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[ Pdf In the Arms of the Elite (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep #4) Ã religion PDF ] by C.M. Stunich ✓ I want From the very beginning of the book I hooked I m not going to lie, the prologue messed me up I was in a WTF state of mind most of this book just because I couldn t stop thinking about it Then of course I couldn t read this book fast enough just so I could see what the heck was going on This series was just simply amazing I love a good bully read and a good harem so to have a bully rh was like heaven to me I am truly addicted and would love to read about the college years for sure These boy s have my heart and it s almost impossible to choose just one There would be no way I could do it I went through so many different emotions reading this and now that it s over I m in a bit of a funk But a good Your Majesty, Indeed Marry me and make it official Ni Pre Nup You can have half my fortune if we ever get divorcedTitle In the arms of the eliteSeries Rich Boys of Burberry prepAuthor C.
M StunichGenre Reverse Rarem, Romance, Bully Romance, Young AdultPublish Date 9 June 2019 Kindle Unlimited my Instagram The fourth and last book of the series by C M Stunich The last year of high school and Maryne has to choose between the 5 hot boys who are madly in love with her Tristian, Creed, Wind, Zack, And Zayd.
Not that she only has to choose between them but also take revenge on the Idol Queen s and take care of her younger sister whom she never met books IN THIS SERIES 1 FILTHY RICH BOYS2 BAD, BAD BLUE BLOODS3 ENVY OF THE IDOLS4 IN THE ARMS OF THE ELITE Just when I heard that the book is available for purchase, I quickly grabbed it and finishe Choose Between The Rich Boys I D Rather Face The Harpies Than Make That Choice How Can My Four Years At Burberry Prep Really Be Coming To An End No, Tristan, Zayd, Creed, Zack, And Windsor Are Everything To Me Right Now My Strength, My Passion, My Heart, My Empathy, My Joy Love Is A Cruel Master, But I Have No One To Blame For This But Myself We Fell In Love With The Charity Case Idols Of The School, The Kings Of The Campus, And We Re Nothing Without Her Marnye Elizabeth Reed This Girl Has Twisted Our World Upside Down, But The Infinity Club Is About To Knock Us All On Our Asses Big Money, Political Ties, Family Bonds, Obligations Shit Is Going Down At The Academy The Rest Of Our Lives, The Rest Of Her Life It All Comes Down To This One, Final Moment IN THE ARMS OF THE ELITE Is A , Word Reverse Harem Dark High School Bully Romance Novel This Is Book Four Of Four In The Series Contains Foul Language And Sexual Scenes All Sex Featured Is Consensual A perfect ending to a perfect series Please, Caitlin, can we have I m so up for the university spin off series Children, this is what happens when you publish than one book a month, you completely fuck up a series that had a perfectly good start.
It all comes down to this, this book and the previous two books could have been part of the first book, why Because nothing much goes on So many scenes could ve been cut off from this story as they don t lead anywhere, they re just there, making up space, probably because the author wanted to meet the usual page length.
Many other things annoyed the hell out of me, for instance Marney, I used to really like her, but over the last two books she s become a total and complete hypocritical brat I really wanted all of the guys to dump her stupid ass and move to an island on the other side of the globe How they somehow fell in love with her is really beyond me Maybe if time had been put into writing and developing the storyline and all Quantity over quality is the theme of this bookWhen I started this series C.
M Stunich was a new read for me RH and m nage books are kind of a guilty pleasure While not an every day thing, I really enjoy them when they are done well I liked the first book of the series, and therefor committed to follow the series to the end What I noticed in this series is the same thing I have noticed before in books with 4 heroes When the author chooses quantity over quality, the plot line suffers immensely In the first book with the author took time to nourish her relationships with her father and her best friend As the series went on and heroes were added, other important aspects of the story were lost until finally, in this book, her relationship with her .
WHAT WITCHCRAFT COMPELLED ME TO read THIS ENTIRE SERIES Listen, I love a good reverse harem romance And I would be lying if I said that the bully trope didn t work for me sometimes But this This was too much The completely unbelievable highschool characters, revenge story, everything was ridiculously too much I had so many problems with so many things Almost all of my Hell No buttons were pushed.
And yet I compulsively read THE WHOLE DAMN THING So I guess good job, author, for giving me something to rant about Caveat a ton of people clearly love this series, and that s great for them Your Majesty, Indeed Marry me and make it official Ni Pre Nup You can have half my fortune if we ever get divorced This final book blew my mind and stole my heart A perfect ending to a perfect series.

Update There will be a spinoff, and I m leaving my rating at 4 stars I loved this series so much If you like bully RH, I highly recommend I have enjoyed the fuck out of this series , but I don t know how to rate this last book I loved parts of it, but there were some things that upset me Part of the problem may be solved if the author gives us a spinoff of their college years, but at the same time, it could bring up another issue Lol I m sorry that I can t be specific, but if I am I ll spoil the fuck out of the book I think for now I will leave off my rating I m crossing my fingers for a spinoff.
Sooooo it appears I m addicted to this series