Trailer ¼ Heel (Working Out the Kinks ,#2) PDF by È K.M. Neuhold

Trailer ¼ Heel (Working Out the Kinks ,#2) PDF by È K.M. Neuhold Adrian turns to Vale when he needs a safe place to heal from the abuse of his former Dom Vale has been in love with Adrian for years, always having a reason they wouldn t work together It s not until they are living together that Vale allows himself the chance to be with the pup he loves Adrian has to get over his fears before he allows Vale to be the Daddy he needs.
Even though there was some on page abuse, the book was a happy read for me Great characters, good writing, cute puppy times, and interesting sexy times It was such a sweet story about Healing and Heels.
I received an arc of this book from the author.
I loved this it was so sweet and I loved The way vale took care of Adrian and Gave him time to heal and I liked the dynamic between them and even though Its not something i would try i enjoyed the puppy play so all in all a sweet and steamy Romance if you like kink K.
M Neuhold has a way of writing that brings depth and emotion to every story she tells On the surface this is a cute kinky novel, but underneath there is a real, raw, and heartbreaking back story Adrian and Vale are adorably perfect together I can t wait for the next novel in this series.
Thinking about the rating not sure Received an ARC copy from the author in return for an honest review.
This is only my second Puppy Play book I ve read and I have to say, I think I have a new fav kink to read Absolutely loved the dynamic between Adrian and Vale and how they already had a history so what happens in this book is built upon the foundations that were laid before I haven t had a chance to read Stay but even without reading it, I never felt for a moment that I was missing something vital K.
M Neuhold did an amazing job of writing it in such a way that it s both a stand alone and part of a series.
Add in Daddy kink and amazingly hot sex and you have yourself a book that I read through in one sitting I love how much confidence Adrian got, how he was able to get back that special piece of himself that Vale fell in love with when they first met Really liked how they didn t immediately fall into bed together when

We were introduced to Adrian and Vale in Stay, book one of working out the kinks Adrian was a very sweet person, and pup Diva , who clearly deserved better that his cheating, cruel boyfriend Nathan Vale was the older pup and handler trainer who seemed to have a fondness for Adrian At the start of Heel, Adrian is in the hospital emergency room as a result of his abusive relationship, with a fractured wrist, absolutely no self esteem, and a deep fear of Nathan You can t help but feel for this lovely kind, happy man, Vale s nickname of Sunshine is very apt, whose joy and sense of self has been almost extinguished Thankfully Adrian has the support of Lars and Jonah when he needs it This is the story of the reconnection and growth of the relationship between Adrian and Vale It is as much also about Adrian rediscovering relearning his sense of self and joy, with Oh my heart Oh Adrian, I always knew I would love you and your story and you definitely did not disappoint The second of this lovely puppy play based series, Heel focuses on the fabulous Adrian who was such a help to Jonah and Lars when they were entering the pup world When we met him in book 1 it was obvious he was someone we wanted to know better It was also obvious that he wasn t being treated the way he should have been by Nasty Nathan, his boyfriend This book gives us not only a bit reason to hate Nasty Nathan, but also a lot of Adrian s background and so many reasons to love this strong, bubbly, gorgeous man We find out about his daydream of Prince Charming, and when the wonderful Vale helps him out we start to see the potential for a happy ever after And if anyone deserves one, it s our Adrian Vale Adrian I loved Vale and Adrian s story It was so sweet, with a wonderful friends to lovers slow burn that I didn t want to put down My heart hurt for Adrian and his struggles, coming out of an unhealthy relationship I loved the way that Vale cared for him and just wanted to take care of him and show him his worth Vale boosted Adrian s confidence and helped mend his self confidence and see he was worthy I loved the way that Adrian picked himself up and wanted to heal and rebuild his life The two of them just gave me all the feels, and I loved their story If you love a good friends to lovers romance, a bit of puppy play, and one of the sweetest characters in Adrian, then this is the read for you A Joyfully Jay review 4.
25 starsHeel is the second book in K.
M Neuhold s Working Out the Kinks series, following the delightful first story, Stay While Lars and Jonah are side characters here, and we met both Adrian and Vale in book one, I think you can easily jump into this story as a standalone However, both books are filled with the same type of sweet story, lovely romance, and charming puppy play, so if you enjoy one, I think you will like the other as well.
As I said, these books are incredibly sweet That seems strange to say about a book that starts with domestic violence, and obviously the situation with Nathan is serious and it is presented as so The first violent encounter between Adrian and Nathan happens off page, but we do see the second instance of abuse, as well as Nathan being threatening toward I Ve Never Thought Of Calling A Man Daddy Before, But I Can T Think Of A Word That Fits Vale Better He S My Daddy, And I M His Pup Broken And Bruised, There S Nothing I Won T Do To Protect Adrian I Picked Him Up And Made Him Whole Before, And I Ll Do It Again Adrian Is A Sweet Pup With A Smile Full Of Sunshine And A Heart Made For Love A Sweet Pup Needs A Gentle Hand, And That S Exactly What I Intend To Give Him There S Nothing Quite Like Slipping An Expensive Pair Of High Heels Onto Adrian S Feet And Watching Him Light Up If He Wants A Fairytale, I Ll Happily Be His Prince Charming Heel Is The Second Book In The Working Out The Kinks Series But Can Be read As A Stand Alone This Book Contains A Scene Of Domestic Violence This Book Also Contains An Adorable Man Who Loves To Be A Puppy, Fabulous High Heels, And The Happily Ever After Adrian Deserves

K.M.Neuhold has long since been a romance junkie When she s not writing she s reading or spending time snuggling with her husky or her husband She fell in love with M M romance last year and hasn t been able to turn back There s nothing she loves than love in all its forms.