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↠´ Read ¶ Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me? by Louise Rennison ↠´ So,Georgia Nicolson concludes her story.
Epic read of the century for me,hilariousity packed and so on.
First of all,feel free to call me utterly bonkers because I felt like crying when I finished.
Maybe it was the boyfriend thing,but a major reason was merely that it ended.
It feels like Georgia s story was my story or something.
Or that she was a very close friend.
In any case,I must be loony after all.
Thing is,I was so absorbed in the story,and laughed my arse off at some parts of hilariosity and felt sad at the sadiosity parts.
And the part where Jas tells Georgia I think we need our pals.
And we need to grow up a bit together Like a little family.
I was like Aww so true Secondly,Louise Rennison,you are the aw So I ve come to the end of the series from my teenage years.
I can honestly say I love this series, and it never fails to cheer me up I m going to miss The Ace Crew, Dave the Laugh Tart Biscuit, Sven and Tom I m away laughing on a fast camel A Bit Early To Get Swoony Knickers But I Have Got Them OnFor Georgia, The Things Change, The They Stay The Same Just When She Thought She Was The Official One And Only Girlfriend Of Masimo, He S Walked Off Into The Night With The Full Hump, Leaving Georgia All Aloney On Her Owney Again All Because Dave The Laugh Tried To Do Fisticuffs At Dawn With Him Two Boys Fighting Over Georgia It S Almost As Romantic As Romeo And Juliet Though Perhaps A Touch Less TragicIt S Time For Georgia To Get To The Bottom Oo Er Of This Dave The Laugh Spontaneous Puckering Business Once And For All It S Like They Always Say If You Snog A Mate In The Forest Of Red Bottomosity And No One Is Around To See It, Is He Still A Mate Or Is He Something HORRRRNNNN I struggle a bit with how to rate this one since 5 stars , I enjoyed every blessed moment of it But 3 4 stars , as far as series FINALES go, it was over a bit too soon I mean, you d have to be extraordinarily dim to have not figured this ending out somewhere around book five, but still I wanted to revel in the conclusion a bit before I turned the page and found myself at the glossary And, to be honest, I wanted something as gripping as Angus nearly dying in the last installment, to happen here as well Though nearly having to snog Wet Lindsey is about on par with the death of a loved one, I s poseAll that said, it was hi larious and satisfying to see Georgia finally come to here senses Ish Will read and reread the entire series for ages to come I am full of sadnosity that this series has ended but I lurved the ending True to form, Georgia s mad sham of a life is filled with hilariosity, ridiculousness, beards, lippy, half Scottish Wildcat fiasco s and tarts and cakes galore I m so glad that Gee and Dave the Laugh finally got together, it was a long time coming, but they did the Bird of Avon proud This book made me laugh, squee, sigh and then laugh again Oh how I will miss these characters now that the series is over.
Also, I would like to make a special shout out to my friend T for recommending this series to me, it has become one of my all time favorites You are truly a Wise Woman of the Forest minus the crap fringe and oversized knickers.
I have an apology to make.
Dear man on the train I am so sorry that I sniggered I saw your face fall, and I know it appeared that I was sniggering at you, but honestly, I wasn t I was sniggering at Georgia Nicholson I would like to extend this apology to all the other people who suffered my laughter and snorts, and silent shaking On the train Oh, and the bus.
I can be a book snob I admit it For someone whose MA is and eventual PhD will be in children s literature, you d think I was mroe open minded For years I have dismissed Louise Rennison as a writer of chick lit for kids, trash for teens, but Basoomas made me realise that I have only been punishing myself with such stupidnosity.
Georgia Nicholson is a superb creatio So sad that this was the last book Even sadder that the author has passed away.
Pure sadnosity all around.
I just love Georgia I could ve followed her life forever and ever Great books read them Crazy, ridiculous, hilarious, adorable

I m glad that I ve finally finished this series, and in a way I m pleased that Georgia and Dave got together, but I do sort of feel like I wasted some time with these books When I started reading them at the age of 12 I really enjoyed them, and they do still have some amusing moments in them, but the last three books have just been repetitive, OTT, immature ramblings Maybe it s that I m too old for these books now, but thinking about it, I never behaved like Georgia and her friends when I was 15 and that s probably why I find it hard to sympathise with her originally, she was a fun, amusing character but now she rather annoys me, as do her friends in fact, about 90% of the stuff in this book made me roll my eyes Although there were a few moments that made me giggle, I was seriously unimpressed and am quite glad that this series has finally come to an end 4 10 I am not exactly sure what it says about me that I love these books so much In fact, I would actually be embarrassed to try to convince many of my reading friends to even give them a go What would I say these are books about a 15 year English old girl who does a lot of stupid stuff, makes fun of her teachers and parents, and making out with fit boys is her main goal in life Plus, some jokes are REALLY non PC First Georgia Nicholson book received a Printz Honor in 2001, but it would have never gotten even the slightest acknowledgement now due to its lezzie transvestite homosexualist jokes And yet, Louise Rennison humor really works for me Rereading Georgia s adventures in love have been a bright highlight during these bleak days politics wise.
Also, RIP Louise Such a tragedy I Ah, there s nothing like a bit of Georgia Nicholson silliness to cheer me up I love that Louise Rennison s books are still funny the third time you read them, I could actually just sit here quoting awesomely hilarious lines to you instead of writing a review I thought about it.
What should I say These books never fail to make me laugh sometimes out loud and I m only sad that this book is the end of the road for our Ace Gang, sex gods, luurve gods and most importantly our Hornmeister Yes, I am in love with Dave the Laugh I remember back when there was no other but Robbie aka the sex god and all I could think was noooooo when Georgia got closer to Dave but now there s just no other sensible choice, sex gods and Italian luurve gods step aside.
I will even miss Wet Lindsay, Slim and Elvis Not to mention Jas and

Louise Rennison was the bestselling award winning author of the phenomenally successful Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series, translated into over 34 languages and to the stage and big screen as Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging She has won the Nestle Smarties Book Prize, the Michael L Printz Honor Book and the Roald Dahl Funny prize for Withering Tights Louise sadly died on the Februa