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· Read ✓ The God Code by Gregg Braden · Hard to follow at times, though well written The content is amazing to contemplate.
I bought this book awhile back and had just got around to reading it I was not sure what to expect from this book, I had not read reviews, only heard that it is a book everyone should read.
The premise that something greater binds us all and it is encoded in each of us and the code deciphered in Hebrew, is the name of god or the divine in Hebrew is interesting but not profound There was something missing her for me My gut did not ring this as true I like Braden s writing and he supports his work He provided the reader key takeaways he thought to be most important A good synopsis chapter by chapter I found the message of this book inspiring We are all made of the same stuff and appear to have the markings of the same creator, we are all the same and should be kinder and cooperative for a better world.
A Coded Message Has Been Found Within The Molecules Of Life, Deep Within Ght DNA In Each Cell Of Our Bodies Through A Remarkable Discovery Linking Biblical Alphabets To Our Genetic Code, The Language Of Life May Now Be read As The Ancient Letters Of A Timeless Message Regardless Of Race, Religion, Heritage, Or Lifestyle, The Message Is The Same In Each Cell Every Woman, Child, And Man, Past And Present Sharing All New Fascinating Research, Gregg Braden Discusses The Life Changing Discovery That Led Him From A Successful Career In The Aerospace And Defense Industries To An Extensive Year Study Of The Most Sacred And Honored Traditions Of Humankind This book is completely erroneous, in the best scenario Probably, is just a big lie That s why 1 The common believe is science Population statistics from the 2000 are believed to be the most accurate in history, indicating that we share our world with approximately 6.
2 billion of our kind Of that number, nearly 95 percent, or 5.
9 billion people, believe in the existence of a higher power or Supreme Being of some description More than half of those people refer to this power as God These and similar statistics suggest that the question of our day may be less about whether or not we believe that God exists, and about precisely what such a presence means in our lives p.
Then God exists because 95% of humans believe in it This is the starting point of the book we already know that God exists, and we are trying to demonstrate how It exists, not whether It exists or not.
Th If the science, religious texts, and information alone aren t enough to blow your mind, his conclusions ought to do the trick Be it a titch preachy, it s breathtaking in its simplicity and sincerity Have you ever heard the theory that war is a necessary part of progression That every war in history has provided us with unforeseen opportunity to develop new technologies and to unite as a people fervently The God Code asks, is there no other experience or event that could bring about the same results without all the bloodshed Carl Sagan suggests that discovering there is higher intelligence somewhere else in the universe could have this effect on mankind Braden suggests that discovering the existence of God s signature in our very DNA could also have the same effect Then he shows you that signature Beauti What drew me to this book was the memory of a story published in one of the mainstream science publications in which geneticists described recent discoveries within DNA as being language like Enter this book, which was written in the mid Aughts The author was already researching this concept and here are his findings I am neither geneticist or scientist but clearly there is to the linguistic attributes of DNA than what our previous research indicated I found the book well researched, play along with the footnotes as you read and the author s assumptions become logical None of the negative reviews here are specific They just outright denounce the work as bunk but offer no specific refute of the conclusions asserted by Braden, who is a former technical professional in various industries Hence, I found the material fascinating to absorb and ponder.
This book is beyond words This is one book that you must pick up if you have any interest in getting a deeper understanding of what it means to be a person who understands or want to understand God There is no simple way to put it This writer has taken a question and turned it into a formula that simply took me out of my seat once I was done reading it I simply say you should own this book Reading it once will not be enough.
Total bull It makes me sad that people actually believe this crap It s of a testament to a lack of critical thinking skills on the part of a large amount of people than anything about God I know his goal was to create common ground between all people Maybe he was successful because everyone who actually read this book has to be dumber because of it I know I am.

The author makes an interesting mapping of Hebrew characters to the elements because Hebrew characters are also used as numbers What he found is the message God is within you in all carbon based life I got lost in some of his technical explanationsmostly because he uses the Sepher Yetzirah an ancient Kabbalah text as his basis And the other assumption that I question is the premise that God s language is Hebrew.
I very much appreciated his message that because all humanity shares a common creator we should find ways to bridge our cultural racial religious gaps We should be able to find commonality because we all contain the Divine.
He had a lot of great scientific information that defends a Creationist argument He also referenced a lot of ancient texts Jewish, Christian and Eastern, which was interesting.
I really like Gregg and his books He is technical yet builds the mind up gradually so the consciousness can hold the concepts.

New York Times best selling author Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality Following a successful career as a Computer Geologist for Phillips Petroleum during the 1970s energy crisis, he became a Senior Computer Systems Designer for Martin Marietta Defense Systems during the last year of the Cold War In 1991 he was appointed the first Technical