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☆ Read ¼ Lies We Keep (Pieces of Me, #1) by Danielle Rose ☆ Danielle Rose s newest novel, Lies We Keep, is her first venture into romance after completing the supernatural Blood books trilogy, and it may be her finest work yet Rose brings her infallible instinct for edge of your seat stories to a new genre This book has elements of all the best fiction superb writing, a page turning plot, complex characters, humor, romance, sex, danger, and a killer voice Though at its heart, this book is a love story, it has all the nail biting suspense Rose is known for A must read.
For a quick read, Jezebel and James story had all the elements for a wonderful story I absolutely loved Jezebel She was bold and confident and went after what she wanted And in her story she wanted James What started out as an itch to scratch with her new sexy bodyguard turned into something much This alpha female found an alpha male to curl her toes and win her heart It was sexy, suspenseful and through it all Jez remained true to herself and no matter her circumstance she never became a damsel in distress She was a force with those pages and a heroine I really enjoyed getting to know.
I m all about sexy bodyguard books Lies We Keep definitely delivers in the hot bodyguard department with James Blakely Jezebel, a young author who is being stalked, agrees to hire him as her bodyguard It is obvious that Blakely is carrying around some significant baggage but he won t discuss it Blakely interviews with Jezebel and is the first one that she has felt comfortable with Of course, it doesn t hurt that she is attracted to him as well.
There is an undeniable push and pull between the two of them Blakely tries to maintain his professionalism while Jezebel is actively trying to undermine his noble intentions every step of the way Eventually, their physical attraction wins out This puts Blakely on the defensive because he feels he can t properly protect Jezebel if he is It is my first book by this author and I loved every second of it I love how the story begins From the first page you are immediately in the story and Jezebels world or better said her head her very visual imagination.
This book describes the ugly side of the celebrity life It describes what being a famous writer means from the unpleasant side Jezebel Tate is a writer who loves to write and she has a gift, that makes writing very easy for her She is famous for her sexy cowboy books and with her fame, she attracts people who confuse her with her book characters.
Jezebel has a crazy stalker, who writes letters that very figuratively express what he wants to do to her The only solution to stay alive and safe is to hire a bodyguard James Blakely is very attractive, former soldier and she likes what she sees at first sight He is FREE on today 3 11 2018 Blurb When your soul shatters, how will you pick up the pieces Jezebel Tate s writing career has reached success few experience, but when the light of fame shines too bright, Jezebel is cast back into the shadows, where she s forced to ask herself what happens when admiration becomes obsession James Blakely is running from his past A broken man haunted by a deadly mistake, James reluctantly accepts a position as Miss Tate s private security and finds himself a pawn in her game of seduction When their worlds collide, Jezebel and James must decide how far they ll go to escape the sins of their pasts ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

What a ride Jezebel is an author who has done pretty well for herself She has been through a lot in the few years she has been writing, and a crazy man has taken notice So with the help of her BFF and publicist, she hires a bodyguard A very hot bodyguard the Jez knew right away she had a connection with.
The attraction is too much, and they have an impossible time resisting each other, but James Blakely is there for a reason and has a job to do, he can t let himself get distracted.
The chemistry between Jezebel and Blakely is intense and full of fire But the connection goes deeper than that This was a fast paced, steamy, emotional ride I laughed, I cried, I blushed The characters felt real and I was able to connect with them and the story There were such intense moments that I found myself holding my breath or gasping out loud Great story, and I can t wait to find Both Jezebel and James are running from their past but fate has seemed to brought them together With a stalker getting closer to Jezebel, she decides to hire a bodyguard per her best friend Tara s request When James walks in for the interview, Jezebel knows instantly he will be the one to keep her safe But a simple hookup isn t just simple the two start to develop feelings but neither wants to admit it It isn t until the stalker is too close to comfort with death on the line they realize they need to admit than they re willing Will the two of them be able to make it from the stalker before Jezebel s life is taken Well written story and loved watching the two characters struggle with their past and feelings for one another Hope the next story is from James point of view Lies We Keep Pieces of Me series, book 1 is NOW AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE Kindle UK books THE PRINT BOOK Paperback Noble Jezebel hires bodyguard James Blakely to protect her from a stalker Instant heat and chemistry bring this story to life I really enjoyed the suspense aspect to the story Danielle had me drawling over her descriptions of the sexy god that is Blakley Jezebel s character took some warming up for me, but I feel there is to her than we hear about, so I am hoping comes to light in book two with her.
Danielle Rose is a new author for me and I like her writing style, it is well written and addictive, she lures you in and captures your attention throughout I look forward to the next book in the duet The Truths we bear When Your Soul Shatters, How Will You Pick Up The Pieces Jezebel Tate S Writing Career Has Reached Success Few Experience, But When The Light Of Fame Shines Too Bright, Jezebel Is Cast Back Into The Shadows, Where She S Forced To Ask Herself What Happens When Admiration Becomes ObsessionJames Blakely Is Running From His Past A Broken Man Haunted By A Deadly Mistake, James Reluctantly Accepts A Position As Miss Tate S Private Security And Finds Himself A Pawn In Her Game Of SeductionWhen Their Worlds Collide, Jezebel And James Must Decide How Far They Ll Go To Escape The Sins Of Their Pasts

Dubbed a triple threat by readers, Danielle Rose dabbles in many genres, including romance, fantasy, and suspense The USA Today bestselling author holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine.For information about Danielle Rose, visit her website