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ò Read ó The Echelon (Spy Girl, #7) by Jillian Dodd ò crap this book was everything I could have wanted andThe Echelon was absolutely brilliant This series has become a top favorite of mine, and to see how all the plans came out, and everything Huntley went through was absolutely amazing There was still so many twists and turns in this book and so manysecrets are revealed Just when you think you will finally get everything tied up in a happy little bow, everything seems to go sideways again and you are taken on a whirlwind adventure that only Jillian Dodd can give you in this series The Echelon had me holding my breath, wanting to scream, and falling in love all over again with all of these characters Just when you think you can t love them , trust me, you will I was unable to put this book down, and how this series ended, it was purely magic I panicked, I cried, I laughed, and I cried some .
this book was everyth One thing that I really enjoyed about this series was overall just the storyline I appreciated the fact that Huntley wasn t just a damsel in distress as every other book written in history, but unfortunately there were just too many things about how this book was written that just really annoyed me and just made me want to hurry up and finish the book not necessarily because is was sooo good I just wanted to know what happens at the end, but because I had already read all previous books and thought I might as well just finish it These are just a few things I just found super frustrating 1 It was as if the author was terrified of using contractions I mean you re writing a book consisting of conversations not a formal email It just made it awkward to read sometimes.
2 Worst spy I mean seriously Dodd had to ALWAYS tell everyone who didn t need to know in the bo I cannot describe how much anticipation I had for the release of Echelon and to get an advanced copy has made my year Each and every book in the Spy Girl Series are a one sit read, because you can t put them down The Echelon was no exception It takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from wanting to scream, to falling evenin love with the characters, to holding your breathe not sure what may happen next or who will survive It was the perfect ending to one of my all time favorite series and usually I am not a fan of action added into my romance, but Jillian Dodd has a way with writing that pulls you in and makes it to where you aren t just reading a scene, but with so much detail and description it s like the story is playing out right in front of you If you love a strong female lead, lots of action, crazy missions, fun flirty relationships, with a The perfect ending to an amazing and intense adventure How can one girl save the world I loved that even when Huntley felt like her world was falling apart she knew she needed to focus on the greater good This story made me so happy and gave everyone the closure they longed for I wish we hadsecret missions to look forward to We need our spy girl to keep saving the day.
The Echelon Spy Girl 7 by Jillian Dodd4.
5 starsI think loving someone is like living on a fault line Most of the time, things go smoothly Occasionally, there are little tremors a shaking of the ground to remind you that life is precious and finiteThis book was bitter sweet as it is the last in the series, but Jillian Dodd truly delivered with a fantastic conclusion to this extremely addictive series.
As with all previous instalments, this book is action packed, fast paced, addictive and all consuming and the attention to detail was phenomenal The amount of research and effort is astonishing, and the reward is definitely for the reader to reap This series is now seven books in, yet it doesn t feel that way This is

Lord I ve been aching, burning, and dying inside to read this book for a solid YEAR now And now that I ve read it that satisfaction that it has brought me.
is second to none In all my reading history and its one damn large one mind you I have never read a single book about a spy Much less a female spy In a way, I am absolutely BLESSED to have had this series pop my cherry in way At the very beginning, I was a little apprehensive Seeing as Huntley came out as a stuck up playgirl But I still had hope, that such a successful story, could NOT have made it such platform with just that And I was right From the second book on, I was falling Falling faster and faster Into a world so fraught with danger, intrigue, thrill, romance, and sheer female badassness that I found myself utterly obsessed.
From the writing, to the characters, to the plot, to the construct I was able to read this book as an ARC This is a spoiler free review You have to read it for yourself to obtain the details It is because they are so worth it I don t want to ruin it for anyone This was hands down one of the best endings to a series a girl could hope to have read Jillian Dodd has masterfully written this book series She dives into her books with character and story line development She does not leave you with unsatisfied She researches all of her plot lines This book is the last in the Spy Girl series She has taken us on a roller coaster ride of emotions during the entire series She ties the story up in a neat, new red bow In the beginning of the book you begin where book 6 left off You automatically jump straight into the story without missing a bea As with any book that concludes a series, I will attempt to not spoil anything I fell in love with Jillian Dodd s gift of writing from the moment I picked up Stalk Me, and The Echelon joins my love of her stories Can one girl save the world Fans of this series already know all about our badass heroine, but I felt a stronger connection to her emotions in this final book I experienced the full range with her concern, fear, sadness, hope, and love Personally I feel sometimes authors tend to rush the final book to please fans, The Echelon proved me wrong Everything is explained, everything comes to a point, and every character receives the ending they deserved I couldn t have been happier with the way they The Echelon by Jillian DoddI can t give this book series enough stars Absolutely LOVED all of it This is a drop the kids off at grandmas house and have a You day kind of book, because you will NOT want to be interrupted I could not turn the pages fast enough I laughed, cried, swooned and had a ton of WTCRAP moments I just all around fell in love with this story, and characters.
I want to be best friends with Huntley Have a pizza with Daniel.
or steal a pizza from him And just look at Lorenzoand drool probably.
ok let s be honest definitely drool I will not give anything away But I was very pleased with how everything was wrapped up Everybody had their story told Great conclusion.
or not conclusion I m game if you want to addto this series jilliandodd bestbookof2019 summerreading mustread From USA Today Bestselling Author Jillian Dodd Comes The Next Book In A Sizzling Series Filled With Action And Adventure Fans Of The Selection And The Hunger Games Will Discover A Heart Pounding Thrill Ride Of Espionage And Suspense Set In Glittering High Society

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