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[ Pdf The Hate You Drink í bizarro-fiction PDF ] by N.R. Walker ñ Erik Keston, Son Of The Keston Real Estate Empire, Knows What It Takes To Be Successful Despite His Inherent Wealth, He Holds His Own He Works Hard, He S Grounded, He S Brilliant He S Also Secretly In Love With His Best FriendMonroe Wellman Lost His Parents Three Years Ago And Never Grieved, Never Recovered Inheriting The Family Company And Wealth Means Nothing, And His Spiral Of Self Destruction Is Widespread And Spectacular Dubbed Sydney S Bad Boy, He Spends Days Drunk Than Sober, And The Only Person Who S Stuck By Him Through It All Is His Best MateBut When Monroe Hits Rock Bottom, Erik Gives Him An Ultimatum, And His Entire World Comes To A Grinding Halt It S Not Until The Haze Lifts That Monroe Can Truly See What He S Been Searching For Was Never In The Bottom Of A Bottle It S Been By His Side All AlongAn , Word Friends To Lovers Story About Fighting The Demons Within And Trusting In The Love That Takes Its Place Because When All You Drink Is Hate, That S All There Is Inside You I m pretty sure it s me and not the book.
From the very first chapters it was clear that we wouldn t be a good match I couldn t connect with the characters and I didn t believe in their romance.
Erik and Monroe have been friends for many years, they re both gay but they have never crossed that line Erik is attracted to Monroe and totally in love with him since they met but he never did anything about it Monroe on the other hand is totally oblivious about his friend s feelings He s in a rough place since he lost his parents three years ago He hasn t really grieved for them and copes by drinking his life away.
Erik doesn t know what to do to help him and even though he knows that something has to change soon he could never be too strict with his friend After a 2.
75 stars I struggled a lot with this one I have a feeling it s just me, not the book, though, because this is definitely a typical Walker story and I used to love these The beginning was very promising There was angst, intensity, a lot of feels and the promise of a separation period I was pleased But then it all went downhill for me when Monroe started a detox and rehab program.
I know that the author had to focus on Monroe working on getting better and I m glad she did, but it was too much for me Pages after pages about Monroe s struggles and him fighting his addiction By the way I m not sure having sex while being in rehab is such a good idea.
The MCs spent a big chunk of the book apart, which is ok for me most DNF at 32%I d hoped I would want to pick it up after I took a break, but I don t.
R Walker has always been a hit or miss for me And unfortunately this was a miss I just wasn t feeling this The subject is quite heavy, but somehow it didn t feel heavy enough when I was reading this I never felt as if Monroe really did hit rock bottom Or that Erik really was at the end of his rope as his best friend love interest.
Same with the intervention they staged That felt so forced and even a bit juvenile to be honest If I had been Monroe that would not have made me see the truth about myself at all.
So I think it s best if I don t continue.
I ve said it once, I ll repeat it 3 star reviews are the worst to write It makes you explain why it wasn t a complete winner There were many positives to The Hate You Drink by N.
R Walker Friend to lovers Sweet Dual POVs Hurt Comfort Healing Nice set of secondary characters I liked Erik and Monroe.
BUT, it didn t deliver what I wanted most RELATIONSHIP ANGST Aside from the first couple of scenes there was zero conflict between the two main characters Everything between them was sugary sweet I hate to say it, but their relationship was dull and felt borderline unhealthy Why did it feel unhealthy Monroe was going through a rough time understandably , and Erik was always there for him Not only was Monroe his best friend but he d also been in love with him for years Monroe consumed Erik s life Everything was about him he w I often go for N.
R Walker s books without hesitation as I enjoy her writing style and the amount of fluff she instils in her romances even when it s not a fluffy romance And she goes with diverse topics, so no boredom.
This time, N.
R Walker goes with 2 MCs who are best friends but at a crossroad in their life Monroe is spiralling into alcoholism and Erik is too deep into his secret and unhealthy love for his best friend It has to change and fast, for both of them before they lost themselves I always enjoy N.
R Walker s stories and this was no exception I read that one in no time Of course, I liked the MCs, it was full of nice feels, I rooted for Monroe during his detox yes, the title of this book is so accurate and I loved the epilogue But, I couldn t help being disappointed on the romance front as much as I could feel Erik s love f Monroe s road to recovery 2.
75 starsThis book isso about the process of recovery for an alcoholic After Monroe s parents died all he has been doing is drinking his problems away His drinking has become so bad his best friend and his best friends parent step into get him help.
The author does try to throw romance in the book but I do not think she found the proper balance to make this work The relationship did not feel organic and it was hard for me to connect with Erik and Monroe especially when they spendthan half the book apart I also thought that it wasn t recommended that a person in recovery start a relationship so soon in the process So, I didn t understand why Monroe s therapist was pushing Monroe to see that he was in love with Erik That didn Probably the only reason I read a book that deals with alcoholism was because of N.
R Walker I really like her writing style and I admire that she can write about diverse topics.
But, while I liked some of its parts, I don t think this story was for me It s main focus is on Monroe s recovery, so Erik and Monroe spend a certain amount of time apart There s also not much about what their friendship was like before Maybe that s why I never fully connected to the characters.
5 StarThe Hate You Drink is about two addicted guys, Monroe is addicted to alcohol and Erik is addicted to Monroe Monroe uses drinking to protect himself, to be in control, to be not himself, to escape reality His addiction is out of control now Erik is his best friend for years and he is the guy who can t say no to Monroe or being mad at him, he just wants to be around him But at some point, he can t tolerate any Told in dual POV, 1st person, it s a standalone novel It s a friends to lovers story, an emotional read and it s about serious stuff It s a bit angsty but not the type T would enjoy It started off really good but then I started struggling and toward the end it dragged and I skimmed and skipped the last 20% And I really got tired of the amount of them crying or their tears Overall, I enjoyed it for the most part and hope you like it as well El libro da lo que promete en el t tulo, un friends to lovers mi trope favorita, sin duda , pero aderezado por mucho angst debido a la adicci n al alcohol de uno de ellos No soy ninguna experta en rehabilitaci n, por lo que no puedo opinar si la adicci n est tratada de una forma realista, pero la pareja protagonista tiene qu mica, mucha ternura y el desarrollo de su relaci n es muy bonito de ver.
Se lee r pido y es muy entretenido, se sufre, pero muy rom ntica.

A VoyeurN.R Walker is an Australian author, who loves her genre of gay romance She loves writing and spends far too much time doing it, but wouldn t have it any other way.She is many things a mother, a wife, a sister, a writer She has pretty, pretty boys who she gives them life with words.She likes it when they do dirty, dirty thingsbut likes it even when they fall in love She used to think having people in her head talking to her was weird, until one day she happened across other writers who told her it was normal.She s been writing ever since