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¸ Read à Ripped at the Seams by Nancy E. Krulik ↠´ Another cute romcom Predictable Yes Still cute Yes I was a little relieved to read a story about an older girl who moves away to pursue her career than another little teen high school true love thing I mean those are cute too, but it was a breath of fresh air to hear from an older girlie So Sami moves from Elk Lake, to NYC for a fashion design job We all know how easy it is to make it in the big apple huh Haha Anyways she gets there and everything is so easy for her it seems She finds an apartment with a really cool girl, the first one she looks at And they become bffs I mean if that were me I would probably get stuck with some creepy perv But yeah, she gets a job right away at Ted Fromme fashions as a receptionist That doesn t turn out so well so she starts work at a lingerie store And that is where she makes it big, designing her own pjs And the roma I thought this was a very cute story but at times it was a little predictable as to what would happen But that didnt take away from the story Although its very obvious who she would end up with the in between parts were very interesting and funny If you re looking for something quick and funny to read this is definitely it There S A New Fashion Designer In Town, And Fashion Don Ts Have Never Been In Style Sami Granger Is Fresh Off The Bus From The Midwest When Some Crazy Person In The Bus Terminal Warns Her That Life In New York City Won T Be What She Always Dreamed Of But Sami S Determined To Make It In An Industry That Is Notoriously Hard To Break In To Nothing She Ever Learned In Her Small Town Can Prepare Her For Her First Job Working For A Hot Shot Designer He Steals Her Designs Now The Only Place That Will Hire Sami Is A Trashy Lingerie Store That She S Too Embarrassed To Tell Her Old Fashioned Father About Will A Visit From Her Father Land Sami On The Catwalk, Or Out On The Sidewalk I feel a little guilty giving this three stars, because it a far fetched, simply written, shallow romance But, I enjoyed it It kept me awake on a very long road trip, even though it was predictable and silly It is only fun, light reading and that s all it was meant to be, so I would enjoy it for what it is a simple, fun rom com with no real plot or substance that will entertain and amuse for a short bit, and then be completely forgotten.
5 stars A bit too unbelievableSami Granger s lifelong dream has been to escape the small town of Elk Lake, Minnesota, and make it big as a clothing designer in New York City At age eighteen, she takes her savings and heads off to see if she can find a job in the Big Apple Things don t start out exactly as Sami imagined it s tougher to get an appointment to show her designs than she had hoped And right after she moves in, a murder occurs at the seedy hotel where she s staying.
All at once, Sami s life starts to come together She gets a job as a receptionist, but everyone has to start somewhere at an up and coming design firm Her immediate boss, Bruce, takes her under his wing, seeming genuinely interested in her fashion ideas Sami finds a Got this book from a friend and read it when I was in College Ate Nitz, I think I got this from you I think these series are the first ones I ve read that exposed me to chick lits.
Seeing as the backs of these Romantic Comedies usually provide too much or not accurate enough information, I try not to read them until I ve read the book I did that with this one, and now see that the entire plot was on the back of the book Only, for some odd reason, our heroine s hunk Vin, for those of you wondering on the front cover is NOT mentioned.
Okay, so you re undoubtly thinking, get to the book already, but here s my point The hunk of the front cover is hardly in the book at all And look at him, for a cartoon drawing, he s hot Instead, we have to endure our heroine s disease, I mean, desire for jerks that steal her disigns or use her for publicity Yes, we get two jerk boyfriends in this book that take up the vast majority of the 300 pages Vin, the hot guy we all know is going to end up with Sami, Like that s a big spoile

This book was fine, just like the others, but honestly it disappointed even a littleI felt as though the plot was far fetched, so the characters had to berealistic than usual to balance it out However, I didn t really get to know the characters at all Or at least, whenever there was a characteristic that was repeated, I didn t like it It felt like one of those stories where the character just happens to have every conflict iron itself out right at the end of the book Before then like literally within five, ten, fifteen pages from the ending the character had been rude to her old friends, totally oblivious to Dashing Prince Charming, dating jerks, ignoring her father because he was so angry that she d left, missing the impossible home she couldn t return to, working in a trashy lingerie store, and basically just struggling to get by as a lowly fashion designer hop Sami grew up in the small town of Elk Lake Minnesota and has always designed clothes She decides to move to New York and make it big as a fashion designer The main love interest for Sami is a vital part of the story but isn t mentioned often in the novel I was disappointed in the novel because I believe even though she grew up in a small town that she still should have had some common sense and not to have been duped majorily once and strung along the second time I think life in a big city or not can teach us someone s true intentions toward us especially when it is so apparent It could have been a cuter story than it was so I was disappointed.
I picked this book up because it had the same style cover as some of the other romantic comedies I like But, this one just fell short First off, it was told by a third person narrarator, which is usually fine, but in this case was distracting There would be times where something was described awkwardly and gave you an extra reminder that you were reading from 3rd person and made you feel disconeccted Also, you would occasionaly hear conversations that the main character wasn t there to hear The whole thing felt like a cheesy, made for tv disney movie with dorky dialog, a niave main character, and predictable, unbalievable story lines.

Nancy Krulik is the author of than 100 books for children and young adults, including three New York Times bestsellers She is best known, however, for being the author and creator of the Katie Kazoo Switcheroo book series, which has brought her to the attention of second, third, and fourth graders nationwide.Nancy has also written extensively for teens and is well known as a biographer of Ho