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[ Pdf Romo: My Life on the Edge: Living Dreams and Slaying Dragons × superman PDF ] by Bill Romanowski ☆ Very interesting story Really opened my eyes to what NFL players do to try and gain an edge on their opponents.
Anyone who knows me is probably surprised that I read this book I don t really keep up with sports stars and their lives, and this book didn t do much to make me want to keep up with it It was interesting to get a glimpse into the crazy lives of professional sports and what lengths people go to perform well and win I learned a few things, and saw a different side of Bill Romanowski His appendix with the list of injuries sustained in his career was nothing short of astounding.
Bill Romanowski is one of footballs most hard hitting and intense characters This novel explores the alter ego Romo and the regular guy and family man, Bill Romanowski Romanowski takes the reader inside his training schedules, supplement expiramentation, NFL lockerroom antics, injuries and internal turmoil Surprisingly, it is a multidimensional and complex I was not going into the book expecting to be blown away, but I found myself interested in hearing his story and how he pushed limits and compromised his own moral code and how he tries to adapt to life after football.
How insane is Bill Romanowski This book is dedicated to Romo, his alter ego Awesome For me, the best part of this book aside from hearing about how the rookies on the 49ers had to buy KFC for the veterans on away trips , is witnessing Romanowski purposely misinterpreting the events of his own life Why was he never a team captain in college Jealousy Not because he was a world renowned prick to his teammates Noooo way Tales like this one abound.
This was a very open and honest account of Romo s life in the NFL I was happy to see that he explained his reasons for things he did, without making excuses, admitted mistakes, was accountable for all his actions.
He did physical damage to his body and brain then he ever did on oposing players He is certainly than his on field reputation and I have a renewed sense of respect for him.

This is an intense book The career of Bill Romonowski was amazing and the stuff this guy did to stay on top as long as possible was just amazing I am sure there are other books exposing the behind the scenes in the NFL but this one was the one I read and quite a good one at that I highly respect the man and I have learned so much that I never watch a football game with the same attitude as I had before.
I found Romo s story interesting but I had trouble believing a lot of what he said The entire book seems self serving as he is constantly trying to explain his past actions and aggressive behavior If you re a sports fan you ll probably find it entertaining Not a great book, but not terrible, pretty much what I expected.
Six years ago I met Romanowski at a book signing for this His wife let me try on his super bowl ring beacuse I was just a small ten year old and it was one my best experiences with a famous person I ve ever had I ve read the book about twenty times since then and it always gets me out of the dumps every time Very inspiring Romo spends a great deal of the book explaining himself and trying to repair his aggro reputation which is never attractive He s still not a guy I want to hang out with necessarily, but he does command respect Not just respect for his playing days but maybe so for his conditioning, his vitamin and diet research and his alternative and cutting edge techniques of physical therapy he employed during his playing career For these reasons, this book stays in my library as a reference guide If not for the wealth of information Romo supplies within these pages on the topics above, I d probably toss it along with so many other self serving autobiographies I ve read.
Off The Field, Bill Romanowski Was A Caring Father And Devoted HusbandOn The Field, Romo Was Unstoppable, Terrorizing The NFL For Sixteen Brutal YearsSome Players Called Him A Throwback, Some Called Him Mean, Some Called Him Dirty But They All Respected Him And Would Much Rather Have Played With Him Than Against Him Coaches Loved Romo For The Heart And Soul He Gave To The Game He Was Rewarded With Two Pro Bowl Appearances And Four Super Bowl Rings, But It All Came At A Heavy Price Dozens Of Concussions That Have Led To Dizzy Spells, Memory Lapsesand Questionable Choices That Undermined His Integrity Would He Do It All Over Again Romo The Intimidating Linebacker Would In A Heartbeat Bill Romanowski, However, Would Do Things Differently Today

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