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[Natasha Cooper] î Gagged & Bound: A Trish Maguire Mystery [income-tax PDF] Ebook Epub Download Þ Loads of strong, smart women characters Some London scenery I would have liked And two mysteries wrapped into one This was definitely a thinking person s kind of mystery, and it retained my interest until the end.
Barrister Trish Maguire Tackles A Thirty Year Old Terrorism Case When Distinguished Biographer, Beatrice Bowman, Hires Her To Fight A Libel Claim By A New Ennobled Member Of The House Of Lords Who Says She Misidentified Him As One Of The Terrorists Who Killed A Busload Of Young Children Meanwhile, Trish S Old Friend, Inspector Caro Lyalt, Faces An Impossible Decision Blow The Whistle That Could End A Colleague S Career And Jeopardize Her Own , Or Do Nothing And Never Forgive Herself In The Running For A Fantastic New Job Within The Police Force, She Learns That A South London Crime Family Is Paying Off Her Biggest Rival The Villains Gag And Suffocate Anyone Who Tries To Expose Their Secrets If The Allegations Are False, She Loses All Hope Of This Job Or Any Other, But If They Are True And She Does Nothing, She Ll Live With The Guilt Forever Trish Is Caught In The Middle As She And Caro Help Each Other Find The Information They Need, Caro S Top Informant Is Shot Then The Body Of A Young Woman Turns Up In A Park, Bound, Gagged, And Suffocated With All The Trademarks Of A Mob Killing And Someone Is Trying To Use Trish S Twelve Year Old Brother To Force Her To Drop Her Inquiry Picking Her Way Through The Maze Of Lies And Threats, She Brings Danger Terrifyingly Close To Herself And The People She LovesIn Her Seventh Thrilling Trish Maguire Mystery, Natasha Cooper Explores The Full Destructive Power Of The Wrong Words Spoken At The Wrong Time I did enjoy it, it was written pretty ok I just think it was a little dull at some times The subject was good, but the writer kept going around the story s tale, idk I do like the main character, though She s pretty well described and made.
Intelligent and tense Trish Maguire is a great character.
This is hands down the best Trish Maguire book I have read yet Natasha Cooper really has a way of building suspense up until the last possible page and letting it explode.
First I ve read in this series, and it almost makes four stars Interesting, fairly complex plot, and decently fleshed out characters It all works very well.

Trish Maguire rules This tale shows the ever growing bond betw Trish and David, the half orphaned, half brother she has taken in.
There were was so many plot lines, so skillfully interwoven Trish and DavidTrish and longtime lover GeorgeTrish and friend Caro lesbian police officer Caro s professional advancementTrish looking into Baiborn saga Jeremy Baiborn who, years before, had made a political statement that inadvertent had killed innocent kids on a school field trip bad guy threatening Trish by going after David near death pool accident Trish befriending Jeremy s old mother, Mrs MartonBut a key plot line involved Caro s rival in the intra police promotion game John Crayley.
Just when the reader thinks Crayley adopted out as infant, who turns out to be bio memberv of the infamous Slabb cri Quick mystery read the detective is Trish Maguire different as she is a barrister in London but has good friends, a good partner non live in and only some angst from a past event She isn t an alcoholic, cares about people, etc etc A change from many murder mysteries There are still enough plot surprises to make it interesting i ll read some Trish Maguire books.