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[Sue Coe] ß Dead Meat [world-of-darkness PDF] Ebook Epub Download î Seeing Sue Coe s exhibition of these haunting and troubling artworks in Santa Monica, California in 1991 or 1992 finally compelled me to become a vegetarian Just over a decade later I had the pleasure of meeting the artist when she visited St Lawrence University and on the spot drew a picture of a cat and a horse for me She s a strong personality, hilarious, and a brilliant artist.
This was my very first time reading a graphic novel I loved it, her sketches were powerful and intense, and it just spoke volumes on Environmental Justice.
This book illustrates the hidden and well ignored world of mass animal slaughter in the U.
S The author, Sue Coe, dives deep into this world hidden from common awareness at great cost to her own well being The reality of commercial goats, horses, pigs, chickens, and the hired human help compile a nightmarish world that treats precious life as disposable objects Though this book is very hard to get through because of the insane reality of mass slaughter, it is our human responsibility to see and understand exactly how we get the food in our fridges and on our dinner plates It is our human responsibility to see and FEEL the true costs of our societal habits.
There is a reason why slaughter houses do not have glass walls This book is the glass wall into the initial process of how animals end up on our plates Dead Meat brings to the surface just how detached we are as a society when it comes to our food It exposes heinous truths that will stay in the readers conscious for days, weeks, maybe permanently There are no photographs in this books but the author s sketches tell the whole story I highly recommend this book to everyone people who care about the environment, people who do not want to remain ignorant about how their food arrived at the grocery store, animal lovers, struggling vegetarians, and everyone who didn t fit into any of these categories A shift needs to take place in western ci

Sue Coe speaks for the millions of murdered and tortured animals in her photobook It is with all my heart that I recommend this book to everyone If people were aware of what s going on, would they finally make a change With haunting charcoal sketches, Sue Coe gives readers a disquieting visual account of her visits to numerous slaughterhouses Sparse written accounts accompany the pictures, with evocative asides such as what happens to surplus chickens They re live fed into a macerator and spread on nearby fields Those walking through the fields can occasionally find horribly wounded, but still living, chicks This is not an uplifting book or a happy book But works like this are needed, if only to remind of us the everyday ceaseless horror that occurs all around us.
Not necessarily a joy to read due to the subject matter an expos of the slaughter industry Honestly, I m a fan of her work and methodology I saw her speak soon after this was first printed at an art workshop she was teaching drawing She s hilarious and approachable, but she had half the crowd weeping by the end She signed a copy to my wife and drew a little pig I recently started following her feed on a social network she s still fighting the good fight and making incredible art.
Incredibly disturbing and moving book by a writer and artist which contains her artwork and diaries she created when following the lives fate of farmed animals around the U.
S Very graphic pictures and descriptions Very sad and infuriating Not for those who want to be in denial about where their animal based foods come from.
A Nationally Prominent, Politically Oriented Artist Offers An Unsparingly Critical View Of The Meat Industry In Scores Of Illustrations, Documenting The Skewing, Flaying, Dismembering, Castrating, Debeaking, Electrocuting, And Decapitating Of Animals

Sue Coe grew up next to a slaughterhouse in Liverpool She studied at the Royal College of Art in London and left for New York in 1972 Early in her career, she was featured in almost every issue of Art Spiegelman s groundbreaking magazine Raw, and has since contributed illustrations to the New York Times, the New Yorker, The Nation, Entertainment Weekly, Time, Details, The Village Voice, Newsweek