Download Epub Format ñ The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling PDF by å Wai Chim

Download Epub Format ñ The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling PDF by å Wai Chim Don t know how I missed adding this one back when I read it It s a lovely mix of sweetness and serious It s an empathetic glimpse into culture and identity.
Detailed and nuanced.
Reasons to pick up The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling out August 5th I literally finished this book in under 24 hours the first time I read it because of how immersive and engaging it was If you re looking for your next contemporary read this is a great pick This book is about food and family the bonds between parents and kids, and sibling relationships which I loved for the realism as well as its really heartwarming moments The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling explores the protag s mother s mental illness and the impact of that on her family, and this kind of intersectionality is rare and so needed Great for fans of The Astonishing Colour of After The protagonist is HK Chinese Australian I m grateful for the increasing ownvoices Asian rep now but this is still lacking in Australia This book will make a big differen Anna Chiu Has Her Hands Pretty Full Looking After Her Brother And Sister And Helping Out At Her Dad S Restaurant, All While Her Mum Stays In Bed Dad S New Delivery Boy, Rory, Is A Welcome Distraction And Even Though She Knows That Things Aren T Right At Home, She S Starting To Feel Like She Could Just Be A Normal TeenBut When Mum Finally Gets Out Of Bed, Things Go From Bad To Worse And As Mum S Condition Worsens, Anna And Her Family Question Everything They Understand About Themselves And Each OtherA Nourishing Tale About The Crevices Of Culture, Mental Wellness And Family, And The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling 5 5 absolutely loved it Amazing read, binged it in a day and a half and didn t want to put it down A must read, full RTC.
For starters, this is probably the best YA novel I ve read that deals with mental health issues I think this is mainly attributed to two things 1 The characters are SO DAMN REAL For the main characters, I feel like a lot of the nuance was found in the gap between how they conducted themselves in public in comparison to how they acted around the people close to them and in the case of Anna, there s the third layer of her own internal thoughts Which, of course, is also at the heart of one of the main social problems around mental health it s really hard to detect what s happening under the surface because of these performative measures people put in place when they interact with one another Even the nurses in the psych ward were startling real they reminded me of the RNs and the carers I used to work with in a nursing home Even the way the patients in the wa TOTAL READING TIME 3 hours, 46 minutes.
Even though I knew going in that this book is about what it s like to have a loved one with mental illness, I did not expect it to be so heavy to the point that I couldn t read this book for than 45 minutes at a time.
This book brought me to tears It explored the intersections between class, culture, immigration, family dynamics in the context of Chinese culture, and mental illness and how eldest daughters receive the brunt of responsibility within Asian, specifically Chinese households, and it did so through beautiful writing and a relatable protagonist One thing I did notice though was that this book wasn t about race in the context of being East Asian within White Australia while racism is mentioned a couple of times, it is not the central theme of the book rather, this focuses on how Chinese people interact within Spoiler alert you ll be obsessing over finding the perfect dumplings while reading Wai Chim s new treasure of a story because it s absolutely true There is nothing powerful than a good dumpling It s my go to pick me up every time This novel packs a lot into its pages the mental breakdown of a parent, the tightrope dance between family expectations and desires of teens straddling cultures, first love, and then there is a lot of dumplings Sensitively written and relatable.
Chim s latest YA is a tempting hot pot of teenage coming of age angst, family values, cultural cohesion, mental health oh and yes, dumplings This is a hearty, satisfying read about Anna, the eldest child in a Chinese immigrant family who rely on the family restaurant to survive That premise alone could have been redolent with cultural stereotypical cliches however Chim has blended Anna s story with the careful addition of a host of interesting and authentic ingredients characters like, Rory, who is the local delivery boy for the restaurant and also, ultimately Anna s first love and savior As Anna wallows through her 11th year in High School, she is repeatedly put upon to keep the home fires burning for her younger tween sister, Lily and 6 year old baby brother, Michael Their overworked father is rarely at home, dossing in the restaurant

I don t remember the last time a book made me feel so vulnerable and raw This book made me confront a lot of personal feelings about a lot of things, some of which were uncomfortable, but I think that s why this book is so important and necessary The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling is one of the most candid and honest portrayals of how mental illness intersects with Asian identity, culture, and values Not only was this an effortless 5 read, but this is a new all time favourite book.
Trigger content warnings view spoiler portrayal of depression, familial emotional abuse, discussions of suicide, ableism challenged in text and use of slurs cr zy hide spoiler A late night decision to start this book and keep reading was probably one of the smartest decisions I made This wonderful story really touched my heart A book that explores cultural clashes in the western world, bullying, racism and mental illness a concept that many still do not fully understand and still holds cultural stigmas today Wai did a fantastic job in capturing this from different angles a family member watching another family member suffer from it, a friend who is listening to another recovering from it and being subjected to ridicule and the person who is suffering from mental illness This important concept was captured and weaved it into a touching YA story of unconditional love and real teen issues that made me cry, laugh and feel hope There were times I even found it frightening and confronting This was written very well, it w

Wai Chim grew up in New York City and now calls Sydney, Australia home She is the author of the Chook Chook series published by UQP and most recently Freedom Swimmer with Allen Unwin You can find her online at or on twitter onewpc.