Download Epub Format À Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That'll Improve and/or Ruin Everything PDF by Ú Kelly Weinersmith

Download Epub Format À Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That'll Improve and/or Ruin Everything PDF by Ú Kelly Weinersmith The Instant New York Times Bestseller A Wall Street Journal Best Science Book Of The Year A Popular Science Best Science Book Of The Year From A Top Scientist And The Creator Of The Hugely Popular Web Comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, A Hilariously Illustrated Investigation Into Future Technologies From How To Fling A Ship Into Deep Space On The Cheap To D Organ PrintingWhat Will The World Of Tomorrow Be Like How Does Progress Happen And Why Do We Not Have A Lunar Colony Already What Is The Hold Up In This Smart And Funny Book, Celebrated Cartoonist Zach Weinersmith And Noted Researcher Dr Kelly Weinersmith Give Us A Snapshot Of What S Coming Next From Robot Swarms To Nuclear Fusion Powered Toasters By Weaving Their Own Research, Interviews With The Scientists Who Are Making These Advances Happen, And Zach S Trademark Comics, The Weinersmiths Investigate Why These Technologies Are Needed, How They Would Work, And What Is Standing In Their WayNew Technologies Are Almost Never The Work Of Isolated Geniuses With A Neat Idea A Given Future Technology May Need Any Number Of Intermediate Technologies To Develop First, And Many Of These Critical Advances May Appear To Be Irrelevant When They Are First Discovered The Journey To Progress Is Full Of Strange Detours And Blind Alleys That Tell Us So Much About The Human Mind And The March Of CivilizationTo This End, Soonish Investigates Ten Different Emerging Fields, From Programmable Matter To Augmented Reality, From Space Elevators To Robotic Construction, To Show Us The Amazing World We Will Have, You Know, SoonishSoonish Is The Perfect Gift For Science Lovers For The Holidays You promised me Mars colonies, and all I got was all of human knowledge indexed and available to everyone on Earth for freeRemember watching Back to the Future and thinking we d have hoverboards and self tying shoes by now Does it ever frustrate you that technology doesn t progress FASTER than what it does Like, What the heck are those scientists doing They can t grow us new bodies yet What s the big hold up, this one is falling apart I love to read technology books and they re usually quite optimistic that all these new devices and medical procedures, etc will be available in the very near future I am often left wondering, If we already have experimental versions of these technologies, why won t they be available for severalyears The books make it seem so simple, and I wonder why it s not as simple for This book delves into technological realms that the authors feel could see gigantic leaps in our access to and use of in the future This novel was written by husband and wife pair, the former, a cartoonist and the latter, a noted Rice University Researcher They interviewed many scientists across various fields of study to learn about up and coming technologies They start each segment by explaining where we are with a certain technology, then discuss where research is heading, what the future could be like, potential advantages, concerns and pitfalls Interspersed within this writing are many nerdy scientific jokes and cartoons to help lighten the reading The humor is the kind you would expect from scientists, not the laugh out loud kind That said, I did appreciate the diversion.
The ten areas explored in Imagine you are at a dinner party and you meet a new person, let s call him Bob Now you quickly realise that Bob is super intelligent, and you start having the most interesting conversations The problem is Bob spits when he talks Its highly annoying and unhygienic and you end up cutting the chat short.
Reading this book was something like that The content is highly interesting, but the way it was told was off putting.
If you can ignored the juvenile humour and the cringe worthy cartoons what you are left with is speculative science Looking at emerging science technology and how it could be applied in future Humor is always a tricky thing as not everyone things the same things are funny and there are obviously readers who loved this, but for me it was a huge disappointment.
SoonishTen Emerging Technologies That Will Improve and or Ruin Everythingby Dr Kelly Weinersmith Zach WeinersmithThis is a book I requested from NetGalley and the review is voluntary.
This book is an informative and fun book to read Not only does it give the reader ideas for what might be coming along in the future and what that might mean for mankind good or bad but it is done in a very humorous way It sure got a few chuckles and giggles out of me That s the best way to read science Make it fun I would definitely recommend this to anyone A fun coffee table book, bathroom reading book, a book for that person who has everything Great job If you re a citizen of the internet, you ve seen Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Trust me, you have If you think you haven t, go google Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and then be like, Oh yeah, that, and then come back to this review.
So, Zach and Kelly wrote a book.
Pals, it s fantastic So, it s funny You were probably expecting that.
So, it s got comics You were probably expecting that.
What you might not have been expecting was one of the most thoroughly researched, best explained, unbiased looks at the future of technology and how it will change our world and ourselves And that, actually, is the majority of what you get in Soonish It s deeply insightful, very thorough, and incredibly easy to understand, even if you have absolutely and I mean absolutely no background in any of the hugely daunting topics, from robotics to bioeth Ok, so here s the thing I really LOVE science Granted, I m not the greatest at maths, but I love biology as well as chemistry and at least am really into what physics means lol Which might be the reason why I also love non fiction books as much as any others if they are done right Moreover, I ve been a fan of comics and the age old what if question Ergo, a book combining that sounded great Problem was, it didn t work 100%.
I had never heard of the authors before but checked out some of Zach Weinersmith s comics after starting to read this book I don t mind his simplistic way of drawing but quite a number of panels just failed to make me laugh And unfortunately I had the same problem when reading this book.
It i This was such an interesting book, I have to admit that some of the information is a little bit too complex for the average person but the humor imbedded into the book helps the reader to process all the information a little better There were some amazing ideas explored in the book such as a elevator to an asteroid to make space exploration cheaper, meteor mining and advances in medicine , but there were some crazy ones that seemed a little to farfetched such as mirror humans , but overall this is a very solid book that presents very heavy information in a simplistic format.
Q Fortunately, predicting the future is pretty easy People do it all the time Getting your prediction right is a bit harder, but honestly, does anyone really care c Q There was a study in 2011 called Are Talking Heads Blowing Hot Air, in which the predictive abilities of twenty six pundits were assessed Predictive powers ranged from mostly right to usually wrong For most people, the pleasure of reading this study was the discovery that certain individuals were not just intolerable morons, but statistically intolerable morons From our perspective as pop science writers, there was an evenexciting result Regardless of their predictive prowess, all these people still have jobs In fact, a lot of the worst predictors we This is a really fun collection of ten technologies currently in RD The Weinersmiths combine fact and humor to create a book that s so informative and silly you ll want to read it again and again Zach Weinersmith is the creator of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, a popular geek webcomic great for fans of XKCD His wife, Dr Kelly Weinersmith, is an accomplished scientist whose work has been featured through many popular science venues They worked together to explain complicated technology and science in such a way that those who last took a science class in high school can understand what they re talking about Their combined wit and self deprecating humor make the writing exciting while Zach s cartoons help break up all the heavy concepts with a good laugh Personally, I find that if I m laughing while learning, the concepts stick with me better For anyone who e

Dr Kelly Weinersmith is adjunct faculty Biosciences department at Rice University, where she studies parasites that manipulate the behavior of their hosts She also cohosts Science sort of, which is one of the top 20 natural science podcasts Kelly spoke at Smithsonian magazine s The Future Is Here Festival in 2015, and her work has been featured in The Atlantic, National Geographic, BBC World, S