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º Read ↠´ From Ash and Stone by Julie Daines Ö I was really intrigued by the back copy and cover for From Ash and Stone by Julie Daines The story sounded SO good and it really lived up to what I was expecting I LOVED this one This takes place during the reign of Henry VIII who is too busy trying to divorce his wife and marry Anne Boleyn to care much about what is happening on the borders And there s a lot going on Margaret Grey, the daughter of a knight, has everything taken away from her when reivers attack her home and kill her family Six years later, she s back for revenge.
The author sets a scene that is so vivid and couples it with a plot that is hard to put down I loved Margaret and how she is so focused on her revenge, but when she meets Angus Robson, he becomes the distraction she cannot shake Their buildup was sweet and riveting, especially as Margaret starts to let Angus in, despite all her best efforts to remain alone 4.
5 stars I love the writing of Julie Daines I jump at every opportunity to read one of her books This book was no exception From Ash and Stone is set during the time of King Henry VIII The border between England and Scotland is not solid Raiders came and stole Lady Margaret Gray s life and home six years before the beginning of this book She has come to seek vengeance against those responsible for the death of her family.
The book has an interesting twist Margaret is able to see the thoughts and intentions of those she touches She thinks of it as a curse, but it is a blessing in disguise.
I loved this book I loved the characters, the setting, the time period Margaret seems to attract those who need her She has some good friends, she spent so muc Lady Margaret Grey Of Hartfell Wants For Nothing The Daughter Of A Knight, She Has A Loving Family, Wealth, And Even A Secret Romance With The Blacksmith S Son But All That Is Torn From Her One Fateful Night When Her Home Is Attacked And Her Family Killed She Is Left With Nothing But Bitterness, An Unwavering Mistrust Of Men, And A Strange And Mysterious Curse That Allows Her To Feel The Thoughts Of Anyone Who Touches HerNow, After Six Years Away, Margaret Is Returning Home For One Reason Revenge She Hopes That By Avenging Her Family S Deaths, She Will Somehow Be Freed From Her Curse But It Won T Be Easy The Identities Of The Raiders Are Still Unknown, She Has Little Left To Her Name, And Traveling Alone In The Northumbrian Hills During The Border Wars Is Dangerous Matters Are Further Complicated By Handsome Angus Robson, A Scotsman Whose Charm Threatens To Distract Her From Her Plans But The Raiders Are Closer Than She Knows, And Margaret Soon Realizes That What She Believed To Be A Curse May Be The Key To Finding Those She Seeks One Touch Will Reveal The Truth I love love LOVE From Ash and Stone If you are looking for a book that will make you cry, will make you sigh, will give you hope and healing then this is the book for you I certainly cried I sighed at the end And I felt hope in what the main character learned and it is never too late to change your heart even at the last minute I felt the healing of the main character and in Angus as well I can t say how much I loved this book Angus is a good man in some bad times and he loves fiercely Osanna is such a good friend who doesn t know if she is a witch or not, even though she consults her bones on every topic daily Gillis, Angus s brother, is a mute and carries a deep secret with Angus that could ruin of the spotty relationship they have w This was a history paranormal romance story Takes place in Tudor England and Scotland on the border in the lawless borderlands This is not a very believable story and it was hard for me to get into, especially the I read It started out great but then grew flatter as things just became unbelievable The idea that a lone girl at the age of 15 or 16 could leave her home and go to London of all places and live on the streets for 6 years unharmed is crazy She had no friends and no protector She also is not as skilled as she thinks she is, I can t tell you how many times in the book she was disarmed, hurt and bested by all the people she fought The whole idea tho was great The story line and characters were good but not fleshed out enough I wanted so much from this story I would let my teen read this A little talk of violence and a couple kisses a death There are elements of danger and excitement embedded within these pages that once again confirm that while these times and events are entertaining, I would never survive actually living in them.
Margaret is one brave, strong, and stubborn woman She is intent on finding out who is responsible for killing off her family and for leaving her with a curse This curse is slightly fascinating, yet disturbing, and aids her in her quest I loved how this component gives such an interesting aspect to this tale Angus is such a persistent sweetheart Am I allowed to say that about this tough Scotsman It s all in the little things that he does to show he cares That s what endeared him to me and I loved the role he plays in supporting Margaret.
These really I love medieval stories This one was one that I couldn t put down I read parts of it and listened to parts of it because I was hooked I ve long been a fan of Julie Daines and was so excited to see she had a new book coming out I loved the cover of this book and knew that it was one I was definitely going to read.
Lady Margaret is a spitfire of a character She s had sorrow hit her life pretty hard And with that sorrow, a curse In the beginning of this book she is finally returning home to take revenge for the sorrows of her life Her plans don t quite align as she had hoped She happens to run into some bandits, and a couple brothers Angus and Gillis and their dog From there her hopes to quietly seek out those she wishes to enact revenge upon has extra helpers Although they don t quite know what her purpose is.
I enjoyed the cast of characters in this one The unlikely friendship

What a refreshing breath of fresh air this book was for me I ve feeling like I ve been in a bit of a reading rut with all the billionaire, fake this or that and athlete books lately I like them, don t get me wrong There are just SO many of them I needed a change of pace and this book was perfect for me this week.
The over arching themes of forgiveness, loyalty and love were always present in this book No matter which character I was focusing on, I always felt those three things in some way or another I felt like I knew the characters and understood their motivations It s always such a gift to be invited into a story to feel and experience along with the characters This definitely happened for me with this book.
I absolutely fell in love with Angus From the very beginning I knew he would be someone I would like As of his story came out, my I can always count on this author to have me completely captivated from page one I loved the medieval setting and the element of fantasy that seemed real because the environment of the characters was so realistic Margaret goes through some pretty tough obstacles and trials, and it was gratifying to see her development through the challenges and the influence of Angus I loved the variety in the supporting cast and they gave an added dimension to the story The swift character driven plot is full of adventure, intrigue, romance, and thought provoking themes of forgiveness and loyalty Highly recommend I received a complimentary copy of the book all opinions in this review are my own The fantasy of this threw me out of the story, and I don t mean the mysterious curse that allows her to feel the thoughts of anyone who touches her That was kind of interesting and I wanted to see how that played out in a or less historical romance ostensible setting 1543 The fantasy that threw me out was that the author is very carefully guiding the consequences of Margaret s actions so that we get hints of bad guys and violence, but without the reality of those elements Margaret is, in essence, kitted out with a full suit of authorium that prevents bad guys from being bad enough to actually kill or rape her By the time I stopped, my kill or worse count was at 3 and that s just too many coincidental rescues to keep my interest.
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