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↠´ Undercover Princess î Download by ✓ Suzanne Brockmann THE NAME S WIND, KATHY WIND With Those Words, Princess Katherine Wyndham Went From Sensible Sister To Secret Agent Her Mission To Locate Her Brother The Long Lost Crown Prince Her Cover Nanny For Handsome Tycoon Trey SutherlandCaring For Trey S Kids Came Naturally Than Any Royal Duty And Falling For The Brooding Widower Was Effortless But Katherine Had Always Been The Plain Jane Princess Was It Too Much To Hope That He Could Want A Happily Ever After With Her Especially Once He Discovered Who She Really Was Miniseries 4 Fun Fairytale Romance Audiobook A fun sweet romance with a fairytale twist The audio was enjoyable The narration was well done and the delivery of the funny and sexy lines were so fun I m sure I looked a bit loony to other drivers that might have seen me cracking up in the car Kate is a princess looking for her long lost brother and she believes that he might be the business partner of Trey Sutherland She s been trying to get a meeting with Trey to inquire about her possible brother but couldn t ever get a meeting When Trey holds interviews for the position of Nanny for his two kids, she sees it as her opportunity to go undercover as a commoner and be in a great position to find out about Trey s business partner Kate was exactly what Trey and his kids needed She was able to bring light, and good, and most especially LOVE back into thei

5 starsThis book uses the Lord s name in vain so often I wasn t sure if I was reading a Christian romance novel or a secular one It is full of people who desperately need counseling and comes across very, very 90s I kept getting flashes of the Parent Trap remake At the same time, I must admit this book fulfilled my craving for something mindless and ridiculous.
22 8 Deep, frustrated sigh Why is it so difficult to put details about any series a book may be part of on the front cover Do publishers really think we should all walk around with internet capable phones ready to check what position a book is within a series Or should we just not care I get so annoyed when I realise that a book is part of a series, and that it s not the first book This seems to be happening to me and , at least once a month now, and it s only to the detriment of the book and author and publisher that I get reading without knowing its series status, because being at a complete loss over what s happening tends to lead to a lower star rating.
It was almost immediately clear that this was not the first book in its series We are t

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