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[Sonali Dev] Û Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors [superstition PDF] Ebook Epub Download Þ I thought I had the mental bandwidth to discuss why this book didn t work for me, but I don t I m tired But I want to justify my rating and what I thought was problematic, so major spoilers under the spoiler tag CW rape view spoiler A lot didn t work for me The HIPAA violations and doctor patient confidentiality issues The lack of groveling apologies from Trisha s family, who treated her poorly in many ways These things are subjective Maybe you have a large suspension of disbelief and you don t care about the rules that govern real life doctors Maybe you think that Trisha s family and Trisha came to a good and healthy resolution These things are subjective from reader to reader What I m about to discuss is not Of course we can t stop her, Yash said We can t stop anyone from making films on medical science, or anyone trying to make money to pay for the ridiculous medical bills in our I keep going back and forth on the rating This might be 2.
5 stars or it might be solidly 3 I can t decide.
I ve enjoyed Sonali Dev s romance novels so I was curious what I would think of her women s fiction, particularly one that is Pride And Prejudice inspired And I have to say, my feelings are complicated.
As a PP inspired gender bent story, it s inventive and a great update Julia Wickham s character in particular was a great treacherous take This is not a straight retelling and this frees Dev up to make some interesting choices with the characters.
The food descriptions are one of the best parts of this story DJ s passion for his work as a chef was just as fascinating as Trisha s response to his creations I also really liked learning about the technology Trisha developed in order to do cutting edge surgeries on tumors I have no idea if it s bas Mostly a 3.
I had read books by this author before, but long ago that I don t remember much about them However, when I read the synopsis for this one and realized it s a desi retelling of PP, I was just so happy I also loved that this was set in US, because I can relate to diaspora stories these days than those set completely in India And this one both impressed and frustrated the hell out of me Trisha is an accomplished neurosurgeon who takes immense pride in her job but is quite socially inept She also immensely loves her family, but has a lot of guilt for something that she did fifteen years ago which affected her brother Yash and soured her relationship with her father She is compassionate and a problem solver and I loved her relationship with her sister and cousins and her grandmother However, despite working hard to achieve her goals, she has been bo

Well, I m a complete sucker for anything P P and I was excited to see how a different take played out Love love loved Trisha and DJ She s smart and maybe a bit awkward He s gruff and sort of a marshmallow Together, she s the Darcy and he s the Elizabeth and I was all over their arguing This entire set of characters is fantastic I loved her crazy large family and his sister The loyalty of the family their dynamic was refreshing to read.
Plot wise it was new and comfortable at the same time and the descriptions of the food were mouth watering Of course the slow burn story telling is so effective in a P P story like this and the added conflict with Julia was a bonus I wasn t expecting I seriously loved every aspect Overall, S 3.
5 stars A modern day retelling of Pride and Prejudice obviously , set in the Bay Area and featuring the unlikely pairing of world class neurosurgeon Trisha Raje and up and coming master chef DJ Caine, whose initial meeting is fraught with haughtiness and false impressions As it turns out, Trisha is the only doctor offering a cure for DJ s beloved sister s brain tumor, so despite their mutual dislike, the two are forced together again and again I liked that the author didn t follow the PP plotline 100% there are plenty of familiar beats, but the story here stands on its own and isn t shoehorned into unnatural shapes just to make it fit the pattern I also like that it s Trisha who s in the Darcy role here, hiding behind her snobbiness and self image and repelling the very person she finally realizes she wants to attract The story moves quickly, has some k 4.
3 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review The truth was, he was right about many things things she could change, like how she treated people He was also wrong about a few things she could not change, like who she was.
In this start to the Rajes series, Sonali Dev gives us an emotional look into a royal Indian family that migrated to America The title gives a clue that Ms Dev took inspiration from Jane Austen, Trisha is our arrogant still waters run deep Mr Darcy while DJ is our making some snap judgments Elizabeth There is also a villainous Wickham character, older sister already married worried about her beau wanting someone else, sick younger sister, mother pressuring children to get married, and other little takings that Pride and P Award Winning Author Sonali Dev Launches A New Series About The Rajes, An Immigrant Indian Family Descended From Royalty, Who Have Built Their Lives In San FranciscoIt Is A Truth Universally Acknowledged That Only In An Overachieving Indian American Family Can A Genius Daughter Be Considered A Black SheepDr Trisha Raje Is San Francisco S Most Acclaimed Neurosurgeon But That S Not Enough For The Rajes, Her Influential Immigrant Family Who S Achieved Power By Making Its Own Non Negotiable Rules Never Trust An Outsider Never Do Anything To Jeopardize Your Brother S Political Aspirations And Never, Ever, Defy Your FamilyTrisha Is Guilty Of Breaking All Three Rules But Now She Has A Chance To Redeem Herself So Long As She Doesn T Repeat Old MistakesUp And Coming Chef DJ Caine Has Known People Like Trisha Before, People Who Judge Him By His Rough Beginnings And Place Pedigree Above Character He Needs The Lucrative Job The Rajes Offer, But He Values His Pride Too Much To Indulge Trisha S Arrogance And Then He Discovers That She S The Only Surgeon Who Can Save His Sister S LifeAs The Two Clash, Their Assumptions Crumble Like The Spun Sugar On One Of DJ S Stunning Desserts But Before A Future Can Be Savored There S A Past To Be Reckoned WithA Family Trying To Build Home In A New LandA Man Who Has Never Felt At Home AnywhereAnd A Choice To Be Made Between The Two Fun Fun FunA gender flipped Pride and Prej retelling with a surgeon Trisha as Mr Darcy and DJ as Elizabeth Bennett.
What I loved drama jumping balconies, rom com scenes, flailing in love, girl hates boy trope to fall in love later, rich girl poor boy trope, royal Indian father, ex Bollywood Indian mother, rich family and parties FOOD Well, what do you expect Le Cordeon Bleu chef who specializes in French and North Indian fusion I must say DJ is the total rom com hero and I loved it Well built, good chef, caring, British accent, sarcasm and humour He was too perfect and I definitely didn t care I loved it This isn t your usual retelling So the characters were surprises For eg there s a Jane and Emma in the novel but maybe you might not be able to guess what they are upto in the novel Wickham was brilliant too.
What I didn t MY RATING 5 5 STARSI received a copy from Harper Collins Canada in exchange for a honest review.
BUT GUYS this might be my favourite read of 2019 so far Okay, not my most favourite book of 2019 but Top 10 and it s pretty high up on the list If you re a fan of retellings, then you need to read this one because instead of it being completely by the book, this is a fresh twist on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen I m not educated enough to tell you point by point differences but Sonali Dev played around with the characters from both the Bennet and Darcy family I don t know how to go into this book without gushing over everything but you re going to hate Trisha or at least think something is wrong with her because she s emotionally unavailable and socially awkward YESSSSSS Sh

Sonali Dev s first literary work was a play about mistaken identities performed at her neighborhood Diwali extravaganza in Mumbai She was eight years old Despite this early success, Sonali spent the next few decades getting degrees in architecture and written communication, migrating across the globe, and starting a family while writing for magazines and websites With the advent of her first gr