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[ Pdf Mate Me, Hate Me, Date Me, Love Me ó womens-studies PDF ] by Chris McHart ☆ When His Father, King Harold, Forces Prince Gerome To Mate A Complete Stranger In Order To Save His Unborn Child, He Complies With A Heavy Heart And Says Goodbye To All His Dreams Of Finding Love Gerome S Hurt And Treats His Mate The Way He S Been Taught All His Life Through Power And Submission But With Luis, It Doesn T WorkWhen Luis Is Mated Off To A Stranger, His World Ends He Was A Carefree Student One Day And The Next A Vampire Prince Demands His Submission He Can T Run, But He Can Hide And Hate In Silence So He Withdraws Until Only A Shell RemainsNeither Of The Men Has Any Chance Of Finding Love Together Until A Friend Intervenes Can Gerome Forget What He S Been Taught All His Life, And Is It Possible For Luis To Forget What S Happened To Him Will They Ever Find Their Own Happy Ending And Can Love Blossom Where Only Hate Exists A Non Shifter, Non Alpha Omega M Preg Story With Words And A Happy Ending Third Book In The Unexpected Series Best read In Order This Book Has Been Previously Published With A Different Cover No Other Changes Have Been Made 2 Stars Not a Fan Gerome is a miserable man in an untenable position Luis is a blissfully ignorant nearly human man who has no idea what is on the horizon When Gerome s father and Luis s mother create a partnership for their sons, disaster ensues.
I was staggered at the travesty that is this book Okay, so Gerome has extenuating circumstances and he s not wanting to get mated, that s fine I can totally see an arranged marriage causing friction in the best of circumstances, and these were far from that But then the vampire becomes a pitiful excuse of manhood His repeated emotional torture of his mate, first through fear and then through six months of total neglect are reprehensible To then write that Luis essentially gets over it and falls in love with Gerome to have an HEA Not buying it at all Suspension of belief is one thing, and necessary for mpreg and I read the first book in this series, Alex s Surprise, when it was first offered as a free read from the M M Romance Group s yearly event The cliffhanger ending ticked me off so much that I didn t have any intention of reading its sequel I don t like being manipulated like that, and I thought the cliffhanger was in poor taste and against the spirit of the event.
Then this book became available for review, and I asked whether it was a whole story, without any further cliffies, before I would consider it Having been assured that it was, I did request and receive a free copy of this book for review from Pride Promotions, as part of the blogtour.
My review forthwith I actually quite liked the characters Gerome, the Vampire Prince from the firs Freebie at the zon.
com right now We first met Prince Gerome in books 1 2 Unexpected series In Alex s surprise Gerome and Alex have a one night stand and much to both their surprises Alex ends up getting pregnant Gerome didn t know that it was possible but he stands by Alex Gerome didn t get his HEA however because he and Alex do not love each other and we learn that Alex is in love with his friend Sam.
In book 3 Mate Me, Hate Me, Date Me, Love Me Gerome finally gets his HEA but after a rather painful journey As the book opens Gerome is lonely He knows he will have a relationship with the unborn child he shares with Alex and although he is friends with Alex and Sam he knows he isn t really part of their little family and he wants a mate of his own someone to love and be loved by But when Alex is kidnapped Gerome s father the King offers him a deal He will help save Alex and the baby an FREE on today 2 24 2019 Blurb When his father, King Harold, forces Prince Gerome to mate a complete stranger in order to save his unborn child, he complies with a heavy heart and says goodbye to all his dreams of finding love Gerome s hurt and treats his mate the way he s been taught all his life through power and submission But with Luis, it doesn t work.
When Luis is mated off to a stranger, his world ends He was a carefree student one day and the next a vampire prince demands his submission He can t run, but he can hide and hate in silence So he withdraws until only a shell remains.
Neither of the men has any chance of finding love together until a friend intervenes Can Gerome forget what he s been taught all his life, and is it possible for Luis to forget what s hap I am so pissed off at the author right now and for that, I m one starring this book WHY you ask Well, I purchased the first edition of this book a LONG TIME ago, and NOWHERE did the author warn her readers that THIS WAS A FUCKING MPREG I absolutely abhor detest loathe hate MPreg I dislike it with a perfect passion NOWHERE in the blurb did it say or even fucking INDICATE that this was MPreg The NEW editions have the info listed as a heads up, but that s a recent change Listen, I get some people don t want to know anything about a book heading into it, but don t paint all readers with the same ridiculous fucking brush You don t order food in a restaurant without knowing EXACTLY what s in the dish you re consuming, and I DO NOT WANT TO GET FUCKING SURPRISED BY A RIDICULOUS TROPE I DO NOT WANT TO read ABOUT SO AUTHOR DO NOT This is the third book in the unexpected series Because of the laws surrounding the world this story takes place in the author warns you there is a scene in the book that could be seen as involving dubious consent Prince Gerome and Luis are mated against their will Gerome had always hoped to find love and mate with the man that completed him Luis was a carefree student Now he is in a nightmare mating with a vampire prince who expects his submission This is and has been the way of the world they live in They can t run, there is nowhere for them to hide except within themselves Louis withdraws until he is a mere ghost of the man he once was Gerome is buried deeper and deeper in the ever increasing workloads of running the kingdom that the king piles on him This run away train of a mating was headed for a surefire crash this whole review is a spoiler Paranormal Vampires and strange rules Luis is yanked from his life and sold to the Prince to mate Really This is acceptable in this Vampire society, where we should have someone with a conscience and some feelings He s forced to mate, and stuck in a guest room for 5 6 months with no contact except for the guy who brings food, which he had no will to eat No contact from Prince Gerome He s pale, emaciated and neglected They took away all of his belongings, and he s not allowed to study art Then, Gerome has to be yelled at by someone to wake up and treat his mate better Gerome couldn t figure that out on his own What kind of Alpha Vampire does that to it s mate Gerome is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.
Sweet artist Luis didn t deserve this, to be sold by his folks and abandoned by his mate.
It s a horrible story and we hate Ge It was mediocre in every way, just like the two books before this one in the seriesGerome was incredibly unlikable for way too long, and while I m happy that eventually he understood that he was an ass for no reason, it still just never had to come this far.
The story felt a bit pointless and bland, it felt like there was basically nothing really happening, and then suddenly they were just over all the problems in the past and in love.
The writing was very drawn out, mentioning pointless facts over and over again just to get a larger word count or something.
I skipped over quite a few boring parts, including the sex scenes Wouldn t read again.

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