ë Essentials of Asian Cuisine : Fundamentals and Favorite Recipes é Download by è Corinne Trang

ë Essentials of Asian Cuisine : Fundamentals and Favorite Recipes é Download by è Corinne Trang With Eight Major National Cuisines, And Dozens Of Regional Variations, A Comprehensive Exploration Of Asian Cuisine Might Seem Too Daunting To Present In One Volume But With Essentials Of Asian Cuisine Fundamentals And Favorite Recipes, Award Winning Author Corinne Trang Successfully Brings The Fundamentals Of Asian Cooking Into The Home Kitchen In A Collection That Includes Both Contemporary And Time Honored RecipesTrang Takes The Reader On A Journey Of Eastern Culinary Discovery As Seen Through A Practiced Western Culinary Lens Explaining How And Why Chinese Cuisine Is At The Root Of All Asian Cooking, She Describes In Familiar Terms The Techniques That Incorporate The Five Senses And Embody The Chinese Yin Yang Philosophy Of Balanced Opposites Trang Uses Asian Ingredients Commonly Found In Supermarkets And Through Mail Order Sources Such As Fish Sauce, Lemongrass, And Rice Noodles To Guide Home Cooks Through The Preparation Of Healthy, Sensual Meals She Illuminates The Mysteries Of Authentic Asian Cooking, Explaining The Aromatic Herbs And Spices That Make Asian Cuisine Vibrant, Colorful, And DistinctiveTrang Brings Together Than Three Hundred Traditional And Cutting Edge Recipes For Condiments, Appetizers, Main Courses, Vegetables, And Sweets And Drinks From China, Japan, Korea, And Southeast Asia Mouthwatering Items Include Chinese Scallion Pancakes, Filipino Fried Spring Rolls, Spicy Indonesian Crab Fried Rice, Japanese Miso Marinated Black Cod, Japanese Spring Water Tofu With Sweet Sake Sauce, Stir Fried Leafy Greens, Chinese Pork Ribs With Black Bean And Garlic Sauce, Green Tea Ice Cream, And Thai CoffeeIn Organizing The Book By Type Of Food, Trang Allows Cooks To See Both The Common Elements And The Distinctive Individualities Of Asian National And Regional Cooking Trang Explains The Roots Of Major Recipes And Discusses Where They Appear In Various Guises In Different Countries Vietnam S Canh Ca Chua Hot And Sour Fish Soup , For Example, Can Also Be Found In Cambodian, Indonesian, And Thai Cuisines Trang Provides The Recipes For Both The Master Soup And Its VariationsTrang Includes A Comprehensive Glossary Of Asian Ingredients, Plus A Detailed List Of Resources For Purchasing Special Ingredients And Equipment She Offers Sample Menus, Including A Chinese Dim Sum, A Filipino Dinner, And A Japanese Lunch A Special Section On Feng Shui Demonstrates How To Organize And Beautifully Present A MealIn This Lavishly Designed And Illustrated Volume, Than Eighty Five original Black And White And Color Photographs Bring To Life The Ingredients, Dishes, And People Of Asia The Book Is Rich With Personal Anecdotes And Intriguing Information About Asian Culture, And Nowhere Else Will You Find Such A Clear, Comprehensive, And Accessible Treatment Of Asian Cuisine More Than A Cookbook, Essentials Of Asian Cuisine Is A Celebration Of Exotic Culinary Delights

This was a pretty good book I was looking for an Asian cookbook with basics and also with somecomprehensive recipes I found that I could veganize the things that interested me most if I needed to.
Essentials of Asian Cuisine was instrumental, groundbreaking introducing America to Korea s Royal Culinary Arts taking it mainstream Greg Kelly,

Corinne Trang is the award winning author of several books including the most recently published Asian Flavors Diabetes Cookbook ADA, 2012 , Noodles Every Day 2009 , Curry Cuisine 2007 , The Asian Grill 2006 , A Food Lover s Companion Vietnamese 2006 , Essentials of Asian Cuisine 2003 , and Authentic Vietnamese Cooking 1999 , and has served as spokesperson to various national brands and co