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[ Pdf Go Forward With Faith: The Biography of Gordon B. Hinckley ↠´ young-adult PDF ] by Sheri Dew ↠´ Wonderful biography I love the man and his counsel He has helped me over the rough spots in life I also came away with a deep awe of Sheri Dew s literary prowess She edited wrote the book but retained his voice.
When I first read this 12 years ago I was overwhelmed by how much of my life was impacted by Pres Hinckley He was stake president in East Millcreek before we moved in By his decisions, the stake center where I was in roadshows and attended seminary was built He bought the EMC stake welfare farm where I hoed beets and picked tomatoes The seminary building at Skyline was his I spent HS graduation night at a party in the OLympus seminary blding he approved He organized the Laurelife conf I attended at BYU in 1969 where I heard Pres Lee share his testimony and heard the presiding bishopric bless the sacrament which was then passed to 3000 girls Because of him, my brothers got deferments from the draft to Vietnam and instead served missions I used the uniform missionary lessons he wrote when I was a stake missionary He worked w Biography Of The Fifteenth President Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints This Book Shares A Behind The Scenes Look A A Spiritual Leader Who Has Spent A Great Deal Of Time In The Forefront It Is A Story Filled With Work Humor, Dedication, And Testimony Asking my brother in the summer what las book has he read that s had an impact on his life he recommended Go Forward with Faith.
I enjoyed the book as much as my brother I can see why my Dad loved President Hinckley so much He was so personable, so human We see his strengths, but we also catch a glimpse of some of his human weaknesses We see a man whose religion, family, and work ethic shape him into the prophet that led the church in the beginning of the internet and media age.
Some of my favorite parts from the book Skipping the first day of school in 7th grade with friends as a protest of having to stay at the elementary he was supposed to move up to a jr high, but because of overcrowding had to stay at an elementary one year When he was found out his mom wrote a letter to the principal apologizing There are so many things I loved about this book First, it was hilarious how reluctant he was to cooperate with his biographer and to have any sort of fuss or acclaim Second, he s so wonderfully humble he never gives himself the credit for his accomplishments The message is always the same the Lord somehow made me able Third, I m adopting his life mantra wear yourself out in the service of the Lord Wonderful book, wonderful biographer, and I m crying happy tears as I write this.
Wow, this book was like a comprehensive Church history of the last 100 years President Hinckley was born in 1910 and been involved in Church administration since he was in his twenties I m amazed at the stamina and energy he had throughout his whole life The biggest take away lesson for me was that of Work, Work, Work Really, this man was unbelievable My testimony of living prophets has definitely been increased as I have read about the amazing and miraculous things President Hinckley has done in his life.
I got this book on CD as a gift and took it with me in the car when I had to go to visit an inmate at the Prison President Hinckley s life is fascinating he really was in the right place at the right time and has had a hand in every facet of how the church has come out of obscurity The only thing that is distracting about the presentation is that Sherri Dew s writing style is really heavy and plodding.
An amazing look at one of the Lord s holy prophets The level of President Hinckley s dedication to the gospel of Jesus Christ and his sacrifices to bring the gospel to the world are staggering I m so thankful to have been a LDS person when he was President of the Church I well remember when he came to my stake conference in NYC and announced the Manhattan Temple Wow.

This book has made a lasting impression on my soul I have learned so much about leadership from the life of Gordon B Hinckley He was a man of optimism, hard work, humility, continuous learning, industry, with a genuine love for people and a sense of humor to put anyone at ease He was concerned about the individual He was solution focused He acknowledged contributions from all, he respected people and their time and was probably one of the best time managers to walk the earth His life amazes me To see how he was prepared to become the prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is a powerful witness to me of the divinity of God and how God is involved in our lives.
I decided to read President Hinckley s biography this year in conjunction with our study of his teachings in priesthood relief society I m so glad that I did I knew it would be an interesting read, I just didn t realize how much so He was a great man I found the stories of his tireless service so inspiring I m grateful for his example of complete dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I feel compelled than ever to go forward with faith as the title suggests.

Sheri Dew graduated from Brigham Young University She served as second counselor in the general Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints from 1997 to 2002 In March 2003 the White House appointed her a member of the U.S Delegation to the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations In 2002, Sheri Dew became president and CEO of Deseret Book Company.