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[Melanie Holmes] õ A Hero on Mount St. Helens [crochet PDF] Read Online é This book was very informative and felt almost reverential towards those that perished in the eruption of Mount St Helens.
I was just a child when Mount St Helens erupted in 1980 But I grew up watching the memorials, ceremonies, documentaries and hearing the stories of ash falling around the globe I only had one image in my mind of David Johnston, that of him sitting on the ridge in a chair with his feet propped up smiling with a journal in his lap This book delves into who he was as a person, what drove him, made him who he was and gives you a complete picture of him as a person instead of what happened to him to make him famous This book also pays tribute to others that died that day doing what they loved or enjoying life in areas they thought they were safe in never knowing Netgalleypub date May 16, 2019University of Illinois Press CHANGE to Kindle edition

On March 27 Mount St Helens exploded with a burst of steam and black ash Dave was so excited that he did a little jig down the hallway Born and raised in Oregon, of course I know of St Helens and the eruption I d even heard of the hero on the mountain and some of the things he d done But, all the stories and information I d read before never came close to the information and detail here It was fascinating to not only know about the eruption, the science and people behind, but also about Washington and some of the history there I loved Dave s passion but also his dedication This is a dense but interesting story and I m glad I read it.
A well written and well researched biography of volcanologist David Johnston combined with a detailed account of the eruption of Mount St Helens in 1980 Johnston lost his life in the eruption and the book is in many ways a tribute to him The actual eruption is chronicled minute by minute, making for some very tense reading indeed, and certainly giving insight into what actually happens at such events Interesting, informative, and inevitably moving at times, it s a compelling read, and one which I very much enjoyed.
Anyone who has any real interest in volcanoes will know of the cataclysmic eruption of Mt St Helens in 1980 I have a bit than a passing knowledge as my academic background is one of Earth science, so Melanie Holmes A Hero on Mt St Helens is a book that immediately resonated with me It s a biography of David Johnston, a volcanologist with the United States Geological Survey, who happened to be on duty on a ridge overlooking the volcano when it erupted, killing not only Johnston but but fifty odd other individuals unfortunate enough to be within the danger area which turned out to be far beyond that which the USGS had forecast The book is a biography of Johnston, calling on memories of his friends, writings from his diaries and so on, and in a way it s a strange book Johnston, risking his life to monitor the volcan Today, May 18, 2019 is the 39th anniversary of the eruption of Mount St Helens volcano in Washington It is also the anniversary of the day David Johnston, a United States Geological Survey USGS volcanologist died doing his job Johnston was the only USGS worker that died that day and since that time there have been many memorials dedicated in his name Today is also the publication day of this book, written to honor David Johnston s life While the book is primarily a biography it also explains what was known about how volcanos act, or what was known at the time in early 1980 There is scientific knowledge and understanding today than back then, and much of the information came from that eruption For some people volcanos have some type of lure, people are curious, interested, and when Mount St Helens started waking up people flocked to the area, tourists It was difficult for the geol I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I do Serendipity placed David Johnston on Mount St Helens when the volcano rumbled to life in March 1980 Throughout that ominous spring, Johnston was part of a team that conducted scientific research that underpinned warnings about the mountain Those warnings saved thousands of lives when the most devastating eruption in U.
S history blew apart Mount St Helens but killed Johnston on the ridge that now bears his name Melanie Holmes tells the story of Johnston s journey from a nature loving Boy Scout to a committed geologist Blending science with personal detail, Holmes follows Johnston through encounters with Aleutian volcanoes, his work helping the Port This book was incredibly interesting reading, even though I wondered where we were going with the family history details in Chapter 2 The book quickly answered my question as it delved deep into David Johnston s personal history and contributions to global geothermal and volcanology knowledge It also explored our geologic understanding of volcanoes, placing the St Helens eruption in context with regard to both time and location around the globe The writing is very descriptive, reminded me of my very brief time in the area, and inspires me to go back The book has several endearing photos, but would also benefit from maps of volcanoes mentioned and the St Helens area in particular but maybe that is just missing in the kindle ARC version Ms Holmes work paints a personal picture of a natural tragedy that pushed our scientific knowledge forward by leaps and bounds It is heartwarming tha Serendipity Placed David Johnston On Mount St Helens When The Volcano Rumbled To Life In March Throughout That Ominous Spring, Johnston Was Part Of A Team That Conducted Scientific Research That Underpinned Warnings About The Mountain Those Warnings Saved Thousands Of Lives When The Most Devastating Eruption In US History Blew Apart Mount St Helens, But Killed Johnston On The Ridge That Now Bears His Name Melanie Holmes Tells The Story Of Johnston S Journey From A Nature Loving Boy Scout To A Committed Geologist Blending Science With Personal Detail, Holmes Follows Johnston Through Encounters With Aleutian Volcanoes, His Work Helping The Portuguese Government Assess The Geothermal Power Of The Azores, And His Dream Job As A Volcanologist With The US Geological Survey Interviews And Personal Writings Reveal What A Friend Called The Most Unjaded Person I Ever Met, An Imperfect But Kind, Intelligent Young Scientist Passionately In Love With His Life And Work And Determined To Make A Difference A Close Look at the 1980 Blast and a Life LostIt has been 39 years since Mount St Helen s blew it s top It is burned into my brain as much as the first man on the moon, the Challenger disaster or the assassinations of Dr King and the Kennedy brothers We were in the ash fallout zone and I was obsessed with finding out all available information about it David Johnston s death has always made him a hero in my heart The part of the biography that discusses his early years is filled with psychological pap that is theory and not fact since the author is not a psychologist nor did David see a psychologist for any issues The book re tells the story of the Mount St Helen s blast and adds some new to me information I received this book for free from Net Galley and this is my honest review.

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