Revelation Of The Creative Ways In Which We Can Approach What May Initially Seem Like Our Greatest Failings

This book contains the transcripts of two seminars on psychological defenses as seen in the natal chart The first seminar, The Psychology of Defences and Their Astrological Significators, starts with an introduction to Freud s oral, anal, and Oedipal defenses, as well as disassociation Greene correlates these defenses to the four elements and looks at how each sign has its own approach to its defense In the second seminar, Saturn and Chiron as Defence Mechanisms, Greene looks at the similarities and differences in how these two planets show deprivation and wounding in our lives, and how we use them to try to protect ourselves from further pain.
Generally I enjoy reading Greene s seminar transcripts and this was another fascinating read

Liz Greene is held in high esteem by astrologers all over the world, professional and non professional alike She is a prolific author of books and various publications and has been instrumental in shaping modern psychological astrology.She holds doctorate degrees in psychology and as of 2010 in history and is a qualified Jungian analyst She also holds a diploma in counselling from the Centre