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¸ Read  Clansman: An Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan (The Novel As American Social History) by Thomas Dixon Jr. ☆ The quintessential piece of Lost Cause propaganda This novel is full of racial stereotypes and overt prejudices against the North The only thing that offers this book merit is that it stands as a perfect glimpse into the mind of a Southerner in the early 1900s But, if you want that your time would be better spent reading Faulkner.
Racist Boring And rambling From this book I learned that vengeance is only acceptable when a White man on a horse carries it out For a flat footed Black hooligan to carry it out against men who enslaved him for years is just wrong I ve read a lot of other books written by Caucasians in this era and never came across anything like this Memorable read, but not for the right reasons.
The Clansman Is The Second Book Of A Series Of Historical Novels Planned On The Race Conflict The Leopard S Spots Was The Statement In Historical Outline Of The Conditions From The Enfranchisement Of The Negro To His Disenfranchisement The Clansman Develops The True Story Of The Ku Klux Klan Conspiracy, Which Overturned The Reconstruction RegimeI Have Sought To Preserve In This Romance Both The Letter And The Spirit Of This Remarkable Period The Men Who Enact The Drama Of Fierce Revenge Into Which I Have Woven A Double Love Story Are Historical Figures I Have Merely Changed Their Names Without Taking A Liberty With Any Essential Historic Fact See Other Titles By This Author Available From Kessinger Publishing This controversial novel by Thomas Dixon, written in 1905, tells a story of how a man, a county, a state and ultimately the southern people fought back against the North during the period of reconstruction Following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the North installs puppet negro governments in the southern states by granting negroes suffrage This leads to chaos as Now a negro electorate controlled the city government, and gangs of drunken negroes, its sovereign citizens, paraded the streets at night firing their muskets unchallenged and unmolested This book was published as a warning to the North about what Dixon regarded as the dangers of granting the vote to non whites This book is actually the second installment of a trilogy I ve not read eit You can t justreview The Clansman You can t apply the perfectly lovely star system provided by Goodreads that indicates your pleasure taken, your appreciation of the literary craft The Clansman has craft and provides intrigue butdude, it s a story of how necessary it was to organize the Ku Klux Klan to keep post Civil War white folks from being brutalized by bitter Northern conquerors and their black lackeys The Klan are the good guys in this story What are we supposed to do with THIS I m going to tell you about this story, because it WAS well written enough that I not only fell into the plot, but understood the politics Dixon was trying to lay out for the common man to understand That s actually quite a feat, I hate politics Dixon gives us a cast the romance part of white folks, both Yankees and Rebels Chill out, I m reading it for class.
I m a film buff, so when I found out that D.
W Griffith s controversial The Birth of a Nation was based on Thomas Dixon Jr s novel The Clansman, the novel became a must read for me.
The book and movie together are credited with a rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan, including in northern states like my parent s home of Indiana The Northern Indiana Center for History reports that by 1924, less than 20 years after The Clansman s publication, Klan membership reached 30% of the state s white adult male population Total Klan membership approached the six million mark Heck, even the Klan s most recognizable symbol the fire drenched Latin cross was taken from The Clansman, but not used by the original version of the clan Now that s effective propaganda That s exactly what The Clansman is propaganda I felt like weeping after finishing the read The book s brutal Blood lust, race war, rape One of my first, and still favorite, silent films is The Birth of a Nation, and I read this book for HS Freshman English class after I saw the movie My enthusiasm for silent movies probably went way over those kids heads and they no doubt thought me an out and out racist Hah.
Just as the movie is a rip roaring melodrama with an overall atrocious sentiment, so is the novel It really is a perfect book to get into the mindset of the die hard Lost Cause movement that got a major shot in the arm when Griffith s movie was made 10 years later and made KKK chapters flourish throughout all of America in the 1920s.
This one is due for a re read, because I don t recall much about it apart from the very OTT prose and the scientific discovery of the identity of Flora s rapist.

Note, Oct 9, 2018 I edited this slightly just now, only to clarify what comments brought this book to mind to review it in the original review, that was very ambiguous I was new to Goodreads at the time, and hadn t had much experience in reviewing for this site A comment I made on another Goodreads thread sparked a good discussion about the misguided ways some writers treat the subject of rape That brought to mind this piece of dreck, which I read back at a time when I had much morbid curiosity in my reading tastes than I do now obviously, I read an older edition Dixon was a vile racist in this novel, the Klan are portrayed as heroes, and virtually all of the black characters are depicted in a highly derogatory fashion the one exception being a former slave who s presented favorably only because he s very loyal to his ex master Margaret For the actual review, scroll down it s clearly marked I indulge myself with some family flim flam and general history for a few paragraphs first, though it s all tangentially related to the book.
It took three days shy of two years, but I finally finished this The reason it took so long is not due to it being a bad book just look at the rating I gave it , but because I have a 1907 version that used to belong to my great grandfather I stumbled upon it as mama and I were purging her extensive book collection As you likely know, the movie The Birth of a Nation was based on this novel and the subsequent play Being a history man, I was thrilled to find this treasure, an actual artifact from the past, at my fingertips Being prone to fits of fantastic romantic nonsense, I saw this copy as precious, much precious

Thomas Frederick Dixon Jr was a Southern Baptist minister, playwright, lecturer, North Carolina state legislator, lawyer, and author.